ITZY Yeji’s Styling for ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’ Draws Flack

JYP Entertainment recently released teasers for ITZY's first studio album, "CRAZY IN LOVE," and people have mixed opinions on Yeji's styling. Keep on reading for all the details.

ITZY Yeji's Styling for 'CRAZY IN LOVE' Met With Mixed Opinions

To prepare for their second comeback of 2021, JYP Entertainment has started releasing teaser images and videos for ITZY's first studio album, "CRAZY IN LOVE." On September 7, the girl group's first concept photos were released, giving fans a better look at the members' visuals for this comeback.

(Photo : ITZY Twitter)

The first individual posters that were released featured for the album's title track, "LOCO," were Lia and Yeji. Though only one teaser image of Yeji has been released so far, people were quick to raise concerns over the idol's styling. Ever since ITZY's debut, Yeji has been the member to receive the most experimental styles. With each and every comeback, people have started to think that the company's experimentation with Yeji's styling has gradually become even more strange.

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Many are wondering what JYP Entertainment is doing with such a pretty girl like Yeji. While people understand that JYP Entertainment wants to experiment with different styles, they state that they are not helping enhance Yeji's beauty. Some even wonder if Yeji's stylists do not like her, and that is why they continue to give her strange hairstyles. Others state that Yeji's look reminds them of Sandara Park during her time with 2NE1.

(Photo : ITZY Twitter)

People are disappointed because Yeji's face is beautiful and her body proportions are great, but the company does not give her a concept that would highlight her natural beauty. "JYP, aren't you guys relying on Yeji's face too much?" asked one fan.

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People are asking JYP Entertainment to dress Yeji in simpler outfits that are still chic but enhance her beauty. Many also ask JYP Entertainment to stop tying Yeji's hair up for every comeback and let her promote with her hair down for once, with many people claiming that the female idol looks better with long, flowing hair.

(Photo : ITZY Instagram)

What do you think of ITZY member Yeji's styling? Tell us in the comments below!

ITZY Recent Activities

On September 24, ITZY will release their first-ever full-length studio album, "CRAZY IN LOVE," with the lead single "LOCO." Compared to the previous comebacks, where Park Jinyoung (J.Y. Park) took charge of producing their songs, composing team Galctika will spearhead their production for the album. Galactica produced two of ITZY's most successful hits, "DALLA DALLA" and "WANNABE."

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On September 1, it was revealed that ITZY would soon be making their Japanese debut under Wander Japan. The group will release the album "WHAT'z ITZY," but no release date has been confirmed as of the time of writing.

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