10 Best K-pop Songs to Play on Road Trips

Going on a road trip with our family or friends is included in the bucket list for many of us. And what's better than playing the best songs during the ride? If you're creating the perfect playlist for this, we're here to recommend some K-pop tracks you can listen to for a more enjoyable trip.

10 Best K-pop Songs to Play on Road Trips
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Here are 15 K-pop Songs to add to Your Playlist for Road Trips

JJ Project "Tomorrow, Today"

What's a road trip without listening to "Tomorrow, Today" by the duo JJ Project, which consists of GOT7 members Jay B and Jinyoung.

The song's gentle, percussive rhythm and harmonious melodies, plus its lyrics about the hardship of deciding on the future while being tied to the present, just perfectly fit the mood while on road trips.

GFRIEND "Navillera"

Cheerful yet calming songs are what you can always expect from GFRIEND, and one of them is "Navillera." This pop-rock song with a guitar solo is just excellent to listen to while driving down the road.

The track's lyrics define a girl's desire to fly like a butterfly to be with the person she loves.

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Red Velvet "Umpah Umpah"

Another ideal K-pop girl group song to make your road trip more memorable is Red Velvet's "Umpah Umpah." This uptempo dance song featuring disco-house rhythm and the members' refreshing vocals can hype you up during the drive.

Just imagine singing along to the "Umpah umpah umpah umpah" with your friends.


Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to heal for many of us, and listening to the perfect song will make anyone relaxed in an instant. "Healing" by SEVENTEEN will surely help you unwind throughout the trip.

With meaningful lyrics like, "You did such a good job today," "You can take a break," and "Put away your thoughts/ So you can smile for me every day," what's there not to love in this lovely bop.

BTS "Make It Right"

If you need some calmness during the ride, BTS has the ideal song for you - their collaboration with Ed Sheeran, titled "Make It Right."

This track is described as a falsetto-vocal heavy contemporary R&B that contains lyrics talking about the wish to make the world a better place and grow relationships.

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TWICE "Sunset"

Another amazing bop to listen to, especially when you're staring at a beautiful sunset during the trip.

TWICE's "Sunset," written by Jihyo, has a mono-speaker sound effect and lyrics that compare a person's romantic interest to a sunset.


WINNER has lots of bops that can make your road trips more exciting, and one of them is "ISLAND."

"ISLAND" exudes a tropical vibe, perfect for a summer ride. It features lyrics that express the desire to escape to an island with the person they love.


Driving along the road wouldn't be enough without this uplifting song. A classic country-pop track, B1A4's "SOLO DAY" is easy to listen to and follow. You will find yourself whistling along with the boys.

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MAMAMOO "Travel"

MAMAMOO also has the perfect song for your road trips. The quartet's "Travel" is a nostalgic, guitar-driven pop track about leaving your worries and troubles behind and going on a global adventure.

While the song seems sentimental, Moonbyul gives a little bit of a kick through her rapping lines.

NCT 127 "Paradise"

NCT 127 can also accompany you during the ride with their medium-tempo urban pop track, "Paradise." Everything about this song will just make you want to have your windows down and admire the views outside.

Do you have other K-pop songs to recommend for a happy road trip? Comment down below!

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