Will Red Velvet Members Renew Their Contract? Here's a Hint

Now that the Reveluvs (Red Velvet's Fandom name) are waiting for the news if the girls of Red Velvet will renew their contracts or not, Wendy could have given a hint about the group's next move at SM entertainment.

In August 2014, Red Velvet debuted with four members, and in March 2015, Yeri joined the girl group. It has already been seven years since then. With the normal length of contract for an idol being seven years only, Reveluvs assumed that Irene, Joy, Seulgi, and Wendy's contract with their agency concluded last August 1.

Fortunately, Wendy could have just given an immense inkling if the girls will be continuing their career with SM Entertainment or not.

Wendy hints Red Velvet's future with SM Entertainment after their anniversary

After the fruitful taping of "Wendy's Youngstreet," a radio show for Wendy by SBS Radio. Considering that "Wendy's Youngstreet" does not record during the weekends, a fan asked her what she will be doing on Saturday, this has led Wendy to spoil a major hint.

Red Velvet Wendy
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Wendy unveils that she will spend the day on a photo shoot.

She said that she will have a photoshoot "For later" adding a question "I feel it would be okay to tell you though?"

At first, she was not exactly certain if she would say what she would be shooting. Then she came around saying "Taking 'Season's Greetings' Pictures."

"Season's Greetings" is a famous merch in the K-pop industry. It features a wide range of items for next year. The five-member group's first-ever "Season's Greetings" was initially released in 2016, and they continued with the culture every year.

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The group's next items will be distributed in 2022. Wendy's hint that the photo shoot is happening is a massive spoiler of her contract renewal with their agency. It is rare for the company to produce merchandise that will feature her if she leaves.

Wendy's revelation left many questions if she will be taking pictures individually or together with her co-members. Normally, SM Entertainment does not publish "Season's Greetings" for artists who are solo. It is sure that Wendy validates a shoot for the whole group or only some of her co-members.

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Red Velvet's Contract Renewal with SM Entertainment

However, Wendy's major hint cannot be considered as proof. At the same time, it implies that the disbandment of Red Velvet won't be happening in the future. In the meantime, Reveluvs will have to stand by for the announcement of their contract renewal.

Red Velvet
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No one knows what is really happening in the background. A lot of fans are still positive that the group will remain with each other. Recently, the group had a strong comeback with their album "Queendom." Joy and Wendy both were successful with the solo. The Red Velvet members also shine in different solo activities, particularly in dramas, movies, YouTube original series, and radio shows.

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Written by Annie Barmaine.

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