Chung Ha Explains Why Non-Koreans Shouldn't Eat Korean Food While in South Korea

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Here's why non-Koreans should not eat Korean food during their stay in South Korea, according to Chung Ha.

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Chung Ha Explains Why Non-Koreans Should Not Eat Korean Food While in South Korea

In a behind-the-scenes video posted on Chung Ha's official Youtube channel during her "PLAY" promotions, Chung Ha gives an interesting reason as to why non-Koreans should not visit South Korea to try Korean food.

In the video, Chung Ha can be seen resting in her waiting room while eating tteokbokki, the popular Korean food containing rice cakes, as she talks about how delicious the food is and that it's been a while since she had it.

While eating tteokbokki, one of the staff members working with Chung Ha asked the "Stay Tonight" singer to recommend a Korean food for her international fans, also known as Byulharang (Chung Ha's fandom), and non-Koreans in general.

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(Photo : Instagram: @chungha_official)

"If you had to choose one Korean food to recommend to non-Korean fans, what would you recommend?" asked the staff member.

Upon hearing the question, Chung Ha immediately exclaimed and shook her head from side-to side. "Honestly, that should not even happen," said Chung Ha.

She then explained why non-Koreans should not try Korean food while they visit South Korea. "If they come to South Korea to try out the Korean food, and once they try some while they are here... They will be like, 'Okay, I am going to settle down here,'" said Chung Ha.

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(Photo : Instagram: @chungha_official)

Chung Ha goes on to say that it could be dangerous because they will fall in love with South Korea as the food is too good, and will want to move to the country. "They have to be careful," said Chung Ha.

Upon hearing this rather unexpected answer, many Korean netizens agreed with Chung Ha, saying that South Korea has too many delicious food, and that non-Koreans should watch their weight if they are going on a trip to the country.

Non-Koreans also left numerous comments, saying that they want to visit South Korea even more now, and that they can't wait to try various dishes. Others also jokingly expressed that they can't be stopped from living there once they fall in love with the food.

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(Photo : Instagram: @chungha_official)

Meanwhile, Chung Ha was recently selected as the newest endorsement model for the weight loss product, "Wanna Burning Diet," by Wanna Lab. Chung Ha, who is known for healthy image, will be working with the brand to promote self-love and self-care.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video here: Topic starts at the 6:29 minute

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