Mystic Story Reveals Third Trainee who will Debut in Their First Girl Group alongside Suhyeon and Sua

The third trainee who will debut in Mystic Story's first girl group this November has been officially announced.

In May of this year, Mystic Story revealed the first two trainees who will be part of their upcoming girl group, which they said will be composed of six members.

Mystic Story First Girl Group
(Photo : Instagram: @mystic.rookies)
(from left to right) Moon Sua and Kim Su Hyeon

These two trainees are Moon Sua (ASTRO Moonbin's younger sister) and "A-TEEN" actress Kim Suhyeon.

Who do you think is the third trainee? Find out more in the article!

Who is the Next Trainee who will Debut in Mystic Story's First Girl Group?

On Sept. 17, Mystic Story officially announced the third trainee who will be a member of their first girl group. It is none other than Tsuki Fukutomi.

Tsuki Fukutomi is quite well-known in Japan as she is a former model for the Japanese magazine "Popteen."

Mystic Story First Girl Group
(Photo : Instagram: @talways_tari)

In January of last year, Tsuki Fukutomi competed and won first place in the third season of Popteen Cover Girl War, which was co-hosted by "Popteen" and AbemaTV.

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As a result, she proved her stardom in Japan early by working as an exclusive model for Japan's representative magazine "Popteen," which is highly supported by Japanese teenagers.

Mystic Story First Girl Group
(Photo : Instagram: @talways_tari)

Mystic Story introduced Tsuki Fukutomi through the official Instagram account of Mystic Rookies, which they created last year.

With her distinct visual, Tsuki is receiving a hot response from fans on Mystic Rookies' Instagram account, following her "Popteen" exclusive modeling activities.

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Tsuki Fukutomi now officially joins Kim Suhyeon and Moon Sua as members of Mystic Story's first girl group.

According to SPOTV News in May of this year, Mystic Story's upcoming girl group will be consists of not only Korean trainees but also Japanese trainees. This means Tsuki might not be the only Japanese member of the band.

Mystic Story First Girl Group
(Photo : Instagram: @talways_tari)

Meanwhile, the female group is set to make their debut this coming November. Prior to that, the company is yet to reveal the other three trainees who will be included in the idol group.

Who are the other trainees would you want to debut in Mystic Story's first girl group? Tell us in the comments below!

More Facts about Mystic Story Trainee Tsuki Fukutomi

Born on Sept. 21, 2002, Tsuki Fukutomi is initially an SM trainee for two years before moving into the company's subsidiary label, Mystic Story. She was considered a girl version of VIXX Ravi while under SM Entertainment.

Mystic Story First Girl Group
(Photo : Instagram: @talways_tari)

Tsuki also participated in JYP Entertainment's 15th audition, but she failed to be a trainee under the agency.

Aside from her work as a model for "Popteen," she also worked in Shake Shack when she was in Japan.

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What's more, Tsuki Fukutomi debuted in a Japanese group called "MAGICOUR," which is the first unit of Popteen's dance and vocal unit project called "7+ME LINK." Her stage name was "TARU," which is also her nickname.

(Photo : Instagram: @talways_tari)
(from left to right) Tsuki Fukutomi in second spot

MAGICOUR debuted in November 2020 under Whole World Media with their first single "MAGIC." Tsuki left the J-group in December 2020 and withdrew from Popteen in June of this year.

Since she is a public figure in Japan, Tsuki Fukutomi already has her own fandom, called "Tarutaru."

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