NCT 127 Reveals What They Want to Stick With Following Release of ‘Sticker’

Following the release of their 3rd studio album Sticker, NCT 127 selected the things they wanted to stick with during their online showcase.

Keep on reading to know what NCT 127 members said!

NCT 127 Reveals What They Want to Stick With Following Release of ‘Sticker’
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NCT 127 Picks What They Want to Stick With

In the morning of September 17, SM Entertainment held an online showcase for NCT 127 3rd studio album Sticker.

During the showcase, one reporter asked the boy group an interesting question — "What would you like to stick with you, like your new release 'Sticker'?"

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At the question, leader Taeyong laughed. "Uhm... our label, SM Entertainment?"

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NCT Taeyong

Hearing his response, fellow member Doyoung laughed and commented that Taeyong would be loved so much by their agency for his answers.

He jokingly says that he can see it already!

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NCT Doyoung

Following this, Taeyong looked right at the camera and said, "CEO Lee Soo Man, I love you!" His comment caused laughter to erupt during the online showcase.

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Jaehyun was next to answer. The male idol stated his honest thoughts, saying he would choose to stick to his bed. He explained his answer, saying that whenever he wakes up early ahead of a busy day, he always thinks that he would like to stick to his bed for a little while longer.

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NCT Jaehyun

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Johnny responded to the question next, saying that he would like to stick to a concert hall. He revealed that the group really misses performing in front of their fans, and he would want to see the NCTzens as soon as possible.

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NCT Johnny

Which response did you like the best? Tell us in the comments below!

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NCT 127 Releases 3rd Studio Album Sticker

On September 17, 2021, NCT 127 released their third Korean-language studio album Sticker.

This full album follows their previous release, the Japanese-language mini-album "Loveholic," which was released in February 2021, and their previous Korean-language studio album "Neo Zone," which was released in March 2020.

NCT 127
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On August 24, 2021, after just a day of pre-orders being opened, it was reported that Sticker amassed 1,329,000 pre-orders.

Finally, on September 15, 2021, just two days before the release of the 3rd studio album, Sticker surpassed 2.12 million pre-orders.

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Prior to the release of the album, NCT 127 released a playlist named "Welcome to NCT 127 Sticker, the Enhanced Playlist." The playlist included messages from the members as well as the songs they believed best represented them.

Have you listened to NCT 127 3rd studio album Sticker?

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