Taeyeon's 'I,' SHINee's 'Aside,' IU's 'Autumn Morning': Singers Select Healing Songs That You Should Check Out Too

Amid the pandemic, what are the healing songs that K-music fans should listen to? In a recent interview, Korean singers and idols shared songs that you should add to your playlist for healing. 

On September 22, TV Daily dropped a list of K-pop idols recommending their favorite Korean songs that gives healing.

In line with Chuseok celebration, Park Ji Hoon, Kwon Eun Bi, Jeong Sewoon, and Baek A Yeon personally selected "healing songs" that will give comfort to people despite coronavirus.

Park Ji Hoon and Kwon Eun Bi: K-pop Idols Recommend Healing Songs for Chuseok

Park Ji Hoon and Kwon Eun Bi, who are actively promoting as soloists revealed their love for Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and IU.

In particular, the former WANNA ONE member Ji Hoon recommended Taeyeon's "I," the title track of the female star's debut EP with the same name, released in 2015.

Ji Hoon explained the reason why he selected the song, saying, "When I listen to this song, I feel comfortable, forgetting everything, and wanting to leave."

He added, "How about playing this music indefinitely and imagining flying in the sky and thinking about happy moments?" helping listeners to set the emotion while listening to the song.

Meanwhile, Kwon Eun Bi, a former IZ*ONE member and leader suggested K-pop fans listen to IU's "Autumn Morning." The track was released by IU in 2017, a cover of Yang Hee Eun's hit track in the 90s.

Upon choosing the song, Kwon said, "The season has changed and chilly autumn has come. If you listen to 'Autumn Morning' in the autumn breeze, you will feel happy."

On the other hand, Park Ji Hoon, both of who debuted through Mnet's "Produce" series are now working as solo artists. In August, the male idol dropped his fourth EP, "My Collection and its title track, " Gallery." In the same month, Kwon Eun Bi debuted with her first album, "Open."

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Jeong Sewoon and Baek A Yeon: Singer-Songwriters Pick their Personal Healing Songs that You Should Also Check Out

Aside from K-pop idols, singer-songwriters Jeong Sewoon and Baek A Yeon were also asked about their healing song recommendation.

Jeong Sewoon then selected Baek A Yeon's "0% (아무것도 하기 싫으면 어떡애)," explaining, "When you hear this song, I think there will be many parts that will make you nod your head as you agree with the lyrics. I chose this song with the hope that you will have a relaxed and comfortable holiday. I hope you have a great holiday".

Lastly, Baek A Yeon recommended SHINee's "Aside" which she revealed to be a song that she always listens to especially during cold weather.

The singer-songwriter added, "In the lyrics, we believe that the day will come when we can gather together and spend a happy holidays like 'I want to talk about old things with my heart someday.' Until then, I hope you have a great holiday while listening to good songs."

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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