ITZY Yuna Diet and Workout Routine: Here's How the 'Not Shy' Singer Stays Lean

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Yuna rose to prominence as the lead dancer, lead rapper, and youngest member of JYP Entertainment's girl group, ITZY. Since the girl group's debut back in February 2019, ITZY has constantly been gaining success with their numerous hit songs.

Being one of the top groups in this generation, it's no wonder Yuna has been gaining a lot of attention, not only for her talents but for her visuals and physique as well. With that, many are curious to know what Yuna's diet and workout routine are. So, how does Yuna maintain her lean figure?

ITZY Yuna Workout Routine Revealed

Yuna always had a slim figure and fast metabolism, which can be attributed to her amazing genes. Standing at around 170cm (5'7") tall, with her weight at around 48kg, Yuna is admired by netizens for her beautiful proportions which she manages to keep on the lean side.

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For Yuna's workout routine, it is worth noting first that Yuna is still young and growing. Hence, she has a fast metabolism which contributes significantly to how she stays lean.

One of the main forms of exercise that Yuna does is her regular dance practices. ITZY's dance routines are difficult, which can provide for an intense workout - more-so if you keep repeating and practicing the moves over and over. Besides ITZY's dance routines, Yuna also practices using different songs and choreographies.

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Dancing is an excellent form of entertainment slash workout if you're looking to burn off calories and fat while having fun. Regarding how long Yuna does dance practices, she practices at least two hours a day, five times a week. Sometimes more, depending on her schedule.

Although Yuna didn't mention or show what other exercises she does, it is likely that she would do a couple of bodyweight exercises and stretches here and there to help tone her body.

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ITZY Yuna Diet Plan Revealed

When it comes to Yuna's diet plan, neither JYP Entertainment nor Yuna herself is strict with what she eats. According to Yuna, she always eats breakfast to help boost her metabolism.

For lunch, she loves to eat pasta, hamburgers, pizza, and beef. And when she feels like having a snack, Yuna would go for some french fries.

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When it comes to her dinner, she and the rest of the ITZY members would have a salad. Yuna usually pairs her salad with chicken and eats it without any sauce.

Despite having no restrictions in her diet, Yuna likes to keep a set time for when she eats (intermittent fasting). According to Yuna, she does not eat food past 8 pm and will wait until breakfast to have her next meal.

Will you be trying Yuna's diet and workout routine?

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