K-Pop Backup Dancers Reveal the Idols Who Like to Give Expensive Gifts

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Backup dancers who have worked with numerous K-Pop idols reveal which idol likes to treat their staff with expensive gifts!

Can you guess who it is? Keep on reading to find out!

K-Pop Backup Dancers Reveal the Idols Who Like to Give Expensive Gifts

On September 24, Youtube channel AYO shared a new episode of "Comment Defenders" that features two backup dancers - Choi Ju Yeon and Lee Bomin, also known by their dancer names Sara and Mandu, respectively - who have worked with numerous K-Pop idols such as Chung Ha, Golden Child, ONEUS, Rocket Punch, LOONA, and many more.

In this episode of "Comment Defenders," dancers Sara and Mandu answer some frequently asked questions regarding their experiences working as a backup dancer for K-Pop idols, as well as dancers in general.

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During the episode, the dancers were asked about the K-Pop idols who like to treat staff members and team with expensive gifts.

According to Sara, she describes "Stay Tonight" singer Chung Ha as an "angel without wings" as she likes to give designer items to her backup dancers and staff members, such as handpicking the gifts that would best suit each dancer from the luxury brand Alexander Wang.

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Chung Ha and her backup dancers. Backup dancer Sara (third from the bottom left)

Sara adds that she also gave them body products and hand cream from CHANEL back when they were promoting for "Bicycle." As for the male backup dancers, Chung Ha would gift them with shirts from the brand Off-White.

Mandu adds that she thinks a lot of idols are like that, and names a couple of other idols. According to Mandu, "You Can't Sit With Us" hitmaker, Sunmi, also gives expensive gifts and takes care of her staff members well.

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Sunmi and her backup dancers

While Rain and BTOB's Changsub like to splurge on food for their staff members, with Sara adding that it almost feels like they are being raised by them with the amount of food they give.

"I feel so thankful for it. Not because it is expensive, but the fact that they think of us," said Mandu, and Sara also describes them all as an "angel without wings."

K-Pop Backup Dancers Address Misunderstanding Between Idols and Dancers

Working as a backup dancer for popular K-Pop idols, there can be some misunderstandings between dancers and idols. One netizen talked about how dancers look down on idols, and that dancers wouldn't have jobs in the first place if it weren't for them.

Mandu addresses this and says it's a misunderstanding. "Dancers do have jobs even if it weren't for idols, but there will be fewer jobs. So dances and idols work together," explained Mandu.

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Thinking that the misunderstanding may be because of the Mnet dance survival show, "Street Woman Fighter," where former IZ*ONE member, Lee Chaeyeon, is competing against professional dancers, Sara and Mandu also give their opinions regarding this.

Lee Chaeyeon
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As professional dancers and Lee Chaeyeon learned dance differently, it could be difficult for Lee Chaeyeon to adjust to the show. However, they never look down on idols.

"It seems that she adapted to the new surroundings and she's showing her skills. Compared to the first time she had the battle, I think she got warmed up and she can show off her talent. I think it is awesome that she can do that among great dancers. I mean it," said Mandu.

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