After Bagging 5 Trophies from 2021 The Fact Music Awards, BTS RM Goes on Weverse Spree to Chat with ARMYs

Following BTS's appearance on the 2021 The Fact Music Awards and sweeping a total of five awards, member RM was active on Weverse and some ARMYs were lucky enough to have a chat with him.

On Oct. 2, this year's The Fact Music Awards was held and BTS was one of the idol groups who attended. Member RM then went to Weverse the following day to update his profile picture and even took the time to talk with the fans, and even gave a spoiler for BTS's "In the SOOP" Season 2.

(Photo : BTS Facebook)

BTS RM Chats with ARMYs on Weverse Following '2021 The Fact Music Awards' Win

On the evening of Oct. 3, ARMYs got a Weverse update from BTS leader RM. The rapper changed his profile picture on the platform.

In the image, the "Butter" singer is wearing casual clothes and standing next to a glass-walled building.

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After updating his profile picture on Weverse, RM made a few posts that say, "Now, (changing) profile picture is possible for me too!" and "Look at my profile, it's new."

Following that, BTS RM stayed for a while on Weverse and replied to some of the fans' comments. In particular, one ARMY commented on his post about him changing his profile picture.

The fan said, "What do you mean you posted your profile picture (?) All I see is a blindingly bright light. You're so funny." 

In response, BTS RM said, "Oooh~ you're someone who knows how to write a comment, huh??" 

(Photo : BTS Facebook)

Another ARMY also commented on RM's profile picture and this time, it's about being able to zoom in. The fan stated, "Wait, so we can't zoom in on the photo to see it bigger?" 

BTS member RM replied, "It's playing hard to get hehe." But after some time, he eventually uploaded his latest profile picture in a new post on Weverse, showing how thoughtful he is to the fans.

Aside from updating his profile picture on Weverse, BTS RM also attempted to change his nickname on the platform. However, he experienced some difficulties as his nicknames were already used by some fans.

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The "Permission to Dance" singer posted, "You took all the nicknames (before me). I'm envious," along with some screenshots of the nicknames he was trying to put: "Namjoonie," "Namjyoon Kim," and "fool."

You can check more of BTS RM's conversations with the ARMYs on Weverse below, including a spoiler for BTS's "In the SOOP" Season 2:


BTS Takes Home 5 Trophies from 2021 The Fact Music Awards

Meanwhile, BTS was the K-pop artist to receive the most trophies at this year's The Fact Music Awards.

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For the fourth consecutive year, BTS claimed the Daesang (Grand Prize), and also won four other awards such as "Artist of the Year" (Bonsang), Fan N Star Most Voted (Singer), Listener's Choice, and U+ Idol Live Popularity Award, taking home a total of five awards.

BTS 2021 The Fact Music Awards
(Photo : Twitter: @bts_bighit)

In their Daesang acceptance speech, BTS's leader RM stated, "Thank you so much for this huge award. We've done and obtained a lot this year, but we weren't able to do the most important thing - seeing our fans. We're sorry for this, but we're also grateful that we were able to receive another big award like this thanks to your contactless support and love."

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Written by Mhaliya Scott

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