K-Pop Rock Goddesses Dreamcatcher Return for Their 4th Online Concert: 'HALLOWEEN MIDNIGHT CIRCUS'

The Dreamcatcher Company's iconic seven-piece girl group Dreamcatcher returns for their fourth online concert, "HALLOWEEN MIDNIGHT CIRCUS: DREAMCATCHER ONLINE CONCERT 2021," set for October 30, 3 PM KST.

This year's HALLOWEEN MIDNIGHT CIRCUS promises intriguing performances, setlists, and good old season fun under the concept of a carnival that awaits those brave enough to enter a place that turns into a different realm as the clock strikes the witching hour.

The online event will be streamed live on the MyMusicTaste platform right on October 30, starting at 3 PM KST.

Halloween Midnight Circus
(Photo : MyMusicTaste)

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The upcoming concert marks the longstanding collaboration between Dreamcatcher and MyMusicTaste, a technology-forward platform that aims to break the barriers and restrictions set forth by the global coronavirus pandemic.

With the new platform, fans and artists have a new opportunity to bond together and create a new form of connection in the new normal.

About Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher made its debut on January 13, 2017, with the single album "Nightmare," led by its title track "Chase Me." This release marked their Nightmare Series, marked with mysterious teaser photos, and culminated with the release of their second single album "Nightmare - Fall Asleep in the Mirror."

Since then, they have released six Korean mini-albums, two special albums, two singles, two special singles, and one full studio album: "Dystopia: The Tree of Language" in 2020. They have also three Japanese-language digital singles, four singles, and one Japanese full studio album "The Beginning of the End" in 2019.

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