GFRIEND Umji, SinB and Eunha Join New Label to Debut as 3-Member Group

SinB, Eunha, Umji
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The remaining three members of GFRIEND have signed on with a new label together to form a three-member group!  

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GFRIEND Umji, SinB and Eunha Join New Label Big Planet Made to Debut as 3-Member Group

On October 6 KST, Big Planet Made (BPM), a new start-up label, announced that former GFRIEND members Umji, SinB, and Eunha have all signed together with the label to join their artist line up with former SISTAR member, Soyou!

Along with Big Planet Made's announcement, each of the members also took to their personal Instagram accounts to announce the news, and also announcing that Umji, SinB, and Eunha will be forming a three-member group.

(Photo : Twitter: @bpmentofficial)

On Umji's post, she says, "Hello, this is Umji. I came here to share good news with you after spending a long time thinking and considering the situation. In the future, Eunha, SinB, and Umji will be working together as a three-member group at the new label, BPM Entertainment:) Of course, there were various concerns, but now that many things have been sorted out and prepared, I am very much looking forward to the new activities. I am ready to work busily and enjoyably, and I will work hard, so please look forward to it and show support. Thank you ♡"

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(Photo : Twitter: @bpmentofficial)

On SinB's post, it reads, "Hello, this is SinB. After a long time of deliberation, I will be taking on a new beginning at BPM Entertainment together with Eunha and Umji. You must have waited for a long time, but I am really grateful to the fans who believed and waited with trust. This moment of meeting a new nest and spreading my wings is exciting and also nerve-racking, but I will do my best to showcase good music and various activities in the future. Please show a lot of support and watch over me!"

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(Photo : Twitter: @bpmentofficial)

And finally, Eunha shared the following message, "Hello! This is Eunha. A lot of time has passed. I feel sorry and grateful to the fans who have been waiting for a long time. I will be taking on a new beginning at BPM Entertainment with SinB and Umji! Thank you for your constant support and love, and I want to repay everyone with good music and good performances to all of you who I love. Please watch over me♥"

Meanwhile, GFRIEND disbanded and departed from Source Music back in May. Since then, each of the members have signed on with a new label: Sowon with IOK Company, Yerin with Sublime Artist Agency, and Yuju with KONNECT Entertainment. With that, all six GFRIEND members are now signed under a new label.

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