Where is GFRIEND Now? These are What the Members Sowon, Eunha, and More are Up To

Where is GFRIEND Now? These are What the Members Are Up To
(Photo : GFRIEND Twitter)

Following their disbandment on May 22, BUDDYs have been anticipating the activities of the six GFRIEND members. Here are what the members have been doing following their departure from Source Music.

1. Sowon

(Photo : Kim So Jung Instagram)

On August 2, it was confirmed that Sowon signed an exclusive contract with IOK Company as an actress. She has changed her stage name to her birth name, Kim So Jung.

IOK Company has announced that they are planning to fully provide and support Kim So Jung in developing her talent with no limitations so she can show her skills and grow as an actress.

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Following news that she signed with IOK Company, Kim So Jung shared new headshots to her Instagram account and informed her fans that she has signed with a new agency.

2. Yerin

(Photo : Yerin Instagram)

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Yerin was the first member of GFRIEND to sign with a new label.

On June 17, it was announced that the "Rough" singer signed an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency. In addition, the company has announced their plans to actively support the idol and her future activities in the future.

Following the announcement, Yerin shared new headshots to her Instagram and personally informed fans of the news.

On June 25, it was confirmed that Yerin would join iKON's Jay in the live theater radio show "On Air - Spinoff."

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3. Eunha

(Photo : Eunha Instagram)

Following her departure from Source Music, GFRIEND member Eunha was chosen to sing OST for the webtoon "Stairway of Time." Eunha's song is titled "At the End of Time" and was included in the webtoon's OST Part.1. The song was released on June 3 at 6 PM KST.

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4. Yuju

(Photo : Yuju Instagram)

On June 3, it was announced that Yuju would be releasing a solo OST for the MBN television series "Bossam: Steal of Fate." Her song, titled "Comfort," was included in the drama's OST Part. 11. Following the song's release, "Comfort" topped MelOn's OST chart.

On July 27, Yuju released a collaboration track with San E titled "So Silly."

5. SinB

(Photo : SinB Instagram)

SinB has not signed with an agency, and it does not appear like she is rushing to do so. Other than updating her Instagram, the idol has remained primarily out of the spotlight and has not pursued a solo career just yet.

However, on June 3, SinB held an Instagram Live to celebrate her birthday, and the members all tuned in to leave comments for her.

6. Umji

(Photo : Umji Instagram)

Umji has yet to sign an exclusive contract with an agency, and it appears she is in no rush to!

In an Instagram Story, Umji was asked what she has been up to. There, she revealed that she had been experiencing a lot of first-time experiences and that she believes that this age will be a memorable stage for her.

The idol is taking time to enjoy herself and discover new things as she takes time off the entertainment industry.

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