K-Pop Phenomenon aespa Releases Awaited EP 'Savage'

K-pop girl group aespa (SM Entertainment) released their first EP "Savage." Following a series of teaser images released throughout the week leading up to the release, the six-track EP is the first album to be released following the group's explosive debut in November 2020.

Since their record-breaking arrival on the scene with "Black Mamba" (which garnered 100 million views in 51 days- the fastest in YouTube history), aespa has captivated audiences worldwide, continuing on to shatter their own record with "Next Level" earlier this Spring.

With the arrival of their debut EP "Savage," aespa further demonstrates their unique, powerful charm and emphasizes their musical range. The foursome matches positive, meaningful lyrics with dynamic cross-genre and base-forward beats.

The powerful debut project further expands on their worldview and story as a "Metaverse girl group." 

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Featuring a sonically diverse array of sounds, aespa welcomes listeners into their universe with the lively first track "ænergy." Fueled by rich sound, a catchy melody, and the group's positive essence, "ænergy" is the perfect introduction to their debut EP.

The club-ready track "I'll Make You Cry" builds on their electrifying rhythms, ear-catching synths, and intense progressions while lyrically reflecting on overcoming hurtful memories.

With "YEPPI YEPPI," aespa emphasizes the power of embracing inner beauty. Radiant with stunning harmonies and energetic drums, "ICONIC" illustrates the group's confidence and aspirations.

aespa closes the EP with "Lucid Dream," a dreamy pop track with emotional melodies lyrically describing the journey of a heartbroken soul.

As a whole, "Savage" delivers an electrifying debut for aespa, as masterful as their first emergence on the scene less than a year ago. 

Savage Tracklist:

1. ænergy

2. Savage

3. I'll Make You Cry



6. Lucid Dream

aespa Savage is available HERE and can be purchased online at SM Global Shop.

The music video for aespa Savage is available HERE.

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