MONSTA X Minhyuk's Healing Time With The Listeners On 'Vogue Ship Show'

Group MONSTA X Minhyuk received special healing with listeners through the medium of "art."
Minhyuk's Naver NOW "Vogue Ship Show," which aired on the afternoon of the 6th, was decorated with a special feature of "2021 Art Week."

On this day, Vogue Ship Show drew attention as a studio that exhibited artworks. Minhyuk said, "Today's 'Vogue Ship Show' is with 2021 Art Week." It will begin tomorrow, and it is the nation's largest art week where exhibitions can be viewed free of charge or at discounted prices in more than 300 exhibition spaces, including art galleries, art fairs, and biennales nationwide, he explained.

(Photo : Naver NOW. )

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Just as it means "a live show you want to see, draw, and enjoy," "Vogue Ship Show" has boasted a unique concept in which host Minhyuk and listeners complete a work together on one theme every week.

This "Vogue Ship Show," which is based on this concept, also came to listeners differently. Minhyuk, who said, "Art depends on access," informed representative events ahead of the event such as "Kiaf Seoul" and "Daegu Photo Biennale," and showed off his smart charm so that he could approach art that felt difficult.

Minhyuk, who released useful information such as introducing works, events held only during Art Week, and art travel programs conducted by region and theme, completed another high-quality picture, and even shone his presence as a professional host who did not miss real-time communication with listeners.

Finally, Minhyuk said, "I think it was an opportunity for you to get closer to art and art," ending the broadcast and closing the atelier of "Vogue Ship Show."

Currently, Minhyuk not only meets fans as the host of the "Vogue Ship Show" every Wednesday at 11 p.m., but also continues to play as a "blue chip in the entertainment industry" by working with various pictorials, brand advertising models and contents.

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