CRAVITY Opens Activities With 'Music Bank'

CRAVITY opened their activities for their VENI VIDI VICI comeback with Music Bank, which aired on the afternoon of October 8.

CRAVITY's VENI VIDI VICI has been receiving enthusiastic response from K-pop fans since their release Gas Pedal in August.

As their thanks for the support, CRAVITY met fans' expectations with a more upgraded powerful performance on Music Bank.

(Photo : Starship Entertainment)

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In particular, the Starship Entertainment nonet, including the colorful choreography by Minhee, Taeyoung, Wonjin, and Hyeongjun, added to their stellar performance, and showcased their more mature vocals and live performance skills.

VENI VIDI VICI is a song from CRAVITY 1st full-length album THE AWAKENING: Written in the Stars, which combines addictive guitar sounds and groovy rhythms. Producing crew PCDC participated in writing and composing, completing CRAVITY's own sensuous musicality.

Prior to their official activities, CRAVITY released a special VENI VIDI VICI video, catching the attention of global fans. In addition, CRAVITY, who showed an unexpected water stage, boasted a never-before-seen sexy mood.

As the title means "I've come, I've seen, I've won," CRAVITY's bold energy filled the music industry in the second half of the year, and was found on KBS 2TV Music Bank last October, 8, 2021 at  5 p.m.

CRAVITY will continue their activities with VENI VIDI VICI

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