JYP Entertainment Under Fire for Allowing TWICE to Endorse Skin Whitening Products

JYP Entertainment is receiving flak for allowing TWICE to endorse skin whitening products. Keep on reading to learn more.

JYP Entertainment Criticized for Allowing TWICE to Endorse Skin Whitening Products

On October 16, it was revealed that JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE was made ambassadors for the Indonesian skincare brand Scarlett Whitening. JYP Entertainment is under fire for allowing TWICE to endorse the brand's product, which promotes skin whitening.

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The backlash has reached supporters worldwide, not just in Indonesia, with people demanding the group's agency to end the endorsement deal.

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Supporters of the girl group, who are often called ONCEs, have created an email template and are asking all supporters of the group to email JYP Entertainment. In the template, the group's fandom comments on how unethical it is for TWICE to promote a brand with skin whitening products, especially since TWICE has fans with darker skin complexions.

(Photo : Scarlett Whitening Instagram)

People also took to Twitter to voice out their frustrations with JYP Entertainment.

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ONCEs pointed out how ironic it is that TWICE released an English single — The Feels earlier this month — to attract an international audience, which is filled with people of all colors, races and ethnicities, only to have the group promote a skin whitening brand two weeks after the song's release.

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People are disappointed that JYP Entertainment is allowing TWICE to perpetuate the stereotype that you must be pale or white to be perceived as beautiful.

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JYP Entertainment has yet to release a statement on the issue. Neither JYP Entertainment nor Scarlett Whitening has taken down their promotional materials with the girl group.

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TWICE Recent Activities

TWICE is slated to release their third Korean studio album, Formula of Love: O+T=<3 on November 12, 2021. In addition, the girl group also announced that they would be releasing their new Japanese-language single Doughnut on December 15.

(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

 TWICE released their first English-language single The Feels on October 1. TWICE made their first entry on the Billboard Hot 100, with The Feels debuted at number 83 on October 11, 2021. The Feels also debuted at number 12 on the Billboard Global 200, making it the group's highest-performing son on the chart.

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The Feels garnered 50.9 million global streams and 8,800 global downloads within the first week of its release. In the United States alone, The Feels accumulated 4.7 million streams, 10,400 digital sales, and 208,000 radio impressions in the first week.

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