TWICE Jeongyeon Constant Weight Changes Causes Worry

TWICE member Jeongyeon shocked many with her shocking transformation in recent photos. Now, many are worried over her constant weight loss and gain following her hiatus. Keep on reading for all the details.

TWICE Jeongyeon Constant Weight Changes Causes Worry
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TWICE Jeongyeon Protected from Comments Concerning Weight Gain in First Hiatus

TWICE is one of the most famous K-pop groups in the industry, and the members have worked extremely hard since their debut until now. Active for over six years, the TWICE members try hard to make sure all members are active in schedules despite their busy lives. However, in late 2020 and 2021, member Jeongyeon had to sit out of activities due to health reasons sadly.

Jeongyeon went on her first hiatus from TWICE activities in October 2020, sitting out of promotions for I CAN'T STOP ME. She returned to TWICE in January 2021, appearing with the group at the Seoul Music Awards. Many were happy to see Jeongyeon appear with the group but were also shocked by the idol's apparent weight gain.

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However, her weight gain did not spark hate among ONCEs. Instead, many were happy that the idol was back with her group. Many were aware that Jeongyeon had gained weight due to her medication for her herniated disc and anxiety disorder, which caused fans to feel sorry for the idol.

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Jeongyeon had also participated in TWICE's online Japanese concert. Though her weight gain was noticeable, many defended and protected the idol from criticism about her appearance. As long as she was healthy, many were happy.

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TWICE Jeongyeon Causes Worry After Losing 8kg for Alcohol-Free Promotions

Jeongyeon participated in TWICE's comeback in June 2021 with Alcohol-Free. For these promotions, Jeongyeon revealed that she had lost 8kg to show her best side for ONCEs. Jeongyeon's rapid weight change caused attention from people online, with many worried that she was losing weight too quickly.

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Losing 8kg in a short amount of time is not easy as Jeongyeon was still undergoing treatment for her physical and mental health; many worried that Jeongyeon went through unhealthy methods to lose weight. Furthermore, during the group's performance on Inkigayo, Jeongyeon appeared tired and in pain while performing, which further worried viewers.

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TWICE Jeongyeon Shocks Many With Her Weight Gain in The Feels

In August 2021, JYP Entertainment announced that Jeongyeon would be taking another hiatus for her mental health. Though she participated in The Feels music video filming, she did not promote the single with the other eight members of the girls. Still, many were happy to see her in the music video and the behind-the-scenes clips uploaded by the company.

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However, her appearance in the behind-the-scenes video only caused more worry. Many were shocked over the weight gain the idol had experienced due to her medication. With the medicine she is taking, Jeongyeon could be struggling with hormonal imbalances that affect her weight.

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Many are worried about the idol and her yo-yoing weight. Though they are aware of why her weight continues to change, ONCEs hope that Jeongyeon maintains her health and eats nutritious food. Others hope that her constantly changing appearance is not negatively affecting her mental health.

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