BLACKPINK Jennie's Latest Airport Fashion Cost $1,800+ — Here are the Pieces

BLACKPINK member Jennie was recently seen at Incheon Airport heading to Los Angeles in the cutest pastel look. Though the outfit looks simple, it costs over $1,800! Keep on reading to check out the pieces Jennie is wearing!

BLACKPINK Jennie Seen Leaving for Los Angeles

On October 24, BLACKPINK member Jennie was seen at Incheon Airport heading for Los Angeles, the United States. Rumors that the idol was leaving for the United States have been spreading for weeks, and it turned out to be true! While fans have yet to learn what her schedules in the country are, they are excited for the idol and her future activities.

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Earlier this month, the idol had returned from Paris, France, and many are happy to see Jennie booked and busy. It is assumed that the BLACKPINK member is traveling to the United States for music-related purposes. Some have speculated that she might be collaborating with Western artists, such as Doja Cat. However, these are unconfirmed.

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BLACKPINK Jennie's Outfit at Incheon Airport Cost $1,800+ - Here are the Pieces

Jennie was seen in the airport wearing baggy jeans, a full-sleeved pastel crop top, and sunglasses. She was seen holding a furry jacket in her hands. The moment word went around that she was at the airport, Jennie's name trended on the worldwide charts. Many were in love with her adorable and simple loo, with fans calling her "cute" and a "baby" due to her oversized fashion.

(Photo : FN News)

Jennie's sweater is from the brand Maison Kitsuné, a fashion brand a music label. She is wearing their Checkerboard Cropped Sweater, which retails for $248. It is currently sold out on their website. Jennie was also seen wearing this sweater for a BLACKPINK fan-call event back in June 2020.

Jennie sweater
(Photo : Farfetch Website)

Jennie's jeans are from Calvin Klein, a clothing brand that she is an ambassador of. She is seen wearing the brand's Straight Jeans. They are low-waisted and baggie, making the idol look taller than she actually is. The jeans perfectly highlight Jennie's slim physique. The jeans are $185 and are currently sold out.

Jennie jeans
(Photo : ShopStyle Website)

On her feet are the Adidas Continental 80 Collection, which costs $80. Jennie and the rest of the BLACKPINK members are Adidas ambassadors, so it is no surprise that she is wearing their shoes.

Jennie shoes
(Photo : Adidas Website)

Jennie's bag is from the South Korean brand NIEEH. Jennie is rumored to be a co-owner of the brand, though this is unconfirmed. She is wearing NIEEH's Turtle Bag, which retails for $178.

Jennie bag
(Photo : NIEEH Website)

The most expensive thing Jennie is wearing is her jewelry. Her necklace is from the brand Loquet. The 32-inch chain costs $260, while the large round locket is priced at $770.

Jennie necklace
(Photo : Loquet London Website)

Her glasses are from Gentle Monster's LE - 2022 Collection and are priced at $340 on the website.

Jennie Shades
(Photo : Gentle Monster Website)

Finally, Jennie's mask is from the brand POPme. It is their Face Powder Mask and sells for $2.90.

Jennie mask
(Photo : POPme Website)

In total, Jennie spent $1,1815.90 on her whole outfit! Would you buy any of the pieces Jennie is wearing? Tell us in the comments below!

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