Former Wonder Girls Yeeun (HA:TFELT) Shares Her Worst Experience with Her Celebrity Ex-Boyfriends

In her recent appearance on a variety program, Yeeun reveals some of her experiences with her ex-boyfriends, who are also celebrities.

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Former Wonder Girls Yeeun (HA:TFELT) Shares Her Worst Experience with Her Celebrity Ex-Boyfriends

Recently, former Wonder Girls member Yeeun, also known as HA:TFELT, made a guest appearance on the November 1 episode of the SBS variety show, "Yeonae Dosa 2."

During her appearance, Yeeun revealed that she had dated around ten guys so far, all of whom were also celebrities. She then shared some of the worst experiences she had in dating two of them.

According to Yeeun, one of her ex-boyfriends had asked her to buy him some boxer shorts at a convenience store, as he was supposed to come over to Yeeun's place after work.

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"One of them had asked me to buy him some boxer shorts at a convenience store. Basically, what happened was that it was the day he was supposed to come over to my place after work. He asked me if I could buy him a toothbrush at the convenience store for him. So I headed to the store to get it. Then, he also asked me to get him some boxer shorts," Yeeun said.

She then went on to say that while she did end up buying the things for him, she thought to herself, "Isn't this a little wrong? If he couldn't buy things for himself, Then I don't think he is the right person for me." Yeeun ended up breaking up with him soon after.

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(Photo : SBS via SBS News)

Hearing this, the show's host, Hong Hyun Hee, commented on Yeeun's experience, saying that if her ex-boyfriend had been thinking about her and was thoughtful enough, he wouldn't have asked Yeeun to do those.

"You are quite known in public, and buying boxer shorts may spread or something," Hong Hyun Hee said.

Yeeun also shared another experience with her other ex-boyfriend, who she said had lied to her.

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"One day, I got in his car, and there was a visitor's pass to an apartment in the passenger seat. It wasn't his apartment nor mine. It also said that his visit was at five in the morning," Yeeun revealed.

When Yeeun had asked her ex-boyfriend about the visitor's pass, he couldn't say a word and just turned completely pale.

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Yeeun's Latest Releases

Meanwhile, back in 2020, Yeeun released her first-ever full-length album, "1719," which contains a total of 14 songs, including its three lead singles "Life Sucks," "Satellite," and "Sweet Sensation."

Yeeun's most recent release was back in July 2021, with her digital single "Summertime."

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