These 5 K-Pop Girl Group Debut Songs are Feminist Anthems

Did you know these five K-pop girl group debut songs are actually feminist anthems? Keep on reading to find out which songs they are!

These 5 K-Pop Girl Group Debut Songs are Feminist Anthems
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1. Wonder Girls - 'Irony'

Wonder Girls Irony lyrically talks about a girl in a failed relationship. However, instead of wallowing in sadness and self-pity, they tell the guy to get out of their sight too. The woman in the song is strong and self-assured, calling out her boyfriend for his lies and the holes in his story. Talk about strong female leads!

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2. 2NE1 - 'FIRE'

2NE1 debuted in 2009 with the song FIRE. At the time, girl groups sang traditionally feminine songs, often singing about love. Cute concepts were extremely common back then. 2NE1 stuck out because they experimented with a concept that was different from most girl groups. They did not sing about love and instead sang about girls breaking all the rules and being themselves.

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3. TWICE - 'Like OOH-AHH'

TWICE debuted in 2015 with the song Like OOH-AHH. While the song talks about love, the girl in the situation is strong and knows what she went. In the bridge, the girls chant, "Let me see how you gonna treat me / I ain't no easy / Better think about it TWICE." This shows that they are not the easy type, and for someone to date them, they better treat them right!

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4. miss A - 'Bad Girl, Good Girl

Bad Girl, Good Girl is another song by a JYP Entertainment artist that sings about feminism. Lyrically, the song talks about how people are often quick to judge others based on appearance alone. It reminded people that idols, especially female idols, are often judged based on the concept and what they show on stage. However, they are completely different off-stage.

The song is a reminder that people should not judge people, especially women, without knowing them well. This can be seen in the very first line of the song: "You don't know me, so shut up, boy!"

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5. Girls' Generation - 'Into the New World'

Into the New World is considered one of the most iconic debut songs of all time. Some people have confused this track as a long song due to the like "I love you, just like this." However, if you read the lyrics carefully, the song is meant to uplift the listener and give them hope.

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Lyrically, Into the New World talks about following the path to your dreams, no matter how difficult that road may be. Into the New World aims to spark hope within people, especially girls going through difficult times, and it is a message that many have resonated with since its release.

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