Sohee Dating History: Did You Know That The Former Wonder Girls Member Was Linked to 2AM Seulong?

Sohee, who is currently active as an actress, was involved in a dating rumor with her labelmate 2AM Seulong when her group Wonder Girls has not disbanded yet. Want to know the whole story? Then, keep on reading!

Was Former Wonder Girls Sohee in a Relationship with 2AM Seulong?

Back in January 2012, Korean media outlet Dispatch reported that Wonder Girls member Sohee and 2AM member Seulong were spotted dating. They added that two would avoid crowded areas and have secret dates in the male idol's luxurious car.

Ahn Sohee
(Photo : Instagram: @ssoheean)

Dispatch was able to catch the two stars dating on four different occasions, which all happened late at night and in Seulong's car.

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One of the photos Dispatch took was on Jan. 8 when Wonder Girls Sohee came back from Taiwan and the two celebrities were captured enjoying rice noodles and exchanging presents.

Sohee Dating Rumor with 2AM Seulong
(Photo : Dispatch via Nate)

There is also a picture of the two JYP artists meeting on Christmas day when they also gave each other gifts and went on a date in Gangnam District, Seoul in 2AM Seulong's car.

Aside from Dispatch's exclusive report, some netizens shared posts made by other netizens who saw the two K-pop idols together before the news about their relationship was released.

Sohee Dating Rumor with 2AM Seulong
(Photo : Dispatch via Nate)

One netizen wrote in April 2011, "I went to go fix my car yesterday, and I saw Sohee and Seulong pass by me holding hands. Ye Eun (another Wonder Girls member) was with them too. I think they might be dating."

Another netizen posted in September 2010, "Almost four weeks ago, I saw Sohee and Seulong sitting beside each other on a bench at an amusement park. She's really beautiful. My friend and I saw them together."

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In response to the dating rumor of Wonder Girls member Sohee and 2AM member Seulong, JYP Entertainment stated that the company does not know about its' artists' private lives. They continued that it will be hard for them to verify anything about their relationship other than the fact that they are just friends.

Sohee Dating Rumor with 2AM Seulong
(Photo : Dispatch via Nate)

JYP Entertainment then issued a separate statement where they said that Sohee has met with other labelmates as often as she has met with Seulong. They also said that all of JYP's artists are very close with one another, and they hang out with each other a lot.

"However, the two's meetings have been broadened. They are simply close friends and nothing more," JYPE concluded.

2AM Seulong
(Photo : Instagram: @lsod.d)

In March 2012, 2AM Seulong guested on "Radio Star" and addressed his dating rumor with Wonder Girls Sohee.

He explained that they are just really close with each other and his 2AM members can prove it. When asked why they met on Christmas day, he responded that their schedules just happened to take place at the same time.

Former Wonder Girls Sohee's Current Relationship and Ideal Type

Ahn Sohee is believed to be dating no one at present as there has been no official announcement from her and no reports have been made about her dating life so far.

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With regard to the Wonder Girls member's ideal type for her partner, she likes someone she can feel comfortable around (which she unveiled when the group guested on SBS Radio's "Jung Sun Hee's A Night Like Tonight."

Ahn Sohee
(Photo : Instagram: @ssoheean)

Wonder Girls members' ideal types were also revealed in the last episode of the band's variety show "Made in Wonder Girls." During the show, the girls said that Sohee likes a guy who is funny but is also warm and sensible.

Wonder Girls Sohee also shared her ideal type on MBC's "Section TV." She chose actor Park Hae Il as her ideal man and the reason for this is she's attracted to him. She explained that he has a mysterious charm where he appears to be a nice guy but he also looks bad.

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