Red Velvet Irene Diet and Workout Routine 2021: Here's How to Attain a Small Waist like the 'Queendom' Singer

Not only does Red Velvet Irene boasts stunning visuals but also an eye-catching body figure. In particular, she is renowned for her small waist and slim legs, which make her look sexy and cute at the same time. So, if you would like to know Irene's diet and workout routine, keep on reading!

Red Velvet Irene Workout Routine

Irene serves as the leader of Red Velvet as well as the face of the girl group. Because of these roles, she is required to look like an idol that people will love, admire and look up to. And therefore, she should continuously maintain an ideal physique and stay healthy to remain one of the top idols.

Red Velvet Irene Diet and Workout
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Considering that, having a workout routine is a must, and dancing is included in Red Velvet member Irene's routine.

One of the main skills to have as a K-pop idol is dancing, hence, several hours of dance practice every day is a must to perfect a particular choreography. The "Queendom" singer would do dance practices frequently to prepare for music shows, music videos, and live performances. These activities take place most of the months in a year, but it still depends on the company.

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Red Velvet Irene Diet and Workout
(Photo : Instagram: @renebaebae)

In addition to dancing, exercising in the gym is also part of Red Velvet Irene's workout routine. It was revealed during a radio broadcast, specifically SBS PowerFM's "2 O'Clock Escape Cultwo Show," back in August 2018 that Irene is a workout buddy of EXID Hani.

Hani shared during the radio show that she and Irene visit the same gym and they often meet each other whenever they go to the gym at the same time. She added that the Red Velvet member looks pretty doing what looks like ballet moves.

Red Velvet Irene Diet Plan

Regular workouts are always accompanied by a healthy diet to ensure a positive result, and so Red Velvet member Irene also follows a diet plan to maintain her slender figure.

Red Velvet Irene Diet and Workout
(Photo : Instagram: @renebaebae)

During a radio show, "Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time," the "Queendom" singer shared that she drinks a glass of pumpkin juice every afternoon, which helps her lose up to 15kg.

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Pumpkin juice is extremely low in calories and makes a person full instantly, and keeps him/her from getting hungry. It is also fat-free and a great beverage to drink after a workout.

Additionally, pumpkin juice helps improve one's digestion, which is a key to weight loss. It even keeps inflammation away as it is filled with Vitamin C and beta carotene that will guarantee an easier weight loss journey.

Red Velvet Irene Diet and Workout
(Photo : Instagram: @renebaebae)

Furthermore, drinking pumpkin juice every night ensures proper sleep. Your sleep cycle is indelibly connected with weight, so how much weight has something to do with your sleep.

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There is not much information about Red Velvet Irene's diet plan but looking at her slim figure, she may be consuming three meals with a healthy choice.

Red Velvet Irene Diet and Workout
(Photo : Instagram: @renebaebae)

Because of her hard work and determination in staying healthy and maintaining a slender figure, the "Queendom" singer never fails to impress the fans and non-fans with her incredible physique whenever she performs on stage or shows up at an event with fit clothes.

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