Red Velvet Seulgi Diet and Workout — Here’s How to Be as Hot as the ‘Queendom’ Songstress

This Red Velvet member is known for her slim physique and enviable 11-abs. Want to know Seulgi diet and workout routine? Then keep on reading!

Red Velvet Seulgi Diet and Workout — Here’s How to Be as Hot as the ‘Queendom’ Songstress
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Red Velvet Seulgi Diet

During an appearance on Style Follow back in May 2017, Red Velvet members Seulgi and Irene were asked if they had ever undergone an extreme diet. Irene revealed that before they made their debut, the girls were under extreme diets.

This led to Girls' Generation member Sooyoung asking if they had ever gone under a diet that was so extreme it made them sad.

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Seulgi then revealed that her company, SM Entertainment, had asked her to lose weight before her debut. She claimed that her diet back then was not much different from her weight now, but she was still asked to do so.

To shed the pounds, Seulgi took on an extreme diet. She revealed that all she had every day was soy milk. When she got hungry, she would just drink more soy milk and push through her hunger.

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She lost two kilograms with this diet. However, following her debut, the idol no longer does extreme diets and is living healthily. During an appearance on Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time, the girls revealed that they could eat anything they wanted as long as they focused on exercising.

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Seulgi is a total foodie now! Some of her favorite meals include bread, meat, ramen, braised spicy chicken, rice, and eggs. She is also extremely fond of chocolate!

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Red Velvet Seulgi Exercise

Like most female idols nowadays, Seulgi is fond of doing pilates. Pilates is a low-impact, high-flexibility exercise that promotes muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates helps emphasize postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance.

Most idols take on this exercise since it helps tone the body and inner muscles, helping them achieve that flat stomach and 11-abs!

(Photo : Seulgi Instagram)

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As Red Velvet's main dancer, it is no surprise that the idol spends her free time dancing! When Red Velvet has promotions, Seulgi practices five days a week for 9-10 hours.

However, it appears her love for dancing pushes her to dance more. Seulgi often posts dance covers with her choreographers on her Instagram account, proving that her passion for dance causes her to work out even outside of her activities as an idol.

(Photo : News Nate)

Will you be trying out Seulgi's diet and workout? Tell us in the comments below!

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