BLACKPINK Rosé and aespa Ningning’s Vocal Technique Gets Compared to One Another — Who Has the Better Voice?

The vocal technique of BLACKPINK member Rosé and aespa member Ningning is currently being compared online. So who has the better voice? Find out here!

BLACKPINK Rosé and aespa Ningning’s Vocal Technique Gets Compared to One Another — Who Has the Better Voice?
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BLACKPINK Rosé and aespa Ningning's Vocal Technique Gets Compared to One Another

On online community forums and social media platforms, videos of BLACKPINK member Rosé and aespa member Ningning's vocal techniques being compared to one another are being shared. The two idols have both coincidentally performed Alicia Key's "If I Aint Got You" on television programs, with Ningning performing it on "Knowing Bros" and Rosé performing it on "Sea of Hope." This has led many to compare their voices.

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Many praise Ningning's voice over Rosé's when talking about technique. It is noted that Ningning does not have a nasal voice. The "Next Level" songstress is also able to transition from her chest voice to her head voice smoothly. Ningning's breath control was also praised, as it helps her achieve her high notes seamlessly and effortlessly.

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Rosé's vocal technique, on the other hand, was criticized. People believed that Rosé's voice was too nasally, and she often strains her voice, which could damage her throat. Her transition to head voice and chest voice was also not as smooth as Ningning's. People believed that Rosé's vocal technique is the way it is because YG Entertainment trained her to force such a tone.

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While she was a trainee, Rosé had a deeper voice, which can be heard on G-Dragon's "Without You." However, when she debuted with BLACKPINK, her tone because higher and more nasal sounding. While it is unique and readily identifiable as Rosé's voice, people believed it could damage her vocal cords in the long run.

BLACKPINK Rosé's Voice Earns Praise for This Characteristic

Though Rosé's technique was criticized, many people still preferred her voice over Ningning's. Why? People believed Rosé sings with more emotion and has a unique vocal color compared to the aespa member. While SM Entertainment focuses on technique, YG Entertainment focuses on individuality. Because of that, many prefer Rosé's voice, as it conveys the emotions of "If I Aint Got You" more.

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Some of the comments left by internet users include "I'm not that knowledgeable on music, but my ears are more attracted to Rosé's voice," "Not talking about technique, Rosé sings better," "Rosé sings with more emotion and color than Ningning," "I have to admit that SM's vocal technique is really good," and "Rosé's singing sounds more natural and emotional."

(Photo : aespa Twitter)

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Who's voice do you prefer? Tell us in the comments below!

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