DR Music Entertainment Releases Statement Concerning BLACKSWAN Fatou and Leia’s Bullying Controversy

Following accusations from BLACKSWAN member Leia that she was being bullied by Fatou, as well as Fatou's denial and accusing Leia of lying and gaslighting, DR Music Entertainment has released a statement on the matter.

DR Music Entertainment Releases Statement Concerning BLACKSWAN Fatou and Leia’s Bullying Controversy
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DR Music Entertainment Releases Statement About BLACKSWAN Fatou and Leia's Bullying Scandal

On November 19, DR Music Entertainment took to BLACKSWAN's official Instagram account to release a statement concerning Fatou and Leia's discord in the group. The statement, which was released in both English and Korean, talks about the issue and how they were handling the situation.

In their statement, DR Music Entertainment noted that BLACKSWAN is currently promoting their first single album, "Close to Me," and they were receiving lots of love and support through the promotions. They thank everyone who has become fans of the group and noted that BLACKSWAN is a group with members of various nationalities and cultures.

(Photo : BLACKSWAN Instagram)

Because of that, various opinions and cultures co-exist, and respect and understanding are required more than other K-popo groups. They then mention the team's internal issues, which they claim were distorted online due to the spread of misinformation. The company apologies for the situation and states the group was simply in a "constructive dispute." They ask fans not to trap this dispute in the frame of bullying.

The company states that they have had several conversations with the members in the past few days. The company and the members admitted the incident and realized the importance of having each other. They stated that they will do their best to promote their album and that Fatou and Leia will prove that their friendship has not changed through their activities.

Fatou Leia
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DR Music Entertainment asks for any insults towards the members and their families to stop. They also ask people to stop spewing racist words and doing racist actions.

DR Music Entertainment ended their statement with, "Among the existing K-pop teams, BLACKSWAN is the only team with members from Latin America and Europe, and the whole process of forming a team itself is an experimental and challenging process for us. Therefore, we also wanted to post the official statement as soon as possible. Still, it took a while to post it because we thought it was necessary to resolve the issue through discussion and understanding rather than unconditional intervention."

Background on BLACKSWAN Fatou and Leia's Bullying Scandal

On November 12, a fanbase account for BLACKSWAN's Leia shared screenshots from someone claiming to be Leia's relative. The screenshots show the user stating Leia was being bullied by Fatou since October 2021 with intimidation, provocation, and oppression. They say that this is why Leia is quiet on live streams and not active on social media.

Fatou Leia
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While Leia did not confirm the statements, she liked a tweet concerning the matter. She also shared a tweet about not judging people's Portuguese skills after it was noted that the screenshots included several grammatical mistakes in Portuguese.

On November 14, Fatou shared a lengthy statement on Twitter denying the accusations. She then accused Leia of manipulation, gaslighting, and lying. She claimed that Leia would spin stories to make her look like a victim and was disrespectful to Fatou's family when they met in Belgium.

Fatou Leia
(Photo : Leia instagram (Deleted Post))

She also stated that Leia did not care about the group and had plans to leave. Fatou added that Leia would tell everyone that BLACKSWAN had fans because of her. Fatou claimed that Leia also lied about her slipped disc and taking pills for her mental health.

Fatou tried to distance herself from her but claimed she "exploded" on Leia on October 25 when the Brazilian idol denied her bad behavior. Fatou said she regrets doing so because she did not want to stoop as low as her.

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