BTS and Coldplay Release Online Game for 'My Universe' Collaboration + Includes Easter Eggs for ARMY

Coldplay surprised fans with an online game for their "My Universe" collaboration with BTS!

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BTS and Coldplay Release Online Game 'Supernova 7' for 'My Universe' Collaboration

It has been less than two months since the BTS and British rock band Coldplay released their legendary collaboration song "My Universe" on September 24, as part of the latter's ninth studio album "Music of the Spheres."

Since then, "My Universe" has been raking in records and maintaining its top spot on numerous music charts all over the world, and many just can't get enough of the addicting song!

BTS x Coldplay
(Photo : Twitter: @BTS_twt)

Now, Coldplay has surprised fans once again by announcing through their social media the release of an online game!

On their official Twitter account, Coldplay shared a 20-second teaser video for a nostalgic 8-bit game called "Supernova 7," which is inspired by "My Universe" and the fictional world seen in the song's music video.

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Along with the teaser video, Coldplay added the caption, "Alien Radio is down. Only YOU can help. Collect the missing parts, avoid the Silencers and HURRY!"

According to the gameplay, the player's goal is to collect the missing spaceship parts in order to fix the Alien Radio that will connect BTS, Coldplay, and the fictitious band Supernova 7, all while avoiding the Silencers.

BTS and Coldplay Release Online Game for
(Photo : Twitter: @coldplay)
BTS and Coldplay's 8-bit game 'Supernova 7' for 'My Universe'

BTS and Coldplay's Game 'Supernova 7' Features Easter Eggs

Not only is "Supernova 7" already available and free-to-play online, but the game is filled with easter eggs that BTS fans - ARMY - can definitely understand!

According to fans who have already played the game, they saw numerous BTS-related easter eggs, such as BTS' rapper Suga's adorable dog, Min Holly!

BTS and Coldplay Release Online Game for
(Photo : Twitter: @winterlyblooms)
BTS Suga's dog Min Holly in 'Supernova 7'

You'll also get to see V's artist pseudonym "Vante" in one of the structures in the game.

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BTS and Coldplay Release Online Game for
(Photo : Twitter: @joonscentury)
BTS V's pseudonym 'Vante' in 'Supernova 7'

Jin's two sugar gliders, Eomuk and Odeng (literally fishcake and fishcake), can also be seen just chilling around!

BTS and Coldplay Release Online Game for
(Photo : Twitter: @bleu_bleu7)
BTS Jin's sugar gliders Eomuk and Odeng in 'Supernova 7'

While the game looks easy, it is actually quite difficult, with many fans having a hard time completing a level.

However, it will all be worth it as the prize for completing the game is an exclusive behind-the-scenes video for the shooting of the "My Universe" music video!

Check out the game here!

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