IU Set to Appear on MMA 2021, First Time After 4 Years

IU Set To Appear on MMA 2021, First Time After 4 Years
(Photo : Twitter: @_IUofficial)

IU is set to appear on Kakao Entertainment's Melon Music Awards 2021 (MMA) for the first time after four years! And Uaenas are excited about her MMA performance.

IU to Appear on 2021 MMA, First Time after Four Years

After four years, IU will appear in Melon Music Awards 2021, and she will give an exemplary performance in the event.

IU released "Palette" and "Two Flower Bookmarks" in 2017. She has won three awards during the "MMA 2017" including Top 10, Songwriter, and Album of the Year.

IU Set To Appear on MMA 2021, First Time After 4 Years
(Photo : News1)

That time, her performance was accompanied by a choir of about 60 musicians. The performance gave great resonance and emotion to the audience, and she was praised for having the best performance.

Particularly, IU's new song "Strawberry Moon" which was released last October 19, will be performed live at the MMA 2021. This is IU's first live performance with "Strawberry Moon," which will be accompanied by an 8-member band.

IU Set To Appear on MMA 2021, First Time After 4 Years
(Photo : News1)

The Melon Music Awards is hosted by music platform Melon. It will be held online and live on December 4 at 6 PM (KST). 

IU Takes the Top Spot of Acha Ranking in November

IU ranked first in the idol chart Acha ranking in the second week of November.

In the idol chart released last November 20, in the 2nd week of November (dating from November 8 to November 14) Acha ranking, IU took first place with a total score of 7,455, including 1,260 digital music scores, 4,889 YouTube scores, and 1,296 social scores.

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IU Set To Appear on MMA 2021, First Time After 4 Years
(Photo : Twitter: @_IUofficial)

Moreover, IU won first place on different music sites with her digital single "Strawberry Moon," which was released in about seven months since the regular 5th album "LILAC" last October 19. She once again proved the power of being a strong female soloist.

IU once again proved her popularity as a "solo queen" with her single "Strawberry Moon." She is active not only in music but also in film shooting and as a model for a lot of advertisements.

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IU Chosen as Top K-Pop Soloist in 2021 by Industry Professionals

IU came in second place on the list with 14 votes. 2021 is IU's 14th year since her debut, and she will turn 29 years old. Aside from that, IU released a new album this year, "LILAC," and it has drawn attention for her musical narrative. "LILAC" is an album that tells the stories of her twenties and how she will be closing that part of her life.

IU Set To Appear on MMA 2021, First Time After 4 Years
(Photo : Twitter: @_IUofficial)

Her latest release, "Strawberry Moon," has also exceeded the public's expectations. She proved her confidence as a musician and a soloist by taking over the music charts despite releasing her song at noon KST, which is not included in tracking for charts.

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IU's 'Strawberry Moon' Tops Melon Weekly Chart

Melon chart revealed that IU's "Strawberry Moon" topped the Melon Top 100 upon its release last October.

IU Strawberry Moon
(Photo : Instagram: @dlwlrma)

"Strawberry Moon" is a pop-rock style that features IU's delicate vocals, dreamy sound, and unique yet refreshing piano accompaniment. It is not getting a lot of love from Uaenas. IU is also credited for composing the song.

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