ITZY's 'LOCO' Becomes Group's 6th MV to Attain 100 Million Views

ITZY's "LOCO" from their first full-length album "CRAZY IN LOVE" has achieved 100 million views, their 6th MV to do so! 

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ITZY's 'LOCO' MV Exceeds 100 Million Views, Group Makes Records With 'Crazy In Love'

ITZY's "LOCO," from first full-length album "CRAZY IN LOVE" and was released on September 24 at 1 PM (KST), has surpassed 100 million YouTube views at 8 PM (KST) on November 20.

With this, ITZY now has six music videos to achieve the milestone. "LOCO" is now among ITZY's other tracks, "DALLA DALLA," "ICY," "WANNABE," "Not Shy," "M.P.A. In the Morning (Mafia in the Morning)," that reached the record.

ITZY now has become the girl group with the most million-viewed music videos among "K-Pop 4th Generation girl groups."

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The "LOCO" MV continues to receive massive attention from K-pop fans in Korea and other regions of the world for its colorful theme and catchy composition. The video boasts enhanced and passionate choreography that matches the song's addictive melody.

"LOCO" proved its increasing popularity by achieving 30 million views on YouTube in only three days of its release and it amassed more than 70 million views in a week.

ITZY's first full-length album "CRAZY IN LOVE" achieved its best performance on the US Billboard. On October 9, the album entered the Billboard main chart "Billboard 200" at No. 11, proving its strong performance.

Then, it reached the 12th place on the Billboard Artist 100 chart, it rose higher than the previous record by 87 points.

ITZY to Release Japanese Album 'IT'z ITZY'

Because of the album's great performance, ITZY will release their album "IT'z ITZY" in Japan on December 22.

The album is now on pre-order and it topped the Japanese Amazon Asian Pop Popularity Ranking and New Arrivals Rankings as of November 1. It also ranked 2nd, 3rd, and 7th on the Tower Records Daily Reservation Chart as of November 3.

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ITZY's "WANNABE -Japanese version," pre-released on November 1, recorded 2nd place on the Record Choke K-Pop Daily Chart and Line Music Song K-Pop Daily Top 100 Chart as of November 3, and it is getting a lot of support even before its official debut.

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ITZY first appeared on TV Asahi's "Music Station" (MST), Japan's representative music program last November 12 where they performed "WANNABE -Japanese Version-", which left a strong first impression on viewers.

Particularly, it is meaningful for them to be the K-pop artist who appeared on "M ST" at the quickest pace before their official Japanese debut.

Then on November 25, they will appear on Nihon TV's morning program "Sukkiri."

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ITZY makes their own records for each album release and they are doing an exemplary job as the "K-Pop 4th Generation representative Girl Group." The girls are expected to expand their worldwide influence further.

Moreover, ITZY is also believed to be planning to release albums and tour around Japan and the US, it shows that the girls will expand all over the world.

Watch ITZY's "LOCO" Music Video here!

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