BTS Jimin Named 'Healing Idol' For People Experiencing Difficult Times

BTS Jimin earns himself a new title! The K-pop singer is named as "Healing Idol" for people who are having difficult moments in life.

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BTS Jimin Named as 'Healing Idol' to People Who Have Difficult Times in Life

BTS Jimin is known for his world-class dance and vocal skills. Aside from that, he is also known for his words of comfort and encouragement for people who could be going through a rough time for different reasons.

As a matter of fact, he now owns the title as "Healing Idol" and "Healing fairy" as fans see him as the human representation of comfort, saying "If comfort was a person, it would be Park Jimin."

Aside from his words that seem to be a source of strength and comfort for the crestfallen, he also makes himself very relatable in different situations by sharing his own experiences. Because of this, his listeners do not feel alone in their own difficulties in life.

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BTS Jimin
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BTS Jimin

Furthermore, with his superstar status being taken into consideration, the act of sharing his experience, particularly if the topic is stigmatized in society, will be easier for other individuals who experience similar problems to talk about their troubles and seek help. It will make someone's life even better.

So, it is safe to say that Jimin changes a lot of people's lives for the better only by being himself.

Inter Press Service (IPS) News, an international communication institution that has a worldwide news agency located in Italy, recently mentioned Jimin in their publication about mental health. The institution heightens the voices of civil societies and emerging economies about human rights, globalization, and the environment.

BTS Jimin Gives Message of Hope to People, Inspiring Those Who Have Difficulties

In the publication, a teenager named Laibah Ahmed shares she and a lot of her friends have sought therapy after Jimin's message delivered during the #BTSLoveMyself campaign by UNICEF.

His message has given an extraordinary comfort and hope for he was a celebrity that talked about matters of mental health.

The publication also talks about the severe stigmatization of mental health matters in the society, which makes people shy to come forward and admit their struggles and look for help. 

BTS Jimin
(Photo : Twitter: @BTS_twt)
BTS Jimin

But Jimin's words helped a lot of young individuals to overcome their struggles and find support through a New-York based NGO.

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BTS Jimin is really talented as a K-Pop artist and also as a human being when it comes to his ability to have a huge influence in people's lives with his words and how he lives his own life.

(Photo : BTS Instagram)
BTS Jimin

With all the struggles that the world is experiencing right now,people like Jimin are exactly what the society needs in order to help defenseless individuals to face any challenges that they could be facing. The world will be a better place and more manageable even with all the issues if more people act like Jimin. 

ARMYs are spreading the word about Jimin's latest milestone. This proves that even if he is a global K-pop idol, he has a good personality that inspires everyone.

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