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G-Dragon Won on M! Countdown; Now he wins Again on KBS Music Bank!

By Staff Reporter | September 28, 2013 10:14 AM EDT


On this episode, F.T. Island made their comeback by performing "Memory." SECRET's Ji Eun made her solo comeback by singing "Hope Torture" ("False Hope") and Lee Jung with "I Am Sorry."

Nominees for the night were Soyu & Mad Clown and G-Dragon. Though again, it was G-Dragon who won. Congratulations!!

Overall, it was great night full of great performances!!


Airplane performed "Give Me a Chance." I think with your performance, the crowd will because the guys kept the audience entertained.

GI performed "GI-YEUK." This girls are not bad. They have potential and can probably have a great song. Something new is what the girls bring on-stage.

No matter the season or weather, K.Hunter will say "Marry Me." With his beautiful song about marriage and the excitement of it, crowd enjoyed watching his performance.

Lee Jung performed "I Am Sorry." With his comeback, crowd liked his performance and were entertained. Let's see what other songs he will write in the coming months.

Lim Chang Jung "A Guy Like Me." With his great voice, women loved his performance. Tempo was slow and relaxing to the audience.

F.T. Island made their comeback last night by performing "Memory" and "Falling Star." Crowd was screaming and welcomed their long-awaited return. With their live instruments, audience kept to the beat with them.

Navi sang "Ain't Going Home Tonight" and the audience loved hearing her beautiful voice. She kept them entertained and did not put them to sleep. With her beautiful red dress, she played as the seductress that will keep the males from not going home tonight.

KARA came out strong again by performing "Damaged Lady." Crowd was loud and the ladies were sexy with their blue and little white wardrobe for the night. This girls never disappoint and know how to turn up the fire. Great performance KARA!

G-Dragon rocked the stage again by performing "Crooked" and the crowd was screaming and everything. G-Dragon really does know how to party!

Ji Eun (SECRET) made her comeback last night by performing "False Hope." Wardrobe for the night was elegant and the crowd loved her return. She does not seem shy or nervous performing solo; Ji Eun performed well.

BTOB performed "Thriller." Ever wonder if this will be a famous dance during Halloween? Anyway, crowd enjoyed their performance and the guys kept them entertained as well.

Soyu and Mad Clown, this duo is fantastic. Maybe we will see this two work together more often. "Stupid in Love" was performed and the crowd loves the scene that is played on-stage. Just Mad Clown's awesome rapping skills and Soyu's beautiful voice, made the performance great!

NC.A sang "My Student Teacher." With her great vocal talent, the crowd liked her performance. Wardrobe chosen for the night is what female high school students wear.

TEEN TOP came out energetic as well as explosive by singing "Rocking." This guys should just stay young forever because they bring so much energy on-stage. Crowd was loud and the ladies screamed. Great job guys!

5Dolls performed "Can You Love Me." Yes girls, I am sure all your fans love you. With your cute faces, how can the crowd not love you? Good job girls though and for lowering the tempo with your sweet song.

BTS performed "N.O." and kept the crowd entertained. Choreography is good and with their white wardrobe that says BTS on it, they are saying "We are BTS!"

Ladies' Code sang "Pretty Pretty." Crowd was yelling "pretty pretty" with the girls and kept them entertained. Good job girls!

Great job everyone!

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