Gerald R. Molen On Dinesh D'Souza Arrest: It Is 'Politically Motivated'; Schindler’s List Producer Says Obama Government Is ‘Stepping All Over Conservative Groups’

The Thursday arrest of Dinesh D'Souza, a political commentator and author, isn't just all about his involvement in electioneering. For Schindler's List producer Gerald R. Molen, it was politically motivated.

D'Souza and Morlen are the brains behind the 2012 documentary 2016: Obama's America which tackles the similarities on the lives of D'Souza and President Barack Obama. The author presents his theory of how early influences on Obama are affecting the decisions he makes as president. As of today, 2016: Obama's America ranks as the fourth highest-grossing documentary (domestically) since 1982.

On Thursday, the 52-year old former Ronald Reagan political advisor was arrested for allegedly laundering "more than $10,000" in donations to failed Republican U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long.

"I'm taken aback by the whole thing," Molen told Newsmax interviewer Steve Malzberg. "He's such a great American."

The thing that Molen wasn't surprised about was the linking of their project to Tea Party group's intense scrutiny on a group for conservatives in the entertainment industry who are also seeking for tax exemption.

"Would it surprise you," asked Malzberg, "if this investigation in the first place was politically motivated, based on the documentary?"

"No, absolutely not," said Molen, struggling for his words.

"If you take a look at what the IRS has been alleged to do, there was an ongoing investigation-or there was, at least-they're stepping all over conservative groups ... we're talking about [D'Souza going] over whatever the maximum is, people borrowing money from him, and yet there's nothing about a dinner party in Hollywood that's $45,000 a plate going to someone."

"Yeah, well, the laws are not fair all the time," said Malzberg. "Did you guys worry when you made this documentary?"

Aside from Morlen, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz also expressed his disappointment over the Obama administration's actions.

"Whether it's the poor fellow that did the film that the president blamed Benghazi and the terrorist attacks on-turns out that wasn't the reason for the attack but the administration went and put that poor fellow in jail on unrelated charges. Just this week it was broken that Dinesh D'Souza, who did a very big movie criticizing the president, is now being prosecuted by this administration. Can you image the reaction if the Bush administration had went, gone and prosecuted Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn?"

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