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Survey Of 10 Experts Reveals That Girls’ Generation Won

By Staff Writer | March 20, 2014 08:14 AM EDT


Girls' Generation is truly a wall of success that cannot be knocked down.

Sports Chosun surveyed 10 music experts on the 28th last month regarding Girls' Generation's title song "Mr.Mr" and 2NE1's title song "Come Back Home." At the time, both groups had only released their songs online, and had not revealed their music videos or their comeback performances. They hadn't even shown half of what they had prepared. Thus, the comparison was made only using their sound sources.

So at the time the survey results were announced, the media source promised to conduct another survey once both groups' comeback activities were a little more advanced, and after they had revealed their costumes, choreography, and performances.

Three weeks after the first survey on March 18th, they asked the experts once again about Girls' Generation and 2NE1. It could potentially be a very sensitive subject, comparing two girl groups from the top agencies in Korea, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. But since it's a battle that's been started anyway, they decided to continue the survey to determine the winner and loser.

In the intial survey, the ten experts were asked to choose the greater of Girls' Generation's "Mr.Mr" and 2NE1's "Come Back Home." "Come Back Home" was chosen by 7 of the 10 experts, and led "Mr.Mr" by a landslide victory.

It should be noted that when the first survey was conducted, "Mr.Mr" had been out for 4 days, and "Come Back Home" had just been released.

The more recent survey asked, "Between Girls' Generation's title song and 2NE1's title song, which was more successful?" Five votes went to Girls' Generation, 1 vote went to 2NE1, and the remaining 4 votes noted that it was a tie between the two groups. In just 3 weeks after the initial survey, 2NE1 lost the majority of their votes.

Three of the experts who had been sure of 2NE1's victory changed their votes to reflect the two songs were a tie. This goes to show that Girls' Generation's comeback activities have been met with a great response.

Director L stated, "Girls' Generation's 'Mr.Mr' is receiving a better response as time goes by. 'Mr.Mr' is ranking number 1 on various ranking programs, and there's a greater interest from the public. It just goes to prove that Girls' Generation's number 1 status is solid."

Director R stated, "Upon first listening, 'Mr.Mr' was not very appealing, but as time passes, it grows on you more."

In fact, after Girls' Generation's official comeback, they ranked number 1 on Mnet's "M Countdown" for 2 consecutive weeks, and took 6 wins across various music ranking programs. On the other hand, 2NE1 only took home the trophy once on the March 16th broadcast of SBS' "Inkigayo."

Another question asked whether "Mr.Mr" or "Come Back Home" was more catchy. Six of the 10 responses indicated "Mr.Mr."

After the overall comparison, the two groups were compared in certain topics. The survey asked questions about the completeness of the choreography, costume concept, song's addictiveness, music video, and the public's popular preference. The 10 experts were asked to rank 5 topics out of a maximum score of 7. The 5 topics were appeal to the public, differentiation, team harmony, addictiveness, and expectations for the performance.

The results showed that 2NE1 won Girls' Generation in 3 topics, including public appeal, addictiveness, and team harmony. They averaged a score of 6 for public appeal of "Come Back Home," whereas "Mr.Mr" received an average score of 4.8.

However, as Girls' Generation started showing off their clean cut choreography and modern stage manners, the atmosphere started to change. The choreography completeness score for "Mr.Mr" averaged 5.6, winning over "Come Back Home," which scored 5.0.

Director C said, "Girls' Generation was revived thanks to their performance. They showed their performance many times appearing on the main 3 broadcast and cable channels, and captivated the public's eyes and ears." Director N stated, "Girls' Generation's choreography rightly received high marks for completeness and public appeal. On the other hand, I thought 2NE1's song was rather good, but was disappointed to see that the choreography was lacking."

Girls' Generation also took the victory in terms of their visuals, and received praise for their song's addictiveness and the public's response.

The fact that 4 of the 10 experts thought the songs were tied points to many different things. More than anything it means that 2NE1 wasn't good enough to overtake the high walls of Girls' Generation's number 1 status.

When we only consider the survey results, Girls' Generation has made a comeback, but 2NE1 is a step ahead in terms of captivating the public's ears.

The survey also showed that 2NE1 is receiving high expectation from the public. Director K stated, "From this battle, 2NE1 has grown significantly. Perhaps the public expected that 2NE1 would take an all kill on music charts." Director N stated, "2NE1 has many mania fans who are extremely loyal, and we were able to see that the fandom has increased significantly."

2NE1 led Girls' Generation in their costume concept and music video.

Girls' Generation emphasized a neat suit style for their costume concept, and 2NE1 drew out a futuristic women warrior look. It could be said that fans were greatly anticipating Girls' Generation's image transformation were disappointed by their costume concept. On the other hand, 2NE1 came out with a great costume concept to go along with their song "Come Back Home."

One thing that was disappointing with both groups is that they didn't come out with a new creative trend as they have in their previous activities.

The critics and public disagreed in evaluating the music videos. Experts gave high scores to the sci-fi movie concept "Come Back Home" music video, which required a massive amount of production cost.

On the other hand, the "Mr.Mr" music video has over 12.5 million views, while the "Come Back Home" music video only has about 6.1 million views (as of March 19). It goes to show that the public is showing greater interest in Girls' Generation's 9 member choreography than in 2NE1's choreography.

The two top girl groups of K-pop Girls' Generation and 2NE1 are wrapping up their comeback activities. Although some might say that their battle left more to be desired, it was a good move for both groups, since now they know where they stand.

The 10 experts involved in the survey agreed that from a management's point of view, the victory goes to Girls' Generation.

Director C sated, "It's true that Girls' Generation took a hit with this mini album. However, they switched the atmosphere with their management companies, and the members all did their best. On the other hand, it seemed as if 2NE1 limited their broadcast appearances, and put too much distance between them and the public. If there's no contact with the public, then the fans will leave. Yang Hyun Suk only thinks too much about their agency singers."

Director N stated, "2NE1 didn't have many broadcast appearances, so there was a lack in intimacy. We're no longer in an age where mysteriousness is best."

The experts also noted that both Girls' Generation and 2NE1 were in dangerous positions.

Director L stated, "Girls' Generation did not meet expectations, and 2NE1 often comes out with a similar concept. They should both be made aware that they were in dangerous positions." Director K stated, "Girls' Generation and 2NE1 were met with good responses, but they lacked great appeal as was seen with Soyou & Junggigo's 'Some' or Sunmi's 'Full Moon.' Both group's agencies should think about this."

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