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Legend Of Korra Book 3 Spoilers [VIDEO]: Toph May Be Alive, Lin Bei Fong Has A Half-Sister, And The Rise Of Airbenders In 'Change'

By Robert Kuang | June 11, 2014 10:08 AM EDT


As "The Legend of Korra" Book 3 episodes get leaked, spoilers regarding the mysterious Lin Bei Fong have surfaced.

Out of all the major character, Lin Bei Fong remains one of the most intriguing due to her limited screentime and her parentage. It appears that in "The Legend of Korra" Book 3 episode 5 will dive into Lin's past by introducing her family members.

Look away if you don't want to see spoilers!

Episode 5 is titled "The Metal Clan." In this episode, Korra receives information regarding an airbender who resides in Sao Fu, the home of the Metal Clan. It appears after the harmonic convergence at the end of "The Legend of Korra" Book 2, individuals with airbending abilities have been surfacing all over the world.

According to spoilers from translations of the episode, Lin Bei Fong is begrudgingly enters Sao Fu, where her half-sister Su Jin, and Su Jin's children reside. From this, we learn that Toph had children with two different male partners!

Allegedly, Lin Bei Fong and Su Jin competed for Toph's affection growing up, eventually forcing the sisters to go their separate ways and not speak to each other for 30 years.

The most shocking of the spoilers, however, is that "The Legend of Korra" season 3 episode 5 alludes to the fact that Toph may be alive, much like Zuko.

It is briefly mentioned in this episode that Toph has not visited Republic City in some time due to her quest reach enlightenment.

So, it appears fans will get their wish to know more about Lin Bei Fong's past, and perhaps we will meet both Lin and Su Jin's fathers.

And just maybe, we will revisit Toph herself, should she be alive.

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