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Korean Rock Recall: Relive Metal Band Samchung's Punk Period On The 1999 Hardcore Track 'Crucified' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 12.19.14 | 06:26PM EST

Before they went metal, Seoul band Samchung were making hardcore classics like 1999's "Crucified."

The Korean-Canadian alliance of Necramyth.

Korean Rock Recall: Reexploring The Trans-Atlantic Thrash Of Necramyth's 2009 Track 'Ravenouz Ritual' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 12.12.14 | 02:02PM EST

The seething 2009 track "Ravenouz Ritual," by South Korean thrash metal band Necramyth, is a prime example of how kickass music-making knows no bounds.

Your friend and mine, Nocturnal Damnation's Bestial Desecrator of Sexual Fornications and Goetic Ritual.

Korean Rock Recall: Wading Through The Beautiful Sludge Of Nocturnal Damnation's 2011 Track 'Satanic War Metal' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 11.26.14 | 05:47PM EST

On the 2011 track "Satanic War Metal," Korean black metal act Nocturnal Damnation explore how bad can actually sound pretty good.

Korea's first death metal band, Seed.

Korean Rock Recall: Unravelling The Organized Chaos of Seed's 2010 Track 'Their Bodies Covered In Flames' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 11.14.14 | 05:55PM EST

On their 2010 cut "Their Bodies Covered in Flames," Korean death metal band Seed's insistence on making tight and taut music illustrates that metal is, in fact, a music of restraint.

komungo player Jin Hi Kim

Korean Classical Spotlight: On 'Yalu Delta' Composer-Komungo Player Jin Hi Kim And Elliott Sharp Meld Musical Territories [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 10.28.14 | 06:43PM EDT

On South Korean musician-composer Jin Hi Kim's beautiful composition "Yalu Delta," a collaboration with American multi-instrumentalist Elliott Sharp, the two artists find the perfect blend.

The innovative cellist Okkyung Lee.

Korean Classical Spotlight: Cellist-Composer Okkyung Lee's 'The Crow Flew After Yi Sang' Melds Melody With Beautiful Noise [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 10.22.14 | 04:59PM EDT

On 2013's "The Crow Flew After Yi Sang," cellist and composer Okkyung Lee deftly navigates the intersection between noise and melody in a way that is inviting rather than alienating.

Shin Ji Ho

K-Pop Double-Take: Pianist Shin Ji Ho Tells A Story Without Words On The Theme From 'Secret Love Affair' [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 10.22.14 | 05:28PM EDT

If there's one thing Shin Ji Ho does perfectly; it's creating an auditory journey that takes you from the start to finish of a turbulent story-line. And all of this, is done without words.

Long-running Korean metal band Crash.

Korean Rock Recall: Crash Offer Up No-Frills Metal On 'Crashday' From The 2010 Album 'The Paragon Of Animals' [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 09.29.14 | 03:55PM EDT

On their 2010 album "The Paragon of Animals," Korean thrash metal band Crash penned a furious return to form with their song "Crashday."

The Korean shoegaze band Zzzaam.

K-Psych Classics: Zzzaam Do A Lot With Just A Little On Their Hypnotic 2004 Track '70s Once More' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 09.29.14 | 07:24PM EDT

On their 2004 song "70's Once More," Zzzaam prove that music doesn't need to be active, or even assertive, to be effective.

Korean black metal artist Pyha

Korean Rock Recall: Looking Past The Hype On Pyha's 2001 Teenage Masterpiece 'Hyungga Is A Tangled Story, Pt. 1' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 09.24.14 | 05:17PM EDT

In "Hyungga Is A Tangled Story, Pt. 1," reclusive black metal artist Pyha, rumored to have been 14 years old when he recorded it, shows that his music can stand on its own, whether or not the legend surrounding it is true.

Daytripper, also known as Ryu Hankil, tinkers away.

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Former Onnine Ibalgwan Keyboardist Daytripper Finds Beauty in Unexpected Places On 'Brownpaper' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 09.22.14 | 05:10PM EDT

On his 2004 album "Brownpaper," Korean electronic pop artist and former Onnine Ibalgwan member Daytripper made music from the noise of everyday life.

Sad Legend, led by Naamah (second from left), seen here with his live band.

Korean Rock Recall: Sad Legend Defy Black Metal Conventions on 'Maruta' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 09.04.14 | 06:31PM EDT

Over the course of their nine-minute song "Maruta," released on the 2009 album "The Revenge of Soul," Sad Legend prove that black metal is more than just a one-color sound.

The album's original red, rendered as a

K-Pop Album Crossover: 11 Korean Bands Reimagine A My Bloody Valentine Classic On The Inventive 'Blue Loveless' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 08.22.14 | 03:46PM EDT

The 11 Korean bands featured on this 2012 reimagining of My Bloody Valentine's 1991 album "Loveless" don't try to beat the band at their own game but instead put their own creative spin on each song.

The Koxx in 2012.

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Recalling The Robot Rock Of The Koxx's Seminal 2011 Album 'Access OK' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 07.28.14 | 07:14PM EDT

The Korean answer to Daft Punk's marriage of rock power and electronic music, The Koxx go hard on their debut album "Access OK."

The psychedelicized longhairs of Asian Chairshot

Korean Rock Recall: Asian Chairshot Keeps It Stripped Down And Smart On 2013's 'Lord of the Basement' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 07.31.14 | 02:41PM EDT

Asian Chairshot's ethos of keeping things simple but smart is best heard on the song "Lord of the Basement," an eight-and-a-half-minute epic from their 2013 EP "Mask."

Acoustic Blanc

Review: Park Ki Young & Acoustic Blanc's 'Bella Waltz' Is The Perfect Way To Spend The Afternoon [AUDIO]

New Release 07.30.14 | 07:59PM EDT

Park Ki Young & Acoustic Blanc create quite a pleasant mood on their new mellow jazzy album "Bella Waltz"

Idiotape onstage

K-Pop Double-Take: Idiotape Blends Rock And EDM With Ease On 'With The Flow' [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 07.29.14 | 01:16PM EDT

Idiotape's innovative combination of rock and electronic dance music is on clear display on "With The Flow"


Review: Title Track Off Thornapple's 'Abnormal Climates' Encorporates Psychedelic, Folk Sounds [VIDEO]

New Release 06.27.14 | 04:56PM EDT

On the title track of their new album "Abnormal Climates," released on June 13, Thornapple unveil a new style that is both experimental and musically restrained.

Neon Bunny

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Neon Bunny Plays To Her Strengths On The Dreamy 'It's You' [VIDEO]

New Release 06.19.14 | 03:32PM EDT

On Neon Bunny's most recent single, "It's You," the singer borrows from the best of her previous work to create a more mature and original sound then there has been on anything she has released up to this point.

the cover of Sinawe's album

K-Pop Star Flashback: Seo Taiji's First Band Sinawe Rock Across The Cultural Divide On Their 1980 Hit 'Metalizer' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 06.06.14 | 03:27PM EDT

On their 1990 song "Metalizer," long-running Korean metal pioneers Sinawe attempted to unite metal heads the world over.

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