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Dan Stevens and Emma Watson

'Beauty and the Beast’ Korean Release: Emma Watson Movie Dominates Box Office

Trending News 03.21.17 | 02:48PM EDT

"Beauty and the Beast" dethroned "Kong: Skull Island" from the first spot in the box-office.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Quits Acting And ‘He For She’ To Hang With Princeton Grad Boyfriend For A Year

Trending News 02.26.16 | 01:50AM EST

Emma Watson declared that she will take a year off acting and also possibly "He For She" campaign.

emma watson

Emma Watson Hid Princeton Grad Boyfriend For Five Months, Couple Saw ‘Hamilton’ Together

Trending News 02.16.16 | 03:40AM EST

Emma Watson managed to hide the fact that she has been dating a Princeton-grad for five months!

emma watson

Emma Watson Takes He For She Campaign To New Level, Boyfriend Roberto Aguirre In Full Support

Trending News 01.29.16 | 12:06AM EST

Emma Watson is taking "He For She" campaign to a new level at the UN World Economic Forum at Davos.

emma watson

Emma Watson Uses Alan Rickman Quote To Endorse ‘He For She’ Feminism Campaign

Trending News 01.20.16 | 01:22AM EST

Emma Watson celebrated the life of Alan Rickman by commemorating him through his support for feminism.

emma watson

Emma Watson New Boyfriend Roberto Aguire Talks About Relationship And Actress’ Feminism

Trending News 01.13.16 | 11:24AM EST

Everyone has been dying to find out what Emma Watson's rumored boyfriend Roberto Aguire says about their new relationship.

emma watson

Emma Watson Haircut Inspired By New Boyfriend Roberto Aguire And New York Relationship?

Trending News 12.15.15 | 02:00AM EST

Emma Watson got a dramatic haircut, showing the world that she has now entered a new stage in her life.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Moves To New York To Date Roberto Aguire, New Boyfriend Encourages Feminism?

Trending News 12.07.15 | 04:40AM EST

Emma Watson may have moved to New York to concentrate on her budding relationship with Roberto Aguire.

emma watson

Emma Watson New Boyfriend Roberto Aguire Proud Of Actress Using Feminism In UN Speech

Trending News 12.01.15 | 01:29AM EST

Emma Watson has been opening up to the press a lot more and that may be because she now has a new boyfriend!

emma watson

Emma Watson Teams Up With Lena Dunham And Tavi Gevinson For ‘He For She’ Feminism

Trending News 11.23.15 | 01:00AM EST

Emma Watson has been criticized for her way of promoting feminism so she has now teamed up with Lena Dunham and Tavi Gevinson to show that she is not alone.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Returns To London To Find Relationship And Boyfriend After ‘He For She’ Feminism

Trending News 11.13.15 | 10:50PM EST

Emma Watson has returned to London after so much jetsetting around to shoot movies and attend Fashion Week events.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson ‘He For She’ Inspires Malala Yousafzai To Be Feminist, Relationship Still In Shambles

Trending News 11.08.15 | 05:53PM EST

Emma Watson has been inspiring everyone, including the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, with "He For She" campaign.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Sees Hamilton With Bodyguard Not Boyfriend, Flirting With John Boyega Ends

Trending News 11.03.15 | 04:50AM EST

Emma Watson was lucky enough to see Hamilton on Broadway, but unfortunately the person that got to go with her wasn't a boyfriend or a romantic interest, but her bodyguard.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Flirts With John Boyega To Distract Herself From Feminism He For She Drama

Trending News 10.20.15 | 11:34AM EDT

Emma Watson, now recently single, has begun testing the water for a new relationship, possibly to distract herself from all the feminism "He For She" campaign drama.

emma watson

Emma Watson Tired Of Defending Feminism He For She, Actress Turns To ‘Black Women’ Bosses

Trending News 10.12.15 | 03:10AM EDT

Emma Watson is trying to do some good in this world, but people are super skeptical of her feminism as well as He For She campaign.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Feminism He For She Speech Backfires, ‘Colonia’ Actress Seeks Taylor Swift Advice?

Trending News 10.04.15 | 12:15PM EDT

Emma Watson has been lauded for her feminism movement “He For She” campaign, but her latest speech backfired.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Gets Humble For Oscar Nomination, Rids Of Ex Boyfriend Matthew Janney

Trending News 09.21.15 | 02:50AM EDT

Emma Watson is getting humbler day by day, possibly to gun for that elusive Oscar nomination.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Channels Boyfriend Matthew Janney Split On ‘The Circle’ With Tom Hanks

Trending News 09.14.15 | 04:00AM EDT

Emma Watson may be channeling all the emotions she felt during split from Matthew Janney on “The Circle” with her co-star Tom Hanks.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Keeps Boyfriend Rumors On Down Low While Ramping Up For ‘The Circle’ With Tom Hanks

Trending News 09.08.15 | 12:01PM EDT

Emma Watson is determined to become a serious movie actress, which means that she even has to work during Labor Day weekend!

Emma Watson

'Beauty And The Beast' Star Emma Watson Makes Fashion Revolution; Shares Points On Instagram

Trending News 09.02.15 | 10:49PM EDT

After making strides in her campaign to promote gender equality, "Beauty and the Beast" star Emma Watson is now trying to make her imprint on the fashion industry as she supported the Green Carpet Challenge.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Gets ‘Dowdy’ For Oscars 2016 On ‘Colonia Dignidad’ Without Boyfriend Matt Janney Drama

Trending News 08.31.15 | 04:50AM EDT

Emma Watson is serious for Oscars 2016.

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