Big Hit Fires BTS Manager Due To Video Allegedly Showing Him Threatening Jungkook

Big Hit Entertainment Fires BTS Manager After Video Shows Him Threatening Jungkook

Headlines 12.10.15 | 11:02AM EST

The record label released a lengthy statement in response to the incident.

‘Today Show’ Hosts Poke Fun At ‘Totally Erroneous’ Rumors That They Have Been Fired, NBC Denies Cast Shake-Up Claims

Trending News 11.20.14 | 07:13PM EST

The cast of "The Today Show" playfully addressed rumors of a cast shake-up on Thursday, while NBC denied claims that the network had fired two of its hosts.

Selma Blair Wasn’t Fired From `Anger Management,’ Says Charlie Sheen; But She’s Still Threatening to Sue (Video)

Trending News 09.13.13 | 09:48AM EDT

Charlie Sheen told Jay Leno that Selma Blair wasn’t fired from “Anger Management,” she was written off.

Ann Curry Fired On Air From Today Show Video: Matt Lauer Blames `Lazy’ Media For Scandal (Video)

Trending News 09.11.13 | 10:59AM EDT

Ann Curry fired on air from “Today Show.” Matt Lauer blames the “lazy” media for making Ann Curry’s departure a scandal. The news that Ann Curry was fired was leaked early.

Woman Fired for Being Too Attractive Gets New Day in Court; Iowa Supreme Court Finds the Case `Irresistible’ (Video)

Trending News 06.29.13 | 10:18AM EDT

The woman fired for being too attractive will get another chance at her sex-discrimination lawsuit from the Iowa Supreme Court. The state supreme court, which is made up entirely of men, will reconsider the case of the woman fired for being 'irresistible.”

Steve Gleason Lou Gehrig's Disease Joke Gets Radio Hosts Fired

Trending News 06.18.13 | 09:03AM EDT

Steve Gleason Lou Gehrig's disease jokes got Atlanta radio hosts fired, according to published reports. Three radio hosts were fired for mocking former Saints safety Steve Gleason, who has Lou Gehrig's disease.


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