Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook

Two Strong Male Lead Actors Gong-Yoo and Lee Dong-Wook One Success Factor Of 'Goblin/Guardian' Drama

Stars on TV / Movies 01.17.17 | 08:58AM EST

One of the key factor in the success of “Goblin” drama is its two leading actors, Gong-Yoo and Lee Dong-Wook. Their stellar performance has captivated the audience in Korea and around the world.

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tvN Broadcasts Special Episode Of ‘Guardian/Goblin’ To Explain The Characters

Stars on TV / Movies 01.13.17 | 12:35AM EST

tvN broadcasts special episode of “Guardian/Goblin” this week, which makes there is only one episode on-air this week. The special episode explains the background of characters in the drama.

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Drama Review Corner: ‘Goblin’ Episode 11

Stars on TV / Movies 01.12.17 | 12:14PM EST

Indeed, tvN’s “Goblin” proved to be the most viewed drama as soon as 2017 started with its impressive plot unfolding especially on episode 11.

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‘Goblin’ Continues To Be The Most Viewed Drama On Second Week of January

Stars on TV / Movies 01.10.17 | 12:03PM EST

The hit tvN drama, “Goblin”, remains on the lead as it kept on being on the trend since 2017 started.

Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook Got Rejected Multiple Times before Getting Role on 'Goblin'

Stars on TV / Movies 01.10.17 | 08:45AM EST

Can you see other actors playing the role of the grim reaper on "Goblin"? Preferably not, but did you know that Lee Dong Wook almost missed the chance of playing the said dark role?

Goblin episode 9 screenshot

Drama Review Corner: ‘Goblin’ Episode 9

K-Drama 01.05.17 | 11:51AM EST

From the meeting of Kim Shin and Kim Sun down to the the goblin and grim reaper's bromance, check the highlights of Goblin's episode 9.

Descendants Of The Sun

10 Popular Korean Drama's that are a must watch

K-Drama 01.03.17 | 10:02AM EST

Here are the 10 most popular Korean drama's recently which should be on the list of must watch.

Gong-Yoo gives a New Year greeting to viewers

‘Guardian/Goblin' Episode 10 slightly reveals the identity of Grim Reaper

Stars on TV / Movies 01.02.17 | 06:57PM EST

tvN drama “Guardian/Goblin” slowly revealed the identity of Grim Reaper and Sunny, along wit their relationship with the Goblin in the Episode 10. The ratings continue to soar.


Most Popular Korean Drama's in 2016

Headlines 12.29.16 | 08:39AM EST

There have been a number of Korean Drama's which came this year. Here are the top 10 Drama's which became famous in 2016.

‘Goblin’ episode 8 screenshot

Drama Review Corner: 'Goblin' Episode 8

K-Drama 12.28.16 | 12:26PM EST

Eun Tak finally moved the goblin's sword, the goblin meeting the god, and many more on episode 8.

'Goblin' Episode 7 screenshot

Drama Review Corner: “Goblin” Episode 7

K-Drama 12.27.16 | 12:04PM EST

"Goblin" continues to give its avid viewers squeal-worthy episodes especially with episode 7.

Kim So-Hyun in the shooting location of

Actress Kim So-Hyun will make another cameo appearance in ‘Guardian/Goblin’

Stars on TV / Movies 12.25.16 | 06:00AM EST

After her appearance in the first episode, young actress Kim So-Hyun is invited to make another cameo appearance in the tvN drama “Guardian.”

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Scriptwriter refurbishes elements from ‘Descendants of the Sun’ into ‘Guardian/Goblin’

Headlines 12.23.16 | 12:47AM EST

Coming from the same scriptwriter, “Guardian/Goblin” uses some elements and dialogues which has been used in the highly popular drama “Descendants of the Sun.”

Lee-El  as the goddess of birth in the

Lee-El shares her experience to play old lady in “Guardian/Goblin”

Headlines 12.23.16 | 12:47AM EST

One supporting character in the tvN drama “Guardian/Goblin” which fascinates audience is the goddes of birth. The actress Lee-El shares her experience to play the old lady.

Goblin Episode 6

Drama Review Corner: ‘Goblin’ Episode 6

K-Drama 12.22.16 | 02:23AM EST

Prepare yourselves to squeal with glee in Goblin's episode 6.

 Goblin episode 5 screenshot.

Drama Review Corner: “Goblin” Episode 5

K-Drama 12.22.16 | 02:18AM EST

Eun Tak finally lives with the goblin, the goblin saying 'saranghae', and more on episode 5. Read for updates on the fifth episode of 'Goblin'.

Drama Review Corner: “Goblin” Episode 3

K-Drama 12.13.16 | 09:14PM EST

Know the top three highlights of the third episode "Goblin."

All cast members of the drama “Guardian”/”Goblin” in a photo session.

3 factors that makes tvN drama “Goblin” successful in toppling “Legend of the Blue Sea” in CPI ratings

K-Drama 12.13.16 | 08:52PM EST

tvN drama “Goblin,” which has official working title “Guardian,” has toppled “Legend of the Blue Sea” from top of the CPI ratings. CPI is the index that measures integrated components of viewers engagements to the TV program.


Drama Review Corner: 'Goblin' Episode 2

K-Drama 12.12.16 | 01:38PM EST

Eun Tak and her part-time job, bromance scenes between the goblin and the grim reaper, and more on "Goblin" episode 2.

New 'Goblin' stills show chemistry between Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na

K-Drama 12.08.16 | 11:51PM EST

The grim reaper and the chicken store owner are finally going to meet!

The cast of Goblin.

Drama Review Corner: Impressions on Episodes 1 and 2 of ‘Goblin’

K-Drama 12.07.16 | 03:43PM EST

See Kpop Starz' review of this jam-packed tvN drama!

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