Kwon Ji Yong


G-Dragon Continues to Soar High With 'Kwon Ji Yong', Ranking #5 on The Billboard's Rap Album Chart

06.23.17 | 10:38AM EDT

G-Dragon continues to achieve success 2 weeks after the release of his latest EP "Kwon Ji Yong", making it into the Top 5 of Billboard's Rap Album Chart.

G-Dragon Untitled, 2014

G-Dragon Scores Win On Music Core, Inkigayo Despite Lack Of Live Performance, Gaon Chart Decision

Headlines 06.20.17 | 06:09PM EDT

G-Dragon's "Untitled 2014" is ruling the music shows even without having to perform live

G-Dragon Solo Album Kwon Ji Yong

G-Dragon Hits Back At Gaon Chart For 'Kwon Ji Yong' USB Issue, Says Company Is Missing The Point Of Making Music

Headlines 06.16.17 | 03:29PM EDT

Amid the debate on whether G-Dragon's massively successful "Kwon Ji Yong" should be counted an an album even though it was released in USB form, the BIGBANG leader used his Instagram to speak up about the issue in a very personal message. He also took a dig at Gaon Chart for refusing to accept his album as a legitimate release and questioned the basis on which the company made its judgement.

G-Dragon's 'Kwon Ji Yong' Might Be Dedicated To Sandara Park, Idols Possibly Dating

G-Dragon's 'Kwon Ji Yong' Might Be Dedicated To Sandara Park, Idols Possibly Dating

Hot Issues 06.19.17 | 07:53AM EDT

G-Dragon's latest album might be dedicated to Sandara Park. This might be a hint to their relationship.

G-Dragon Act III:MOTTE

'ACT III: MOTTE' World Tour Update: Here's Everything That Happened + Everything You Can Expect From G-Dragon's Concert

Headlines 06.16.17 | 05:42PM EDT

To say that BIGBANG leader G-Dragon's kick off concert for his "Act III: MOTTE" was an eventful comeback would have been an understatement. Here's everything you may have missed.


G-Dragon's 'Kwon Ji Yong' Ranks No. 1 on iTunes' Album Charts Across 37 Countries!

Headlines 06.09.17 | 11:06AM EDT

G-Dragon's latest album "Kwon Ji Yong" has ranked No. 1 on the iTunes' album charts across 37 countries!

Kwon Ji Yong USB

G-Dragon Sets New Trend By Releasing New Album 'Kwon Ji Yong' In USB Format, Fans Approve

Headlines 06.09.17 | 09:13AM EDT

G-Dragon is setting another trend as he released his solo comeback "Kwon Ji Yong" which is completely dominating local and international charts. The BIGBANG leader is doing away with CDs for the physical copies and will be releasing the album in a one of a kind USB format.

G-Dragon Changes New Album's Title From 'Bullshit' To 'Untitled' In Light Of T.O.P Durg Scandal

G-Dragon Changes New Album's Title From 'Bullshit' To 'Untitled' In Light Of T.O.P Durg Scandal

Hot Issues 06.09.17 | 01:57PM EDT

G-Dragon is said to have changed his new album's title from "Bullshit" to "Untitled".

G-Dragon Untitled, 2014

G-Dragon Comeback Achieves All-Kill, Dominates Real Time Charts; #KingJiyongIsBack Becomes Trending Topic

Headlines 06.08.17 | 01:27PM EDT

It comes as no surprise that G-Dragon's most awaited solo comeback album "Kwon Ji Yong" has achieved an all kill in real time Korean charts merely an hour after its release. G-Dragon's track "Untitled, 2014" took the # 1 spot in 6 charts.

G-Dragon Solo Album Kwon Ji Yong

WATCH: G-Dragon Releases 'Kwon Ji Yong', Pre-Orders Reach 200,000 Units Before Album, MV Release

Headlines 06.08.17 | 11:41AM EDT

BIGBANG leader G-Dragon is proving yet again that he is a sales powerhouse as pre-orders of his solo album "Kwon Ji Yong" reached double platinum status on Chinese music site QQ Music before the album's official release. Within a day of opening the site for pre-orders, G-Dragon's fans have made 200,000 orders.

BIGBANG member reacted to T.O.P's scandal and G-Dragon and Taeyang's comebacks

G-Dragon Reacted To T.O.P's Marijuana Scandal

Hot Issues 06.08.17 | 12:35PM EDT

Will G-Dragon and Taeyang's comeback got affected by T.O.P's marijuana scandal? Check out what G-Dragon said about T.O.P's scandal!

G-Dragon Solo Album Kwon Ji Yong

Nam Tae Hyun Is Super Excited About Former Labelmate G-Dragon's Solo Comeback

Headlines 06.07.17 | 11:36AM EDT

They may no longer be part of one YG family but Nam Tae Hyun is still showing the love of his former labelmate G-Dragon who is set to release his solo comeback tomorrow. The former WINNER member posted on his Instagram his excitement over the BIG BANG leader's album release.


G-Dragon Drops 2nd MV Teaser With 'DAMN!T,' 2 Days Before The Release of 'Kwon Ji Yong'

Headlines 06.06.17 | 09:30AM EDT

G-Dragon has released his 2nd MV teaser for "DAMN!T" just 2 days shy of 'Kwon Ji Yong" release.


G-Dragon Drops First Teaser for Upcoming Album 'Kwon Ji Yong' To Be Released in June

Headlines 05.31.17 | 07:16AM EDT

G-Dragon just dropped the first teaser image for his upcoming album "Kwon Ji yong" to be released on June 8.

Justin Bieber Vs. G-Dragon: The Battle Of Teen Pop Icons

Justin Bieber Vs. G-Dragon: The Battle Of Teen Pop Icons

Trendz 05.10.15 | 07:57PM EDT

Justin Bieber and G-Dragon are both popular in their music and fashion. But which one really shines over the other?

Americans Pronounce K-Pop Star Names, And It's Hilarious

Americans Pronounce K-Pop Star Names, And It's Hilarious

Trendz 02.27.15 | 11:37AM EST

“I can't trust anything or anyone anymore, knowing that Psy isn’t his real name.”

G-Dragon has made the transition from hip hop to global icon.

G-Dragon:From B-Boy Debut to Global Icon

Features 02.01.14 | 01:49AM EST

The brilliance of G-Dragon is his fashion sense is consistent with the evolution of his musical style.


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