Maria Sharapova

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Challenged Serena Williams To Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2016 Red Carpet

Trending News 03.04.16 | 02:30AM EST

Maria Sharapova turned up to Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2016... only to find her nemesis Serena Williams also on the red carpet.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Concentrates On Beating Serena Williams, Not Grigor Dimitrov Or New Relationship

Trending News 02.21.16 | 04:58PM EST

Maria Sharapova is concentrating her efforts on beating Serena Williams and not on her ex boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Net Worth Heightened By Sugarpova Launch, New Boyfriend On Horizon?

Trending News 02.06.16 | 06:50AM EST

Maria Sharapova is increasing her net worth by launching a new Sugarpova product - a line of high-quality chocolate!

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Is Better Than Ex Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov In Australian Open 2016

Trending News 01.24.16 | 02:39PM EST

Maria Sharapova is advancing much further than her ex boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov in Australian Open 2016.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Ramps Up Preseason On Twitter To Beat Ex Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov

Trending News 12.18.15 | 05:24AM EST

Maria Sharapova is ramping up her preseason training so that we can outdo her now ex boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Distracts Boyfriend Rumor With Charity Event, Grigor Dimitrov Falls Short Again

Trending News 12.09.15 | 04:40AM EST

Maria Sharapova may have a new boyfriend, but she wants her charity work to shine instead.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Dating New Man As Grigor Dimitrov Starts Relationship With Nicole Scherzinger?

Trending News 11.29.15 | 01:00AM EST

Maria Sharapova may be dating a new man as her ex Grigor Dimitrov is starting a new relationship with Nicole Scherzinger.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Autobiography Will Reveal Life After Grigor Dimitrov Relationship And Net Worth

Trending News 11.12.15 | 12:10PM EST

Maria Sharapova has an autobiography coming out soon and this might reveal details about her life after her relationship with Grigor Dimitrov.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Increases Net Worth 2015 Post Grigor Dimitrov Split With Nike Deal

Trending News 11.04.15 | 02:10PM EST

Maria Sharapova keeps on increasing her net worth 2015 even after Grigor Dimitrov split.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Shows ‘Raw Emotions’ At WTA Championship And Intimidates Grigor Dimitrov?

Trending News 10.28.15 | 06:37PM EDT

Maria Sharapova showed some "raw emotions" at WTA Championship matches this week, showing the world and her ex Grigor Dimitrov that she isn't fearing single life.

grigor dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov Regrets Relationship With Maria Sharapova, Wants to Avoid ‘Same Mistake In 2016’?

Trending News 10.21.15 | 07:46PM EDT

Grigor Dimitrov may be regretting his relationship with Maria Sharapova, according to the most recent interview.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Talks About ‘Emotional Strength’ Post Relationship With Grigor Dimitrov

Trending News 10.15.15 | 07:27PM EDT

Maria Sharapova talked about gaining "emotional strength", probably influenced by the fact that she recently ended her relationship with Grigor Dimitrov.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Conquers Paris Fashion Week Despite Injuries And Grigor Dimitrov Split

Trending News 10.09.15 | 11:04AM EDT

Maria Sharapova conquered Paris Fashion Week, showing that her star power reaches beyond the world of tennis.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Struggles From Injuries And Grigor Dimitrov Split, Fills Twitter With Good Vibes

Trending News 10.02.15 | 12:20AM EDT

Maria Sharapova is struggle hard to recover from her injuries and split from Grigor Dimitrov, but it looks like things aren’t quite going her way.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Promotes Business On Instagram As Ex Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov Changes Coach

Trending News 09.24.15 | 09:36PM EDT

Maria Sharapova is busy promoting her many business endeavors on Instagram that she doesn’t have a second to think about her finished relationship with Grigor Dimitrov.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Withdraws From US Open 2015 Because Of Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov And Leg Injury?

Trending News 09.02.15 | 08:00AM EDT

Maria Sharapova has gone through breakup and leg injury pre US Open 2015.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Doesn’t Let Ex Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov Let Her Down Before US Open 2015

Trending News 08.23.15 | 12:20AM EDT

Maria Sharapova is certainly not letting her injury, let alone her ex boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov, let her down before the US Open 2015.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Ditches High Heels After Breakup With Ex Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov On Instagram

Trending News 08.14.15 | 01:40AM EDT

Maria Sharapova has ditched high heels after her breakup with Grigor Dimitrov.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Gets Sexy Without Ex Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov On Instagram Before US Open 2015

Trending News 08.07.15 | 01:10AM EDT

Maria Sharapova got sexy on Instagram after her breakup with her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov.

grigor dimitrov

Maria Sharapova Splits From Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov Before US Open 2015

Trending News 07.27.15 | 12:50AM EDT

Maria Sharapova has split from her boyfriend of two years, Grigor Dimitrov right before US Open 2015.

maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Vacations Without Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov To Recover From Wimbledon 2015 Failure: Tennis Couple About To Split?

Trending News 07.21.15 | 01:04AM EDT

Maria Sharapova may have split with her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov after her Wimbledon 2015 fiasco. Is Grigor Dimitrov standing in the way of her career?

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