This Idol Is Trashing 'Show Me The Money' Saying It's 'Fake'

Headlines 10.10.17 | 05:49PM EDT

This Idol Is Trashing 'Show Me The Money' Saying It's 'Fake'


JYP Creates A New Survival Program Similar to Produce IOI?

Headlines 08.04.17 | 11:35AM EDT

JYP Creates A New Survival Program Similar to Produce IOI?

'Produce 101' Season Two Is Rumored To Have Only 20 Trainees For The Final Round

Stars on TV / Movies 06.08.17 | 01:58PM EDT

There is a rumor that Mnet will take only 20 trainees for the final round of "Produce 101" season two. Check it out!

‘Produce 101’ Season 2: Lim Min Young Penalized For Foul Play, Pledis Ent. Responds To Controversy On NU’EST Album Release

Stars on TV / Movies 06.01.17 | 10:54AM EDT

"Produce 101" Season 2 finally released its statement regarding Lim Min Young's foul play allegation. Meanwhile, Pledis Entertainment denied the rumor about NU'EST album re-release.


T-ara To Release Final Album in June: Insider Reports T-ara Members Will Not Be Renewing Contracts Anymore

Headlines 04.27.17 | 05:44PM EDT

An insider from MBK Entertainment just announced that T-ara will be releasing their final album in June 1 as the members won't be renewing their contracts anymore.

4 Controversial Issues Surrounding ‘Produce 101’ Season 2

Features 04.14.17 | 08:20PM EDT

Prior to its release, "Produce 101" Season has garnered attentions for its multiple controversies. Find out the details here.

Hyeri Gets Pranked On Mnet's TV Show

Hyeri & Dream T Entertainment Gets Pranked On ‘The New Yang Nam Show’

Trending News 04.07.17 | 04:56AM EDT

Mnet's "The New Yang Nam Show" has made Hyeri believed that she won 20 million KRW from a lottery ticket.

Mnet's New Girl Group: Everything You Need To Know

Mnet's New Girl Group: Everything You Need To Know

Hot Issues 04.04.17 | 03:34AM EDT

Mnet is reported to be having its new girl group. Continue to read on to know more details.


Changjo of Teen Top is Confirmed To Compete in The Hip Hop ‘Show Me The Money’ Season 6

Trending News 04.03.17 | 04:21AM EDT

Changjo of Teen Top has just been confirmed to be competing in the "Show Me The Money" season six, wherein the group's agency has told the media that he has submitted his application to the show and is already preparing to compete.

Produce 101 Season 2

‘Produce 101’ Season 2 Discrimination Scandals: Group F Trainees Were Forced To Stay Quite After Discrimination Reports Leaked, Another Trainee Left

Hot Issues 03.27.17 | 09:26AM EDT

"Produce 101" raises another controversy even it hasn't aired its first episode yet. Recently, there are reports saying that trainees from Group F were being interrogated and coerced to stay quiet about the recent scandal.

Jackson of GOT7

GOT7 News & Updates: GOT7 Members Reveal That 'Stress' Got Jackson Ill On 'M Countdown', Is GOT7's Jackson Back?

Headlines 03.27.17 | 05:32AM EDT

GOT7 members revealed on 'M Countdown' that Jackson got ill due to stress and even stated that he showed signs of anemia.

Produce 101 Season 2

‘Produce 101’ Season 2: Mnet Responds To Discrimination Allegation

Trending News 03.23.17 | 07:41AM EDT

Recently there has been a rumor that "Produce 101" Season 2 contestants are discriminated. Some sources revealed that the contestants from Group A are getting special treatments than the lower groups.

‘Produce 101’ Contestant Bullying Rumor: Samuel Kim’s Classmates Doing Mean Things Just For Fun

Trending News 03.20.17 | 07:58AM EDT

Rumor has it "Produce 101" contestant, Samuel Kim, has become the victim of bullying. However, recent evidence suggests that the rumor turned out to be made up.


K-Much Metamorphosed Into Ba.A, Adds New Member From Mnet’s “Boys24”

Trending News 03.03.17 | 04:34AM EST

K-Much is going through a metamorphosis, it recently changed its name to Be.A, which stands for Be Artist.

‘High School Rapper’ Breaks Silence On Yang Hong Won’s Controversial Behavior

Trending News 02.23.17 | 08:06PM EST

Mnet has released an official statement regarding the contestant of "High School Rapper", Yang Hong Won who reportedly engaged in several crimes.

Golden Tambourine Releases MV ‘Rise And Fall’

MNET’s ‘Golden Tambourine’ Releases MV ‘Rise And Fall’

Headlines 02.01.17 | 12:54PM EST

MNET’s ‘Golden Tambourine’ has released its MV for new song "Rise And Fall".

Kang Sira teaser pic for solo debut

Kang Sira Releases Teaser Pictures For Solo Debut

Headlines 01.10.17 | 07:53PM EST

One of the dark horses in the MNET survival show "Produce 101", Kang Sira, is finally going to have a solo debut soon.

IOI Earns 8 Million USD In Less Than A Year

IOI Earns 8 Million USD In Less Than A Year

Headlines 01.06.17 | 06:18AM EST

The MNET produced girl group, IOI, has earned 8 Million US dollars in less than a year.

Jo Kwon and Ga In Reunites And Performs 'Bloom' on 'Golden Tambourine'

Jo Kwon and Ga In Reunites And Performs 'Bloom' on 'Golden Tambourine'

Hot Issues 01.01.17 | 09:41PM EST

JYP's Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In have reunited to performs Ga In's "Bloom" on MNET's new variety show "Golden Tambourine"


BIGBANG's New Album 'MADE' dominates local and international charts, number 1 in 19 other countries!

Headlines 12.14.16 | 04:28PM EST

With the release of their newest album "MADE", BIGBANG once again prove that they still rule over K-Pop.

Golden Tambourine poster promo

IOI's Choi Yoo Jung reveals why she cried at the first filming of 'Golden Tambourine'

Interviews 12.13.16 | 09:28PM EST

The energetic member of popular girl group IOI is one of the main MCs for Mnet's new music variety show. Choi Yoo Jung shared some stories about her experience shooting the first episode.

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