U.K. Actor Tom Holland Insults Eric Nam During V Live Interview

Hot Issues 07.17.17 | 04:06PM EDT

U.K. Actor Tom Holland Insults Eric Nam During V Live Interview

Netflix headquarters.

Netflix Thanksgiving Movies: Alternative Films And TV Shows To Watch Out For This Holiday!

Trending News 11.21.15 | 11:59AM EST

Netflix won’t be catering to just holiday-themed movies come Thanksgiving this 2015. According to several reports, the streaming channel will also be showing movies not entirely centered on the Turkey Day holiday.

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield Petitioned For Marvel Team Up With Spider-Man; Can’t ‘Save’ ‘Spider-Man’ Films

Trending News 08.31.15 | 12:53PM EDT

Andrew Garfield has always wanted a crossover between Spider-Man and the other Marvel characters.

spider-man civil war

‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Writers Says They Will ‘Avoid The Emo Dance’ From 2007’s ‘Spider-Man 3’

Trending News 07.29.15 | 02:39PM EDT

"Spider-Man" reboot's Peter Parker could do without Toby Maguire's emo dance.

X-Men Apocalypse Cast

Stan Lee Rushed To Hospital But Makes It To 'Ant-Man' Premiere, Talks About Cameo

Trending News 06.30.15 | 01:59PM EDT

Stan Lee bounced back fast after he was rushed to the hospital on Sunday. He even made it to the “Ant-Man” premiere as scheduled.

Sony And Marvel To Produce New Spider-Man Movie

Sony And Marvel Spider-Man Deal Announced As Both The Studios Will Produce The New 'Spidey' Film, And Release Date Confirmed On November 2017!

Trending News 02.10.15 | 09:56AM EST


‘The Amazing Spider Man 3’ To Feature Miles Morales? No Andrew Garfield If Marvel Gets Spidey’s Rights Back! Is He Better Than Peter Parker?

Trending News 12.16.14 | 10:11PM EST

The recent Sony leaks confirmed the rumors that there were negotiations between Sony and Marvel with regards to the Spider Man franchise. While most of the noise came from the fanboys, there's no doubt that the creative bigwigs from Marvel have toyed with the idea.

Sony Hack Revelation: Andrew Garfield No Longer Spider-Man If Deal Between Sony, Marvel Happens

Trending News 12.16.14 | 11:50PM EST

Amazing Spider-Man may be the last time that fans see Andrew Garfield take on the role of Peter Parker

‘Sinister Six’ Cast Rumors: Ryan Gosling As Spider Man? Hollywood’s Coveted Actor Offered A Role In Super Villain Film But Allegedly Considered For Reboot!

Trending News 12.13.14 | 04:30PM EST

The Sony leaks has resulted in numerous rumors, and one of the studio's main properties is Spider Man. The next movie from the franchise was supposed to feature the super villain group "Sinister Six" and it even had plans to cast Ryan Gosling.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Plot Rumors: No Spider Man, No Problem! Iron Man Becomes The Bad Guy As Steve Rogers Becomes Poster Boy For Liberty Itself!

Trending News 12.01.14 | 02:15PM EST

One of the biggest assumptions when "Captain America: Civil War" was announced is the eventual involvement of Spider Man. Sorry to break the bad news but Peter Parker will not be in the movie and probably the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole (at least until Phase 3).

‘Attack On Titan’ Marvel Crossover [UPDATE]: New Artwork Featuring Spider-Man, The Avengers And The Female Titan Revealed, Will Marvel Comics Schedule English Release?

Trending News 11.13.14 | 04:51PM EST

More updates about the "attack on titan" marvel crossover were released today in the form of new artwork. Brutus Magazine, which will run the special crossover as well as interview with "Attack on Titan" creator Hajime Isayama. Although the crossover is definitely exciting for Japanese fans who will have direct access to the material, will Marvel sponsor an English version stateside?

‘Attack On Titan’ Marvel Crossover [UPDATE]: Spider-Man And The Avengers To Take On 46-Foot-Tall Titan In Brutus Magazine, Release Date Set For November 15

Trending News 11.07.14 | 07:35PM EST

Earlier this week Marvel writer/editor C.B. Cebulski announced via his Twitter that Japanese fans could soon anticipate an "Attack on Titan" Marvel crossover. New details about that crossover have surfaced including that the Marvel characters will be Spider-Man and the Avengers, and that it will be released in the next issue of Brutus next weekend.

‘Avengers 2’ End Credits Will Already Tease Spider Man? Sony Needs Help In Their Universe And Marvel Wants The Wall-Crawler Back! Will It Work?

Trending News 10.21.14 | 02:53PM EDT

The talks between Sony and Marvel for Spider Man to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe have already been rumored but if the price is right, the deal can be fast-tracked. They may even be able to tease something by the time "Avengers: Age of Ultron" hits cinemas!

‘Deadpool’ Movie Cast Rumors: Wolverine, Domino Cable And Even Spider Man If Fans Had Their Way! A Rematch Between Logan And Wade Wilson To Erase ‘X-Men Origins Wolverine’

Trending News 10.19.14 | 09:08AM EDT

The Deadpool movie is all set and fans are already speculating who else is in the film. As Fox declared that the Merc with the mouth's movie is aligned with the X-men movie universe they can definitely feature some of their characters or introduce new ones.

‘Venom’ Movie Cancelled? Andrew Garfield Out? Disturbing Rumors Have ‘Sinister Six’ With A Spidey Reboot!

Trending News 10.09.14 | 01:11PM EDT

While "Sinister Six" already has a 2016 release date and "The Amazing Spider Man 3" is pushed to 2018, the 'Venom' movie seems to have fallen by the wayside. But that's not the only major change that is being rumored in the Sony camp. We might see the end of Andrew Garfield!

‘Spider Man’ And ‘Avengers’ Team Up Not Happening? Sony Denies Rumors! Film Outfit Not Interested In Sharing Wall Crawler!

Trending News 10.08.14 | 05:50AM EDT

Don't hold your breath with the breath-taking news-the Spider Man crossover with the Avengers is not happening yet. Sony is not willing to share the wall-crawler and Marvel's not desperate. Why should you be when you're at the top of your game?

Avengers 3 News: Spider-Man To Appear In The Movie Rumored As Sony And Marvel Are In Talks On Having Spidey Crossover In The Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Trending News 10.07.14 | 10:54AM EDT

There are other studios besides Disney that bear the Marvel banner. Marvel's characters are spread across different Hollywood roofs with Spider-Man at Sony and Fantastic Four and X-Men belonging to Fox. Since these properties are under different umbrellas, comic fans are in a win-lose situation.

‘Avengers 3’ Cast: Spider Man Crossover In The Works? Sony Wants Changes And Marvel Wants To Use Their Characters Back!

Trending News 10.06.14 | 11:57PM EDT

Perhaps the most explosive Comic book movie news would be a confirmation of the current rumor buzz which has Sony working with Marvel to include Spider Man in a crossover, possibly with the Avengers.

Donald Glover Is Spiderman! ‘Community’ Actor Who Inspired Peter Parker’s Predecessor Miles Morales To Voice Character In Disney XD Animated Series

Trending News 08.27.14 | 04:33PM EDT

Donald Glover is set to play Spider-Man alter-ego Miles Morales in Disney XD's "Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors"

‘Captain America 3' Rumors: Spider Man Team Up Possible? Directors Tease About 'Crossover With Characters From Different Studios'

Trending News 08.26.14 | 02:49PM EDT

"Captain America 3" is already slated for May 6, 2016 after Marvel won the 'battle of the release dates.' After the success of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" sky's the limit on the possibilities for the next installment.

‘Venom Carnage’ Movie Release Date In 2017! Spider Man Not In The Movie? Sony Setting Themselves For Disaster!

Trending News 08.07.14 | 06:03AM EDT

The superhero movie craze is in full swing, and four major studios are scrambling to make more films. Sony, among all the studios seems to confused. The Venom movie is now a "Venom Carnage Movie" which means they are going the whole Alien symbiote route.

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