Dec 06, 2016 | 06:41 AM EST

Pentagon Takes On The Mannequin Challenge In New Teaser!

As it gets closer to their comeback date, Pentagon is wrapping up their individual teasers.We also got a quick look into the title track music video for this comeback, 'Can You Feel It'. This is one of 5 tracks off their 2nd mini album, 'Five Senses'.

In terms of individual teasers, the last member to be revealed was Hui, with a charismatic close-up and video snippet.

Following this, we got two teasers for the new music video. One of them was a 'Mannequin Challenge Version', referring to the latest in internet trends. The 34 second video travels around Pentagon's dance practice room with all 10 members successfully pulling off the challenge.

Check out the fun teaser below:

The second teaser gives us a proper look into what we can expect from Pentagon's new title track. The song is upbeat and has elements of a dance track, while the video switches between individual shots of the members and group shots on a dance stage and at a dinner table.

Check out the lively teaser below:

Pentagon will be returning on December 7th and we can surely expect an edgier, more hypnotic version of the rookie group that debuted just over a month ago. Before then, we still have two more teasers left- one of which is for the group's first concert. But for now, listen to the album preview and catch up on the previous individual teasers!

What did you think of these two very different music video teasers?

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