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Headlines 11.30.15 | 12:33PM EST

K-Pop Phenom Psy Dances His Way Back To YouTube With 2 New Music Videos

The "Gangnam Style" singer is back with music videos for "Napal Baji" and "Daddy" featuring CL.

Features 11.29.15 | 02:13PM EST

Countdown To MAMA 2015: Best Vocalists, Rappers, Bands And Units

Check out the year's biggest hits from the 2015 MAMA nominees for best vocalist, rapper, band, collaboration and unit.

Headlines 11.29.15 | 02:06PM EST

MAMA 2015: HyunA, Jessi, San E, SEVENTEEN And MONSTA X Added To Final Lineup

The final lineup of stars performing at 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards has been revealed.

Headlines 11.29.15 | 01:56PM EST

WINNER's Kang Seung Yoon Says Group Is 'Recording Everyday' In Preparation For Comeback

WINNER's Kang Seung Yoon and Song Mino joined Psy's V app live stream and talked about their comeback album.

Headlines 11.29.15 | 01:47PM EST

BTS Reveal Meaning Behind 'Run' Single And 'The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Part 2' Concept

Once again, the emotion of youth is the group's thematic focus.

Hot Issues 11.29.15 | 01:22PM EST

Super Junior's Kyuhyun Sings As Former U-KISS Member Dongho Gets Married

The once youngest member of U-KISS is one of the youngest K-pop idols to marry in recent years.

Features 11.28.15 | 04:12PM EST

Countdown To MAMA 2015: Music Video Of The Year

Check out the 5 songs nominated for the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Music Video.

Features 11.28.15 | 04:08PM EST

K-Pop Destinations: India Hosts K-Pop Festival In New Delhi This Weekend

In India this weekend? Then check out this amazing festival that's the perfect blend of old and new Korea.

Headlines 11.28.15 | 03:32PM EST

Year End K-Pop Releases To Get Excited For - Psy, Girls' Generation, EXO, Baek Yerin, Yoon Mirae, g.o.d

Several stars are releasing new music before the year's end.

Main 11.28.15 | 03:23PM EST

MyMusicTaste Reveals 6 Nominees For Upcoming 2016 North American K-Pop Event

MyMusicTaste announces the six potential groups for their upcoming North American event.

Headlines 11.28.15 | 01:21AM EST

Topp Dogg Covers The Weeknd's 'The Hills'

Topp Dogg sing a cover of the American Top 40 hit by The Weeknd on their official YouTube channel.


Headlines 11.30.15 | 01:02PM EST

Countdown To MAMA 2015: Artist Of The Year

Take a listen to the 32 artists nominated for 2015 Artist of the Year at the upcoming Mnet Asian Music Awards.

SM Rookies Ko Eun, Hina, Herin

Headlines 11.30.15 | 12:43PM EST

SM And YG Entertainment Trainees Abstain From Mnet's New Talent Search Program 'Produce 101'

The new program seeks to form a new multi-agency K-pop girl group.


Headlines 11.30.15 | 12:07AM EST

BTS Show Their Youthful Sides In New 'Run' Music Video

BTS have officially begun their 2015 comeback promotions with a new music video for title track "Run."

Jay Park The Celebrity Magazine December 2015 Photos

Interviews 11.30.15 | 01:48PM EST

Jay Park Discusses The Importance Of Hip-Hop And His Free-Spirited Approach To Making Music

Jay Park appeared in the December issue of The Celebrity and revealed his free-spirited approach to hip-hop because of the creative control he exercises over his music.

Features 11.27.15 | 12:17PM EST

Countdown To MAMA 2015: Best Artists And Groups

Take a listen to the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards nominees in the categories of Best Artists and Best Groups.

Headlines 11.27.15 | 12:15PM EST

Ji Chang Wook To Make 1st Appearance In Singapore As Shokubutsu Brand Ambassador Next Month

The Korean star has a new overseas endorsement deal.

Features 11.27.15 | 11:53AM EST

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: NYC's Jazmin Ruotolo Uses Creative Outlets To Express Love Of Taeyang, B.A.P

The New Yorker hopes to bring together fashion and K-pop.

Headlines 11.27.15 | 10:24AM EST

EXO 'Sing For You' With Winter Album On December 10

EXO announced the release of their highly anticipated winter-themed album, 'Sing For You.'

Features 11.27.15 | 09:28AM EST

K-Pop Herald Asks Which Korean Entertainer Is The Best Drag Queen [POLL]

The list included popular K-pop idols like Heechul, Minho, and the members of Big Bang.

Headlines 11.27.15 | 09:21AM EST

V App Launches Real-Time Chinese Subtitles On Celebrity Streams

Chinese fans watching their favorite K-Pop idols on the livestreaming app V will no longer have to wonder what they are saying.

Main 11.27.15 | 09:12AM EST

MAMA 2015: EXO, SHINee And Taeyeon Confirm Appearances At Year-End Awards Ceremony

EXO, SHINee, and Taeyeon of Girls' Generation have been added to the lineup of the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Features 11.26.15 | 10:29AM EST

Countdown To MAMA 2015: Best Dance Performances

Take a listen to the 2015 MAMA nominees in the 3 categories bearing the title of Best Dance Performance.

Headlines 11.26.15 | 10:14AM EST

miss A's Suzy Bae Appears In New Duet With Taiwanese Singer Show Lo [VIDEO]

Suzy also appeared in the music video for "Together In Love."

Headlines 11.26.15 | 10:08AM EST

Lee Min Ho Releases 2-Track Single Album 'The Day'

Lee Min Ho released another single for his devoted fans, following his win at the Daejong Film Awards.

Main 11.26.15 | 10:07AM EST

MAMA 2015 Will Live Stream For International Audiences Through KCON.TV

KCON USA will present a live stream of the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards through KCON.TV.

Headlines 11.26.15 | 04:42AM EST

TaeTiSeo To Release Christmas-Themed Album For December Comeback

The winter album will contain six songs with both English and Korean versions.

Stars on TV

B.A.P win

Headlines 11.29.15 | 01:19PM EST

B.A.P's 1st Music Show Win Since Comeback Lands On Anniversary Of Contract Nullification Lawsuit

The group's "Music Bank" win fell on the anniversary of the day the group filed a contract nullification lawsuit.

San E Attends The 3rd Gaon Chart KPOP Awards - Feb 12, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Headlines 11.28.15 | 01:30AM EST

San E To Make A Cameo In Upcoming Seo Kang Joon Film 'Goodbye... And Hello'

The variety show host and rapper will be making a cameo on the big screen in December.

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