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10.26.16 | 04:57AM EDT

BOYFRIEND Hits The ‘JACKPOT’ With Japanese Comeback!

Kpop boygroup Boyfriend Japanese comeback ...

10.26.16 | 04:55AM EDT

EXO Drops Additional Details On Album Release For Sub-unit EXO-CBX

Additional information about EXO's subunit EXO-CBX ...

10.26.16 | 04:53AM EDT

Lay Releases Solo Cover For Upcoming Album!

Lay released his solo cover for upcoming album ...

10.26.16 | 04:49AM EDT

VIXX Teases Their Alluring ‘KRATOS’ Sound

VIXX teases with their sample song for 'KRATOS' ...

10.26.16 | 04:10AM EDT

BAP Releases Teaser Photos of Youngjae And Jongup Plus Bang Yong Guk Will Not Promote

BAP has released new teaser pictures of member Jong Up and Young Jae. Also, BAP's leader will not promote because of ...

10.26.16 | 12:56AM EDT

EXO-Ls 'Lose Control' After SMTown Releases MV Teaser With Shirtless Lay

SM Entertainment has released the official music video teaser for EXO Lay's upcoming solo song "Lose Control". Lay will ...

10.26.16 | 12:55AM EDT

'Dope' Becomes BTS' First MV to Hit 100 Million Views on YouTube

BTS's music video for their hit single Dope becomes their first MV to reach 100 million views on YouTube. ...

10.26.16 | 12:07AM EDT

Han Ye Seul and YG Entertainment's Teddy Park Ends 4-Year Relationship

After four years of dating, it is confirmed that actress Han Ye Seul and YG producer Teddy Park have amicably parted ...

10.26.16 | 12:05AM EDT

BTS Confirms 3rd Global Fan Meeting with A.R.M.Y. Fan Club

With the recent success of their latest album WINGS, the boy band announces that they will hold another global fan ...

10.25.16 | 11:33PM EDT

EXO Releases Teaser Pictures For EXO-CBX Debut ‘Hey Mama’

EXO and SM Entertainment have released teaser pictures for CBX sub-unit. EXO CBX will be releasing 'Hey Mama' on October ...

Solar and Whee In for 'Memory' comeback

Headlines 10.25.16 | 11:32PM EDT

Mamamoo Releases Teaser Photos Of Whee In and Solar For “Memory” Comeback

Mamamoo has released new teaser picture for Angel line, Solar and Whee In. THye will be coming back on November 7 with a new song and new album.

Kim Ha-Neul during the shooting of "On the Way to the Airport" in Jeju island.

K-Drama 10.25.16 | 11:31PM EDT

"On the Way to the Airport" Episode 11 spoilers: Kim Ha-Neul's best acting, new beginning troubles Do-Woo

Veteran actress Kim Ha-Neul shows her excellent acting skill in KBS2 drama "On the Way to the Airport." Episode 11 marks a new chapter of Soo-Ah and Do-Woo relationship.

Hae-Sung is finally able to get into the character in the "Fantastic' drama which ended on Oct. 22. 2016.

K-Drama 10.25.16 | 11:31PM EDT

jtBC drama 'Fantastic' ends with an happy ending for So-Hye and Hae-Sung

"Fantastic" ends with happy ending for both So-Hye and Hae-Sung. So-Hye is completely cured from her breast cancer.

K-Drama 10.25.16 | 12:20AM EDT

'Love In Moonlight' Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung and B1A4’s Jinyoung Enjoy Vacation In Cebu

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds cast enjoys vacation in Cebu. Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung and B1A4's Jin Young is enjoying their stay in Cebu, Philippines.

Stars on TV / Movies 10.25.16 | 12:19AM EDT

Viewers Enjoy Infinite On 'SNL Korea' Especially ‘3 Minute Boyfriend’

Boy group Infinite hosted the October 22 episode of "SNL Korea". they did many skits and made the audience laugh and love them more.

Main 10.25.16 | 12:14AM EDT

Winter Sonata's Bae Yong Joon Becomes New Dad as Wife Park Soo Jin Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Celebrity couple Bae Yong Joon and Park Soo Jin become proud parents after the birth of their first child.

Main 10.25.16 | 12:06AM EDT

Did BTS' Jin Get Injured While Performing 'Blood, Sweat & Tears' at One Asia Festival?

BTS Jin got fans worrying when he appeared to have injured himself while performing at the One Asia Festival together with the rest of BTS as evidenced by his pained expressions during the performance.

Main 10.25.16 | 12:04AM EDT

Fan Finds MBLAQ's Trophies in a Flea Market, Apparently Salvaged by Market Sellers After Being Thrown Away by J. Tune Camp

A viral photo showing kpop group MBLAQ's trophies being sold in a flea market leaves fans speculating that record label J.Tune Camp had disposed of the trophies where they were found and salvaged by market sellers.

Headlines 10.24.16 | 10:06PM EDT

Onces And Twice Are Definitely Not “TT” Because MV Has Reached Almost 5M In A Day

Twice did it! Though they did not broke BTS' record for a kpop video with most views in just a day, they did make a record for girl groups. Twice's new music video "TT" got almost six million views in just 24 hours.

K-Drama 10.24.16 | 09:55PM EDT

'Signal' playwright Kim Eun-Hee discloses her new project

Kim Eun-Hee reveals her new drama project. However, she hasn't thought of making the sequel of her monumental and award winning drama "Signal."

K-Drama 10.24.16 | 09:46AM EDT

Bok-Geu introduces Min-Ah to Geum-Joo in 'Woman with a Suitcase' episode 8 ; Two celebrities will make cameo appearance

Bok-Geu introduced Min-Ah to Geum-Joo in the "Woman with a Suitcase" episode 8. While next episode will have the cameo appearance of two famous celebrities in an expectation to boost its rating.

Buzz 10.24.16 | 06:32AM EDT

Fan Theories About The 'To Be Continued' Status Of Twice's 'TT' MV

Fans are forming theories and lots of other baseless rumors about Twice's "TT" music video. There is a popular one about Somi joining Twice.

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