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Headlines 02.05.16 | 12:20PM EST

Huh Gak Releases Heartbreaking New Music Video Starring FTIsland's Jonghoon

The crooner is back with an emotional single titled "Already Winter."

Headlines 02.05.16 | 11:55AM EST

Reddy Will Make You 'Think' With His Latest Single Featuring Jay Park

Reddy is back with a dark and heavy vibe for his latest collab.

Headlines 02.05.16 | 11:06AM EST

T-ara's Hyomin Works With World-Famous Production Team For Solo Comeback

The singer has taken a large role in the production of the new album scheduled for release next month.

Headlines 02.04.16 | 08:50PM EST

Han Seung Yeon Took Barista Exam Prior To KARA's Disbandment

The former KARA member shared the paper work on Instagram in regards to her barista exam.

Headlines 02.04.16 | 08:40PM EST

Seventeen Members To Release 'Chocolate' Collaboration With Yoon Jong Shin

Valentine's Day just got a bit sweeter with the members of Seventeen and Yoon Jong Shin.

Headlines 02.04.16 | 12:23PM EST

Rainbow Kick 'Prism' Promotions Into Gear

Fans are already pumped for the group's February 15 comeback.

Headlines 02.04.16 | 12:10PM EST

Baek Ji Young Says 'There's No Cure' For Heartache With Rapper Verbal Jint

The Korean songstress sings about heartache on her recent single featuring Verbal Jint.

Headlines 02.04.16 | 11:07AM EST

Conscripted Officers Donghae, Siwon And Changmin To Continue Performing As Part Of Duties

It looks like fans won't have to worry about three of SM's hottest idols getting out of practice during their enlistments.

Headlines 02.04.16 | 10:34AM EST

Taeyeon Launches SM Entertainment's STATION Project To Major Heights [VIDEO]

Taeyeon's "Rain" is the first weekly single set to be released through SM Entertainment's new digital music channel.

Headlines 02.04.16 | 10:31AM EST

Fans Eager To Get Their Hands On Rumored 'EXO Ramen'

Looks like K-pop fans will be able to eat EXO and other SM Entertainment artists soon.

Headlines 02.03.16 | 10:54PM EST

Seolhyun Responds To Ongoing 'Rivalry' With Tzuyu

The two idols are frequently compared due to their popularity as endorsement models.

Mim Kay

Interviews 02.05.16 | 11:17AM EST

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Germany's Mim Kay Gets Closer To LU:KUS And Jessi By Turning Her Favorite Stars Into Art

The German kindergarten teacher runs free giveaways of her art on Instagram.

Mamamoo's Agency Cracks Down On Stalker Fans With Harsh Punishments

Hot Issues 02.05.16 | 10:45AM EST

Mamamoo Crack Down On Stalker Fans With Harsh Punishments

Part of the punishment is a lifetime ban on attending the group's live performances.

EXO To Publish Adult Coloring Book

Headlines 02.05.16 | 10:20AM EST

Color Me EXO: SM Entertainment To Release Coloring Book Featuring The Popular Idol Group

The coloring book, titled “EXO: A Day In EXOPLANET,” will be published in Korea and China later this month.

Block B

Headlines 02.05.16 | 12:27PM EST

Block B Prepare For 1st Group Comeback In Over 18 Months

Seven Seasons confirmed that the group members are working on a new album and aim to return sometime in March.

Headlines 02.03.16 | 10:23PM EST

AOA Cream To Debut With 'I'm Jelly Baby' Next Week

More photo teasers plus the title of AOA Cream's single has been revealed for fans.

Headlines 02.03.16 | 06:30PM EST

Brave Girls Take On New Members For Comeback

With a total of seven members, Brave Girls are in the final stages of preparing for their comeback.

Headlines 02.03.16 | 12:59PM EST

JYJ's Kim Junsu To Hold 2nd Spring Ballad Tour Of Japan This March

His inaugural tour in 2014 sold out all three concerts with 30,000 in attendance.

Headlines 02.03.16 | 12:45PM EST

EXO To Follow North American Tour With Encore Performance In Seoul

Fans who missed out on the start of tour in Seoul now have another chance to see EXO live.

Headlines 02.03.16 | 12:32PM EST

February K-Pop Comebacks To Look Forward To

This month will see some major returns on the K-pop scene, including acts like SS501 and JYJ.

Interviews 02.03.16 | 12:27PM EST

WINNER Rapper Mino Discusses Meaning Behind 'Shedding His YG Label'

WINNER's Song Mino explains his place at YG Entertainment after his appearance on Mnet's 'Show Me The Money 4.'

Headlines 02.03.16 | 11:55AM EST

K-Pop Soloists Kick The Year Off With Noteworthy January Releases

2016 is already being dominated by powerful solo singers.

Features 02.03.16 | 11:51AM EST

8 K-Pop Songs You May Have Missed: January 2016

Are you a K-pop super fan? Here are eight tracks released last month you just might have overlooked.

Headlines 02.03.16 | 11:43AM EST

SHINee Launch DxDxD Japan Tour Expected To Draw 350,000 Fans In 9 Cities

With a hit new album topping charts in Japan, the popular K-pop act are taking the next big step - a tour.

Headlines 02.03.16 | 11:35AM EST

Mamamoo Announce 1st Full Album Release For Later This Month

The K-pop girl group will release "Melting" on February 26.

Headlines 02.03.16 | 01:45AM EST

Enlisted Lee Seung Gi Ensures Fans He Will 'Stay Safe'

The singer-actor reassured fans that he will be careful while fulfilling his mandatory military service.

Headlines 02.03.16 | 01:50AM EST

INFINITE Attract 5,000 Fans To Hong Kong For Final Performance Of Their INFINITE Effect World Tour

After five months of touring, INFINITE brought their second world tour to a close this past weekend.

Stars on TV

Stars who will appear on 'Real Men'

Stars on TV / Movies 02.05.16 | 11:01AM EST

Female Idol Soldiers Ready To Report For 'Real Men' Duty

Four stars has been confirmed to appear on the upcoming female special for MBC's military-themed variety show 'Real Men.'

WINNER Taehyun

Stars on TV / Movies 02.05.16 | 10:23AM EST

WINNER's Nam Taehyun Sheds Tears On 1st Episode Of 'Actor's School'

The singer felt disappointed with his skills in previous dramas and said he felt as though he let everyone down.

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