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Headlines 07.28.15 | 12:29AM EDT

Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo Releases Track List For Upcoming Solo Album

Brown Eyed Girls’ member Miryo revealed her solo album teaser image and track list through her agency Nega Network’s social networking sites today.

Headlines 07.28.15 | 12:29AM EDT

BEAST To Hold 2015 ‘Beautiful Show’ Concert Next Month

K-pop boy band BEAST will meet with fans through their 2015 Beautiful Show solo concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on August 29 and 30.

Headlines 07.28.15 | 12:29AM EDT

B1A4 Drop Teaser Image For 6th Album ‘Sweet Girl’

K-pop boy band B1A4 revealed their group teaser photo for their sixth mini album, “Sweet Girl, on their official homepage on Monday.

Headlines 07.28.15 | 12:29AM EDT

DSP Media’s New Girl Group April Reveal Teaser Video

DSP Media released a group silhouette teaser video on their official YouTube channel and revealed their new girl group April.

Main 07.26.15 | 09:07PM EDT

BTS Raise The Heat In Chicago With High-Energy Red Bullet World Tour Concert At The Rosemont Theater

BTS brought their Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet concert to Chicago this past weekend.

Headlines 07.26.15 | 09:13PM EDT

BEAST's Summer Single 'YeY' Tops 4 Music Charts Upon Release

The boy band's latest single hit the music charts my storm.

Headlines 07.26.15 | 12:27PM EDT

IU Confirms Appearance At Melody Forest Camp Music Festival This September

The singer-songwriter joins the lineup for the 'Melody Forest Camp' music festival on Sept. 19 and 20.

Headlines 07.26.15 | 12:22PM EDT

Girl's Day To Focus On Individual Activites As Group Wraps Up 'Ring My Bell' Promotions

The four members will focus on solo projects in the coming months.

Features 07.25.15 | 12:35PM EDT

5 K-Pop Songs That Made Surprise Returns To Korean Music Charts

Most Korean chart topping songs debut at number one, but these are five songs that recently impressed us.

Interviews 07.25.15 | 12:05PM EDT

GOT7's JB Discusses The Difficulties Of Being A Leader With Dazed & Confused

GOT7's JB starred in a black-and-white pictorial for the August issue of Dazed & Confused. During his interview, the star revealed how he handles the important responsibility of the being the group leader.

G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara

Hot Issues 07.27.15 | 11:05AM EDT

YG Entertainment Responds To Rumors Of G-Dragon And Kiko Mizuhara At Hotel Together

Neither star has addressed dating rumors in the past.


Headlines 07.27.15 | 10:08AM EDT

Tao's Debut Music Video Blocked On YouTube By SM Entertainment

The music video for the solo debut of estranged EXO member Huang Zitao (also known as Tao or Z.TAO,) was pulled from YouTube shortly after being released.


Headlines 07.27.15 | 08:46AM EDT

For Stellar, Overtly Sexy Concepts Are An Important Part Of Their Image And Strategy

The girl group admitted that being hyper-sexualized gets them more attention and money and allows them to perform more.

f(x) Amber

Hot Issues 07.27.15 | 08:37AM EDT

f(x)'s Amber Defends Tomboy Image On Instagram After Receiving Stream Of Insults

The K-pop rapper shared how hurtful it is to be insulted and judged for her tomboy image and encouraged everyone to be more open-minded.

Features 07.25.15 | 12:01PM EDT

Does Hyukoh's Signing With Tablo's HIGHGRND Signify A Shift Toward A Different Sort Of K-Pop Star?

HIGHGRND is a music agency set up by YG Entertainment, a top K-pop record label in South Korea.

Headlines 07.25.15 | 11:44AM EDT

YG Entertainment Explains Why 'E' is Not Following Big Bang's Previous Release Trends

Due to scheduling conflicts, 'E' will not be released on the first of the month as Big Bang's previous three single albums have been.

Headlines 07.25.15 | 11:39AM EDT

K-Pop New Releases July 19-July 25

This week in K-pop, many idol groups and indie acts released new music.

Headlines 07.25.15 | 11:29AM EDT

GD & TOP's New Song Shares The Same Korean Title With BTS's 'Dope'

Both songs are titled "쩔어" in Korean, although the groups will adopt different English translations.

Features 07.25.15 | 11:13AM EDT

5 Young Hollywood Starlets In Love With K-Pop

With K-pop coming to California for KCON next week, here's a look at five young Hollywood stars who are fans of the music genre.

Features 07.25.15 | 11:09AM EDT

Who Are You Most Looking Foward To Seeing At KCON 2015 In L.A.? [POLL]

Vote for the artists and guests you're most looking forward to seeing at KCON LA 2015.

Main 07.24.15 | 02:31PM EDT

Founding Nylon Pink Vocalist Kaila Yu And Meitu's Zhibai Han Talk Hallyu Photo Makeovers [EXCLUSIVE]

Former Nylon Pink vocalist Kaila Yu and Zhibai Han of Meitu want you to make yourself over as a K-pop star.

Headlines 07.24.15 | 11:46AM EDT

T-ARA To Reveal 'Completely Crazy' Comeback Track With Group's 1st-Ever Showcase

The girl group will make their return early next month with their first-ever showcase.

Headlines 07.24.15 | 11:37AM EDT

Big Bang To Unveil 'Dope' With Fans Through Live Broadcasting App

For their upcoming 'E' single album, Big Bang will meet with their fans through Naver’s real-time broadcasting app, V app.

Headlines 07.24.15 | 11:18AM EDT

Lee Juk Kicks Off 1st Small Theater Tour Across Korea At The End Of August

Lee Juk will start his first domestic small theater tour at the end of August

Headlines 07.24.15 | 11:09AM EDT

BTS Sell Out All 5 Upcoming Fan Meetings In Japan Upon Release

All 18,000 tickets were bought up by BTS fans in Japan within moments of going on sale.

Stars on TV

INFINITE Shock K-Pop World After Breaking Girls' Generations Winning Streak On M Countdown

Headlines 07.24.15 | 10:43AM EDT

INFINITE Express Shock After 'Bad' Beats Girls' Generation On 'M! Countdown'

The members of INFINITE expressed how delighted they are with their recent mustic show win.

Key Odd Teaser Photo

Stars on TV / Movies 07.23.15 | 10:52AM EDT

SHINee's Key Walks The Runway To Show SMROOKIES How To Do Airport Fashion Right

In a preview for the Korean reboot of The Mickey Mouse Club, the popular singer explained to the Mouseketeers what fashion points are key when traveling.

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