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02.21.17 | 02:51AM EST

Park Won, Suzy Bae Collaborate On "Don't Wait for your Love," Single Drops On Feb 28

Park Won And Suzy Bae Collaborate on "Don't Wait for your Love". Single to be released on February 28 at 12 pm.

02.21.17 | 02:47AM EST

Keone Madrid, The Guy Behind BTS' 'Not Today' Slick Choreography?

Keone Madrid is the guy behind BTS' 'Not Today' and Justin Beiber's 'Love Yourself' MV choreography.

02.21.17 | 02:44AM EST

Lovelyz Release Track List for 'R U Ready?': Member Yein Seriously Injured? Learn More!

Lovelyz has finally revealed the track listing for their second album "R U Ready?" and is slated for a Feb. 26 release.

02.21.17 | 02:42AM EST

Kissasian Faces $8M Lawsuit From Philippine TV Network; Suspends Streaming Dramas From The Philippines

Kissasian suspends streaming of Philippine dramas and movies following lawsuit from local TV network seeking damages ...

02.21.17 | 02:41AM EST

Twice's 'Knock Knock' MV Poised To Smash YouTube Records; Hits 12 Million Views In Less Than 48 Hours

Twice's "Knock Knock" charms fans and earns positive reviews. MV reaches 12 million views in less than 48 hours.

02.20.17 | 07:46PM EST

BTS' 'Not Today' MV Reached More Than A Million Views In Just A Few Hours!

BTS just released the MV for "Not Today" and in just 5 hours, the video has already reached 1.6 million views on ...

02.19.17 | 03:29AM EST

Akdong Musician Are Super Playful In ‘Play Ugly’ Lyrics Video

Akdong Musician lyric video

02.19.17 | 12:00AM EST

Lee Minho To Release New Album 'Always' In March, Tops List Of Most Popular Korean Actors Among American Fans!

Fresh off the success of his latest drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" , Korean actor Lee Minho will announce the release of ...

02.18.17 | 09:26PM EST

BTS Adds Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, HongKong And Sydney Stops To 'BTS Live Trilogy Episode III' Tour Due To High Demand

After selling out shows in the US in a matter of hours, additional shows were scheduled by the US promoter. High fan ...

02.18.17 | 09:26PM EST

BTS Sets New Record For Reaching 20 Million Views At The Fastest Time For 'Spring Day' Video

BTS breaks record set by Twice's "TT" for the quickest time to reach 20 million views for their new video "Spring Day." ...

02.18.17 | 09:23PM EST

EXO's Baekhyun, SISTAR's Soyou's 'Rain' Achieves All-Kill In First 9 Hours; 1 Million Youtube Views In 24 Hours!

Baekhyun and Soyou's first collaboration achieves all-kill in Korean charts in first nine hours, 1 million views on ...

02.17.17 | 06:21AM EST

Akdong Musician To Continue Promotions With ‘Play Ugly’

Akdong Musician promotions

02.17.17 | 06:14AM EST

'My Sassy Girl' 2017: Here's Everything We Know About The SBS' Reboot!

All the things we know about SBS' reboot of the 2001 hit My Sassy Girl. Full length series will be set in Joseon ...

Stars on TV

Yoo Jae Suk

Celebrities 02.18.17 | 10:31PM EST

Yoo Jae Suk: First Korean TV Personality To Have A Wax Twin At Seoul's Grevin Museum

You Jae Suk is the first Korean TV personality to get his wax figure at Grevim Museum in Seoul.

Kim Ko-Eun

K-Drama 02.18.17 | 10:20PM EST

Recent Updates Reveals That The Restaurant Gong Yoo And Kim Go Eun Dined In On 'Goblin' Is Actually Not In Canada

a recent update reveals that the Canadian restaurant that Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun's had a romantic dinner in TV drama, "Goblin" is actually not in Canada but in Korea.

Rising Star Shin Ryu Jin Might Debut In New JYP Girl Group, To Team Up With Jeon So Mi

Celebrities 02.18.17 | 10:10PM EST

Rising Star Shin Ryu Jin Might Debut In New JYP Girl Group, To Team Up With Jeon So Mi?

Shin Ryu is the stuff of headlines today as reports about her joining a new JYP girl group are on the rise.

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