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Headlines 09.20.14 | 05:47PM EDT

Kwanghee Jealous Of ZE:A Band Mate Kevin For Being A Part Of Nasty Nasty

ZE:A's Kevin revealed that Kwanghee was jealous when he was chosen for the co-ed trio Nasty Nasty.

Headlines 09.20.14 | 04:39PM EDT

Big Star Makes A Comeback With A New Song Written By The Members

Group Big Star made a comeback with a new song.

Headlines 09.20.14 | 10:26AM EDT

Eddy Kim And Verbal Jint Release A New Song 'I Smell Autumn'

Verbal Jint and Eddy Kim released a duet on September 15 called, "I Smell Autumn."

Main 09.19.14 | 07:45AM EDT

TEEN TOP Finishes 'High Quality' Album At London's Metropolis Studio

TEEN TOP finished up perfecting the music for their upcoming album at London's Metropolis Studio.

Main 09.19.14 | 09:30AM EDT

Actor Lee Jun Ki To Make Acting Debut In China?

Lee Jun Ki will be looking over projects for his acting debut in China after filming for Chosun Gunman wraps.

Headlines 09.19.14 | 07:45AM EDT

The Hidden From 'Hidden Singer' Debuts With 'Us'

The four artists from JTBC's singing program "Hidden Singer" made their debut as a group called The Hidden.

Headlines 09.19.14 | 07:27AM EDT

SECRET's Ji Eun To Make A Dark & Sexy Solo Comeback

Ji Eun will make a solo comeback after wrapping up promotions with her group members.

Headlines 09.19.14 | 07:16AM EDT

Hong Jin Young Releases Two New Apps For Her Fans

Singer Hong Jin Young released a fan app and game on Google Play.

Headlines 09.19.14 | 06:49AM EDT

Yoon Gun Releases A New Song 'Meet In The Autumn'

Singer Yoon Gun released a fall song, "Meet in the Autumn" on September 12.

Main 09.18.14 | 12:11PM EDT

AOA Bounces Back From ‘Miniskirt’ Controversy: Named K-pop ‘Goddesses’

AOA has topped music charts in Taiwan with their track "Miniskirt."

Main 09.18.14 | 12:09PM EDT

TTS Gets Shout Out From Ryan Seacrest With ‘Holler’ Music Video

TTS has been featured on Ryan Seacrest's website for the music video for their new single "Holler."

Main 09.18.14 | 12:08PM EDT

2PM Walks The Red Carpet In Japan In Party-Wear

2PM held a live-performance event for their local fans in Japan yesterday.

Rain was a member of the K-Pop group, Fan Club.

Features 09.19.14 | 06:42AM EDT

K-Pop Rewind: Fan Club 'In Search Of Dream'

'In Search of Dream' is 1998 revamp of the Chumbawumba hit 'Tubthumping' from Fan Club. Rain debuted as rapper Ji Hun in the group Fan Club.

 “I have joined five fan clubs to connect with other K-pop fans,” said SHINee fan Tamia Patterson.

Main 09.18.14 | 05:48PM EDT

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: 16-Year-Old SHINee Devotee Tamia Patterson Of Texas On How Hallyu Stole Her Heart

"I have joined five fan clubs to connect with other K-pop fans," says SHINee fan Tamia Patterson of Texas. "It's amazing to see the other fans share their love of K-pop.


Main 09.17.14 | 08:36AM EDT

2PM Member Jun.K To Become K-Pop’s Top Producer?

Jun.K will be producing Japanese artist Yamasita Tomohisa's new album.

Jennifer Chung

Interviews 09.17.14 | 07:05AM EDT

Singer Jennifer Chung, The KpopStarz Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

Celebrity Spotlight Interview with Singer Jennifer Chung

Headlines 09.18.14 | 05:38AM EDT

A Pink Naeun, Girls' Generation Seohyun And Yoona Named Dongguk University Ambassadors

Seohyun, Yoona, Naeun are now ambassadors for Dongguk University.

Headlines 09.17.14 | 07:27AM EDT

ZEST Gets Popular Calls From All-Girl Colleges For Student Festival Celebrations

ZEST became the top most wanted idol at all-girl colleges.

Headlines 09.17.14 | 07:15AM EDT

NELL Holds A Surprise Concert For Their Fans 'Secret Stage'

Rock band NELL held a concert 'SECRET STAGE.'

Headlines 09.17.14 | 07:23AM EDT

BTS Adds Another Show To Their Concert After Numerous Fan Requests

Boy group BTS confirmed one more show for their first solo concert, 'BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY: EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET.'

Headlines 09.17.14 | 07:12AM EDT

Kim Jin Ho Releases His Second Album 'People'

Vocal group SG Wannabe Kim Jin Ho made a comeback.

Headlines 09.17.14 | 07:08AM EDT

Fly To The Sky Releases Best Of Album, 'Back In Time'

Fly to the Sky released a remake album of their most loved songs on September 13.

Headlines 09.17.14 | 07:01AM EDT

Lee Young Hyun Releases A New Song 'Good Luck'

Singer Lee Young Hyun released a song in seven months.

Headlines 09.17.14 | 06:48AM EDT

Kim Bo Kyung Releases Duet With g.o.d Danny Ahn

Singer Kim Bo Kyung and g.o.d member Danny Ahn released a duet together called "Memories" on September 11.

Main 09.16.14 | 12:29PM EDT

T-ARA To Make ‘Sugar Free’ Remix Amidst Plagiarism Accusations

T-ARA will be collaborating with DJ Chucky for the new remix of "Sugar Free."

Headlines 09.16.14 | 07:50AM EDT

Happy Face Entertainment To Debut New Female Group This Week

Happy Face Entertainment will have a new female group.

Main 09.15.14 | 01:04PM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong Issues Official Apology As He Heads To Japan

Kim Hyun Joong left for Japan this morning to wrap up his world tour.

Headlines 09.16.14 | 02:41AM EDT

KARA Heo Youngji, Singing OST For 'Tasty 2: Happy Together'

KARA's member Heo Youngji revealed how she feels about singing the OST for the animation "Tasty 2: Happy Together".

Headlines 09.15.14 | 07:23AM EDT

Seungri's Car-Flipping Accident Called 'Average' By Police

The Big Bang member's car flipped over during an accident with another car.

Headlines 09.15.14 | 06:46AM EDT

Tablo Announces New Epik High Album Is Complete

Epik High is planning a comeback for fall 2014

Hot Issues 09.15.14 | 02:39AM EDT

'Open Concert' Airs LADIES CODE's Last Performance Before The Death Of EunB & RiSe

The last stage of girl group LADIES CODE before EunB and RiSe passed away was revealed.

Headlines 09.14.14 | 12:13PM EDT

ZE:A Taehun Suffers Nasal Fracture At The Hands Of MMA Fighter Daisaku Tanaka

ZE:A's Taehun underwent surgery for a nasal fracture after debuting as an MMA fighter

Headlines 09.14.14 | 12:07PM EDT

GOT7 JB Not Injured, But 'Still Very Shocked' After Latest K-Pop Idol Traffic Accident

GOT7's JB was involved in a minor car accident, but JYP Entertainment says he is doing fine

Headlines 09.14.14 | 11:00AM EDT

Street N.O.M. Announce Philippines Concert Schedule, Plans 1 Year Anniversary Performance

The K-Pop rookie group is making moves in the Philippines

Stars on TV

There are many reasons to watch 'My Lovely Girl.'

Stars on TV / Movies 09.20.14 | 04:46PM EDT

Five Reasons To Watch 'My Lovely Girl'

In addition to Rain and f(x) Krystal, there are many reasons to check out 'My Lovely Girl.'

t-ara eunjng witch hunt

Stars on TV / Movies 09.20.14 | 12:17AM EDT

'Witch Hunt' T-Ara Eunjung, "Please Ask Me Out"

Girl group T-ara's member Eunjung publicly asked for a date on JTBC "Witch Hunt".

ajax jaehyung hyojoon mcs of variety

Stars on TV / Movies 09.20.14 | 12:26AM EDT

AJAX Jaehyung & Hyojun, First Time MCs Of A Variety Program

Boy group AJAX's members Jaehyung and Hyojun became MCs for the first time after their debut

A Pink's Eunji

Stars on TV / Movies 09.19.14 | 07:52AM EDT

A Pink's Eunji Reveals She Did Not Need Training To Debut

A Pink's Eunji talks about how she quickly debuted without needing to go through training.

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