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Main 09.15.14 | 01:04PM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong Issues Official Apology As He Heads To Japan

Kim Hyun Joong left for Japan this morning to wrap up his world tour.

Headlines 09.15.14 | 07:23AM EDT

Seungri's Car-Flipping Accident Called 'Average' By Police

The Big Bang member's car flipped over during an accident with another car.

Headlines 09.15.14 | 06:46AM EDT

Tablo Announces New Epik High Album Is Complete

Epik High is planning a comeback for fall 2014

Headlines 09.14.14 | 12:13PM EDT

ZE:A Taehun Suffers Nasal Fracture At The Hands Of MMA Fighter Daisaku Tanaka

ZE:A's Taehun underwent surgery for a nasal fracture after debuting as an MMA fighter

Headlines 09.14.14 | 11:00AM EDT

Street N.O.M. Announce Philippines Concert Schedule, Plans 1 Year Anniversary Performance

The K-Pop rookie group is making moves in the Philippines

Headlines 09.14.14 | 10:51AM EDT

K-Pop News Weekly Top 3: Seungri's Accident, 'Roommates' Revamp, Luhan Pauses EXO Promotions

The past week saw another fearsome accident for a top K-Pop star, a popular show being extended, an one of EXO's members halting his schedule.

Main 09.14.14 | 08:40AM EDT

Insooni To Hold ‘Soul Concert’ In Texas This November

Legendary Korean soul singer, Insooni, will be holding her own concert in Dallas, Texas, this upcoming November.

Headlines 09.13.14 | 12:23PM EDT

ZE:A's Kevin Gets Shy When Doing Nasty Nasty's Choreography For 'KNOCK'

ZE:A's Kevin recently teamed up with Kyungri and Sojin of Nine Muses to for the new trio Nasty Nasty, but the choreography might be too much for him

Hot Issues 09.13.14 | 11:15AM EDT

Tyler Kwon Clarifies That He Is Not Marrying Girls' Generation's Jessica

The misunderstanding was caused by a social media post.

Hot Issues 09.13.14 | 03:09AM EDT

EXO Luhan Makes An Apology To Fans, For What?

EXO's member Luhan is unable to attend their Thailand concert, bringing concert to his fans.

Stars on TV / Movies 09.12.14 | 11:37AM EDT

Watch iKON's 'MIX & MATCH' Premiere As Team B Release 'Wait For Me' Digital Single Online

Not only does YG Entertainment have a new talent show to hype up its next K-pop idol group, but a digital single has been released as well.

CL 2NE1 Gun KPOPme

Main 09.15.14 | 07:47AM EDT

The Double Standard Of Guns & Murder In K-Pop [Blog]

In light of Swings's recent controversial execution-style video, here's a take on the portrayal of guns and murder in K-Pop.

Big Bang with their fans

Main 09.13.14 | 11:11AM EDT

The High Cost Of Being A K-Pop Fan

A look at the pricey side of being a super fan: CDs, concert tickets, and merchandise all carry lofty price tag - and some fans break the bank going for it all.

Girls' Generation 'Mr. Mr.' Dance Practice video

Features 09.13.14 | 12:50PM EDT

Dance Practice Videos Show How Hard-Working K-Pop Idols Really Are

Dance practice videos give fans a glimpse at all the hard work K-Pop idols put into their tremendous performances. Check out videos from EXO, Girls' Generation,INFINITE, and more!

Cross Gene Billion Dolla

Features 09.13.14 | 11:19AM EDT

Cross Gene Shows How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse... K-Pop Style!

"ZOMBIE x MUSIC x DANCE - SAVE THE WORLD" is the theme of both Cross Gene's upcoming movie "ZEDD" and their latest music video "Billion Dolla"

Main 09.12.14 | 09:42AM EDT

Super Junior's 'Mamacita' Selected As 'Most Viewed K-Pop Video In America And Around The World'

Group Super Junior's new title song, "MAMACITA," has already received much attention all around the world just 3 days after its release.

Main 09.12.14 | 09:41AM EDT

YG Entertainment's New Rookie Group WINNER Kick Off Their First Japanese Tour

Rookie group WINNER has recently debuted in Japan and has held their first solo concert tour.

Features 09.12.14 | 07:40AM EDT

5 K-Pop Idols Who Worked In K-Pop Before Debuting

Idols go through training periods before debuting, but there are several idols who worked in the industry.

Features 09.12.14 | 07:30AM EDT

Would Kim Hyun Joong Still Be On Tour If He Were An American Pop Star? [Opinion]

Kim Hyun Joong, Justin Bieber, and Ray Rice exemplify preferential treatment for celebrities involved with abuse allegations or criminal activity throughout the world.

Headlines 09.12.14 | 01:10AM EDT

Kang Jiyoung, First Public Event In Japan After Leaving KARA 'I Will Not Change'

Girl group KARA's former member Kang Jiyoung became an official actress in Japan.

Hot Issues 09.12.14 | 01:05AM EDT

Nichkhun & Tiffany Couple, Releasing New Songs At The Same Time

The idol couple 2PM's Nichkhun and Girls' Generation's Tiffany will be releasing new songs with one day apart from each other, catching much attention.

Main 09.11.14 | 07:52PM EDT

ZE:A's Kevin Denies Nasty Nasty Is Like Trouble Maker: 'We Would Like To Show Our Own Unique Sexiness'

Though Nasty Nasy's sexy image drew inevitable comparisons to Trouble Maker when they debuted last month, ZE:A's Kevin insists that the group has their own original style.

Headlines 09.11.14 | 07:40AM EDT

ZEST To Be The Opening Stage For '2014 Incheon Korean Wave Tour Concert'

Rookie boy group ZEST will be the opening stage for the '2014 Incheon Korean Wave Tour Concert.'

Headlines 09.11.14 | 07:39AM EDT

How Will 2PM Be With The Third Wave Of Their Career?

It has already been seven years since 2PM's debut and the group is ready to make an impact with their latest album 'Go Crazy' and a new world tour.

Headlines 09.11.14 | 07:14AM EDT

Audition Programs Take Over Online Music Charts 'Can't Go To Shinchon'

The song "Can't Go to Shinchon" from Mnet' "Superstar K6" contestant Yim Hyung Woo is number 1 on the charts

Headlines 09.11.14 | 07:08AM EDT

Hip-Hop Artist Swings Uploads Controversial So-Called "ISIS" Execution Video

The video brought outrage after the execution of two American journalists.

Hot Issues 09.11.14 | 03:01AM EDT

Ryu Hyun Jin, To Join CNBLUE At FNC Entertainment? 'It's Not True'

FNC Entertainment revealed that the rumor that LA Dodgers Ryu Hyun Jin joined their company is not true.

Headlines 09.10.14 | 02:10PM EDT

Sojung Of Ladies' Code May Have To Remain In The Hospital For 6 Months

Sojung may have to endure another surgical procedure and an additional six months of recovery

Headlines 09.10.14 | 01:57PM EDT

The Final Resting Place For Ladies' Code RiSe Is Japan

Following an outpouring of love from fans and Korean celebrities, RiSe will rest peacefully in Japan.

Hot Issues 09.10.14 | 01:20PM EDT

Amber Of f(x) Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary With Handwritten Note Despite Hiatus

Although f(x) is currently on hiatus, Amber Liu is taking the time to celebrate the SM Entertainment group's five-year anniversary nevertheless.

Headlines 09.10.14 | 12:52PM EDT

Fans Call For CL And Taeyang Collaboration After NONA9ON Video

After teasing fans earlier in the year, YG Entertainment has unleashed a new video for NONA9ON, a new brand targeting young consumer interested in street and hip-hop culture.

Main 09.10.14 | 07:28AM EDT

The New K-Pop Debut Model

Pre-debut promotions are becoming more popular for Korean entertainment companies - YG and SM Entertainment are having success amassing fans for their rookie groups before the release of any music.

Stars on TV

Running Man

Main 09.15.14 | 01:00PM EDT

Chinese Version Of Running Man Heads To Seoul

The Chinese version of the SBS variety show recently filmed in Seoul.


Stars on TV / Movies 09.15.14 | 07:44AM EDT

The Highly Anticipated Cast Of 'Roommate' Season 2 Revealed

After a few high-profile departures from the first season, 'Roommate' fills up with more exciting celebs in season 2

Song Jae Rim and Park So Eun

Stars on TV / Movies 09.15.14 | 07:33AM EDT

Meet The New 'We Got Married' Couple, Park So Eun & Song Jae Rim

See who the newest celebrity couple will be for the popular variety show and check out the teaser video

ladies code last stage on open concert

Hot Issues 09.15.14 | 02:39AM EDT

'Open Concert' Airs LADIES CODE's Last Performance Before The Death Of EunB & RiSe

The last stage of girl group LADIES CODE before EunB and RiSe passed away was revealed.

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