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Headlines 08.01.14 | 02:31AM EDT

Starship's Rookie Singer Jooyoung Sings Cover Of “Call You Mine”

Starship Entertainment, who produced artist Junggigo, showcased Jooyoung as its new musician.

Headlines 08.01.14 | 02:31AM EDT

SISTAR Tops Gaon Charts Thrice With “TOUCH MY BODY”

Girl group SISTAR's "TOUCH MY BODY" topped three Gaon Charts.

Headlines 08.01.14 | 02:30AM EDT

Taeyang's “Eyes, Nose, Lips” Tops Karaoke Charts For Four Consecutive Weeks

Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips" topped karaoke charts for four consecutive weeks.

Headlines 08.01.14 | 02:28AM EDT

Hello Venus To Discuss Future Plans Of Group

Girl group Hello Venus will consider their future plans and go different ways.

Headlines 08.01.14 | 02:27AM EDT

HA:TFELT (Yenny) To Stage Solo Debut Performance On “M Countdown”

Singer HA:TFELT - Yenny - will perform her first comeback stage on the July 31 "M Coutndown."

Headlines 08.01.14 | 02:26AM EDT

Yoon Jong Shin – Younha Reveals “BAT GIRL” Written By Jang Jae In

The July edition of "Monthly Yoon Jong Shin" will be revealed on July 31.

Headlines 08.01.14 | 02:26AM EDT

Sonnet Son Reveals Performance Of “Love Again”

Singer Sonnet Son revealed her performance of "Love Again" for the first time.

Headlines 08.01.14 | 02:25AM EDT

San E's R-Rated MV Of “Body Language” Leaked Online

Popular rapper San E's R-rated music video of new song "Body Language" was leaked throughout the internet.

Headlines 07.31.14 | 03:54PM EDT

INFINITE Hoya Suffers An Injured Ankle

INFINITE Hoya hurt his ankle and is going through treatment.

Headlines 07.31.14 | 02:20AM EDT

BTS To Release First Full Album In August

Boy band BTS will release their first full album on August 20 and return to the K-Pop scene.

Headlines 07.31.14 | 02:18AM EDT

“Super Star K2” Park Bo Ram To Finally Debut On August 7 After 4 Years

Mnet "Super Star K2" contestant Park Bo Ram will make her official debut on August 7.

Super Junior

Hot Issues 08.01.14 | 06:16AM EDT

Leeteuk's Return From The Army Highlights The Success Of SM's Super Junior Experiment

At the time of its debut, Super Junior seemed like it was set for disaster, but the group has set a new idol trend.

The recent comeback by f(x) is marred by rumors, which has driven Sulli to take a break from K-Pop.

Features 07.31.14 | 03:42PM EDT

What Is Right & What Is Wrong With The Current State Of SM Entertainment [Opinion]

SM Entertainment has been at the center of numerous scandals in 2014, but the agency still remains on top of K-Pop.

Hyomin Nice Body

Reviews 07.31.14 | 03:53PM EDT

Why Hyomin’s ‘Nice Body’ Is Offensive To Women [Blog]

An argument about why Hyomin's 'Nice Body' is an offensive song and music video for all women and society alike.


Features 07.30.14 | 06:12AM EDT

5 K-Pop Boy Band Rivalries

Some of the top rivalries throughout the years of K-Pop.

Headlines 07.31.14 | 02:16AM EDT

JYJ's New Album 'JUST US' Records 120,000 In Pre-Release Sales

On July 30, JYJ's agency C-JeS Entertainment announced that JYJ's new full album JUST US has recorded a pre-order sale of 120,000.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:28AM EDT

Zhang Li Yin To Return With Third Single “Agape”

SM Entertainment's R&B female singer Zhang Li Yin will return with her third single album, Agape.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:28AM EDT

BEAST Successfully Hosts Unplugged Concert

Group BEAST wrapped up promotions of "Good Luck" and hosted an unplugged concert for fans.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:27AM EDT

AOA Maintains Ranking On Music Chats With “Short Hair”

FNC Entertainment's girl group AOA put their song "Short Hair" on music charts.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:26AM EDT

Hyuna's “Red” Tops Six Music Charts

4Minute member Hyuna, who returned to the music scene with a solo album, topped six music charts with her title song "Red."

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:26AM EDT

Hyuna's Music Video Of “Red” OK For Public TV Broadcast

4Minute member Hyuna's new song "Red" was ruled appropriate for public TV broadcast.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:24AM EDT

Bernard Park Reveals Status “Currently Preparing For Album”

JYP Entertainment's new artist and "K-Pop Star 3" winner Bernard Park revealed his whereabouts.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:24AM EDT

Fei States “Korean Will Improve If You Have A Korean Boyfriend”

Miss A member Fei listed having a Korean boyfriend as the #1 tip to learn Korean quickly.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:22AM EDT

Woo Young Announces 2PM Comeback In September

2PM member Woo Young announced 2PM's comeback in September.

Headlines 07.28.14 | 06:55AM EDT

Singer IU To Be The First Female Guest On Yoo Jae Suk's 'I'm a Man'

IU will appear on the talk show's 1st official episode next month

Headlines 07.27.14 | 01:03PM EDT

Yoo Chae Young's Agency Says They Won't Stand For Rumors Regarding The Late Actress

Yoo Chae Young's family said they will not stand for the news that shared Yoo Chae Young's personal life before she passed away.

Headlines 07.27.14 | 10:45PM EDT

INFINITE Take A Traditional Route For Latest Music Promotions Amidst Popular Trends

As the K-Pop industry gets more provocative, boy group INFINITE is maintaining the original intention of their music and getting people's attention.

Headlines 07.26.14 | 04:10PM EDT

Jay Park's 'NaNa' Dominates Various Music Charts

Jay Park gears up for an official comeback with a new digital single "NaNa"

Interviews 07.26.14 | 02:14PM EDT

f(x) Says Their Music Reflects The Changing Times

In their photo shoot and interview with The Celebrity, f(x) talked about their latest music.

Headlines 07.26.14 | 02:05PM EDT

Super Junior Member Update: World Tour Starts September 20th + DVD Release

Super Junior continue to shine as one of K-Pop's most successful international acts

Headlines 07.26.14 | 02:17AM EDT

Korea's “Some”-Man Junggigo Releases Soundtrack of “Hi! School - Love On”

Junggigo released "Too Good," soundtrack of KBS drama "Hi! School - Love On" on July 25.

Headlines 07.26.14 | 02:18AM EDT

Lush Covers Taeyang's “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

Female vocal group Lush covered Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips."

Headlines 07.26.14 | 02:15AM EDT

High4 To Return on July 29 With Lim Kim

Four-member boy band High4 will return to the music scene with Lim Kim as the group's muse.

Stars on TV

INFINITE's L Cast In Rain's Drama “My Lovely Girl”

Headlines 07.31.14 | 01:51AM EDT

INFINITE's L Cast In Rain's Drama “My Lovely Girl”

INFINITE member L will make an appearance in SBS drama "My Lovely Girl," which will air its first episode in September.

Teen Top Entertain Us

Stars on TV / Movies 07.30.14 | 05:55AM EDT

Teen Top Members To Play Themselves In Tell-All Dark Comedy 'Entertain Us'

The Mnet show will reveal the dark side of K-Pop.

Tazza 2 Choi Seung Hyun Said He Let Himself Go For His New Role

Stars on TV / Movies 07.30.14 | 06:08AM EDT

Big Bang TOP Says He Let Himself Go For His New Role In 'Tazza 2'

Actor Choi Seung Hyun (Big Bang's TOP) said he let himself go for his movie.


Headlines 07.29.14 | 07:22AM EDT

TaeTiSeo In Talks To Have Their Own Reality Show And Suggest A Comeback Is Not Far Off

Girls' Generation fans are excited to see what's in store for the trio

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