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10.28.16 | 04:50AM EDT

BTOB Releases Schedule For Upcoming Comeback!

BTOB shared schedule for their upcoming comeback ...

10.28.16 | 04:44AM EDT

B.A.P Releases Latest Teaser Photos For Himchan & Zelo + Showcase Details!

Dropped teaser photos for the remaining members: Himchan and Zelo! ...

10.28.16 | 04:40AM EDT

Lee Jong Suk Melts The Hearts Of Fans In Taiwan Fan Meeting

Actor Lee Jong Suk melts the heart of his Taiwanese fans ...

10.28.16 | 04:37AM EDT

BIGBANG’s TOP Takes Conscripted Police Exam In Preparation For Military Enlistment

T.O.P took the auxiliary police's 348th recruitment test ...

10.27.16 | 10:21PM EDT

Blackpink Releases Another Batch Of Teaser Pictures For 'Playing With Fire' And 'Stay'

YG Entertainment and Blackpink have released another batch of teaser photos for their upcoming comeback with to title ...

10.27.16 | 03:49PM EDT

CL's 'HELLO BI+CHES TOUR 2016' Kicks Off This Weekend In New York

Just a few days away and the Baddest Female in K-Pop - or Pop, rather - is about to kick off her first ever North ...

10.27.16 | 05:39AM EDT

BLACKPINK To Appear on Weekly Idol!

Kpop girl group Blackpink to appear on Weekly Idol ...

10.27.16 | 05:28AM EDT

BASTARZ Is Back With ‘Selfish & Beautiful Girl’

Block B's subunit Bastarz back with new MV ...

10.27.16 | 05:21AM EDT

BTS Is Reaching New Heights!

BTS in reaching new heights ...

10.27.16 | 05:16AM EDT

B.A.P Members Show Support For Leader, Yongguk Via SNS

B.A.P members show support yo Yongguk ...


Headlines 10.27.16 | 05:13AM EDT

EXO’s Lay Is Ready To ‘Lose Control’ In Latest MV Teaser!

Lay releases his MV teaser

Himchan and Zelo for 'Noir' comeback

Headlines 10.27.16 | 12:07AM EDT

BAP Releases 3rd Batch Of Individual Teaser Photos For 'Noir' With Zelo and Himchan

BAP releases 3rd batch of individual teaser photos for 'Noir' with Zelo and Himchan. TS Entertainment has also revealed that BAP will have their showcase on the 27th.

Photo of comedian Lee Gook-Ju for her social media.

Hot Issues 10.26.16 | 11:45PM EDT

Comedian Lee Gook Ju admits to keep a strict business relationship with rapper Sleepy

Female comedian Lee Gook Ju admits she was afraid to fall in love with rapper Sleepy. Therefore she maintains a strict business relationship with him.

Headlines 10.26.16 | 04:55AM EDT

EXO Drops Additional Details On Album Release For Sub-unit EXO-CBX

Additional information about EXO's subunit EXO-CBX

Headlines 10.26.16 | 04:53AM EDT

Lay Releases Solo Cover For Upcoming Album!

Lay released his solo cover for upcoming album

Headlines 10.26.16 | 04:49AM EDT

VIXX Teases Their Alluring ‘KRATOS’ Sound

VIXX teases with their sample song for 'KRATOS'

Stars on TV / Movies 10.26.16 | 04:38AM EDT

'Legend Of The Blue Sea' releases another trailer with Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun

SBS has released another trailer for their upcoming drama. 'Legend Of The Blue Sea'. It features Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun's first meeting in Spain.

Headlines 10.26.16 | 04:10AM EDT

BAP Releases Teaser Photos of Youngjae And Jongup Plus Bang Yong Guk Will Not Promote

BAP has released new teaser pictures of member Jong Up and Young Jae. Also, BAP's leader will not promote because of some health issues.

Headlines 10.26.16 | 12:56AM EDT

EXO-Ls 'Lose Control' After SMTown Releases MV Teaser With Shirtless Lay

SM Entertainment has released the official music video teaser for EXO Lay's upcoming solo song "Lose Control". Lay will release his song "Lose Control" on October 28.

Main 10.26.16 | 12:55AM EDT

'Dope' Becomes BTS' First MV to Hit 100 Million Views on YouTube

BTS's music video for their hit single Dope becomes their first MV to reach 100 million views on YouTube.

Main 10.26.16 | 12:07AM EDT

Han Ye Seul and YG Entertainment's Teddy Park Ends 4-Year Relationship

After four years of dating, it is confirmed that actress Han Ye Seul and YG producer Teddy Park have amicably parted ways.

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