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Main 08.26.14 | 12:31PM EDT

Nu’est To Be The New K-Pop Stars In Japan?

Nu'est will be releasing their Japanese single in November.

Headlines 08.26.14 | 08:40AM EDT

SISTAR Includes Electronic Remake Songs In Their New Special Album

Girl group SISTAR released more information about their new special album, "Sweet & Sour."

Headlines 08.26.14 | 08:40AM EDT

Wax And Ember Glow Releases Teaser For Their New Album

The teaser for singer Wax and group Ember Glow's collaboration, "Spark" was released.

Hot Issues 08.26.14 | 08:06AM EDT

G-Dragon's Personal Instagram Discovered And Deleted Shortly Afterwards

While many G-Dragon fans may know him by his wildly popular Instagram account, the Big Bang leader may be one of many K-pop idols with a hidden Instagram account.

Headlines 08.26.14 | 01:36AM EDT

Orange Caramel Shows A Similar MV Performance On 'Music Bank'

Girl group Orange Caramel made a comeback on KBS "Music bank" on August 22 with their new song, "Copy Me."

Main 08.25.14 | 10:51AM EDT

Heo Young-ji Scared To Meet KARA Member Seung Yeon?

KARA held a fan meeting over the weekend.

Headlines 08.25.14 | 06:20AM EDT

Baek Ji Young To Release New OST Album August 25

Singer Baek Ji Young will release her new album "OST Best Limited Package "on August 25.

Headlines 08.25.14 | 06:07AM EDT

JYJ Kim Junsu To Open Hotel On September 25

JYJ Kim Junsu's Toskana Hotel will open on September 25.

Features 08.25.14 | 05:58AM EDT

Weekly Top 3: Kim Hyun Joong, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, WINNER Wins 3 Award Shows

This week saw a major artist entrenched in scandal, idols donating to a good cause, and a rookie group surprising fans all over the world.

Headlines 08.25.14 | 05:57AM EDT

John Park To Make A Comeback In Mid September

Singer John Park will make a comeback in mid September with a single.

Headlines 08.25.14 | 05:55AM EDT

SISTAR Members Become The New Representatives Of Mariana Tourism

Girl group SISTAR was decided as the representatives of Mariana.

Girls’ Generation’s Algerian Fan Page administrator Afra Bourouba

Main 08.25.14 | 03:34PM EDT

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Girls' Generation's Algerian Fan Page Administrator Afra Bourouba On Why She's A SONE

"I can't imagine my life without them," said Girls' Generation's Algerian SONEs Facebook page administrator Afra Bourouba about her favorite K-pop group.

Kim Hyun Joong's agency releases a new statement.

Hot Issues 08.24.14 | 11:55AM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong's Agency Accuses Alleged Girlfriend Of Exaggerating The Truth

Since the police confirmed that Kim Hyun Joong's alleged girlfriend pressed charges against the SS501 leader, his talent agency responded with a new statement on August 23.

KARA Seungyeon Youngji

Hot Issues 08.25.14 | 06:21AM EDT

KARA Fans Notice Similarities Between New Member Youngji And Seungyeon

KARA recently made its comeback with a new member, and some fans say she looks too much like an older member of the girl group.

Janet Krupin

Main 08.22.14 | 05:45PM EDT

K-Pop Crossover: Trillium's Janet Krupin Examines Girls' Generation's 'Paparazzi' [EXCLUSIVE]

Trillium's Janet Krupin talks Girls' Generation choreography

Headlines 08.22.14 | 01:12PM EDT

Taeyeon's Relationship With EXO's Baekhyun Will Not Be Revealed On TaeTiSeo's Reality Program

Whether you're a fan of TaeTiSeo or Taeyeon, one thing fans will not be seeing on the girl group's upcoming reality show is EXO's Baekhyun.

Features 08.22.14 | 07:17AM EDT

Super Junior’s Wonderful & Slightly Strange Comeback Concepts

Super Junior has had some interesting concepts since their debut in 2005.

Headlines 08.22.14 | 04:17AM EDT

JYJ Junsu, "A Part Of The Income From Hotel Will Be Used For The Marginalized"

Group JYJ's member Junsu opened a new hotel in Jeju Island and revealed that a part of his income will be used to do a sharing project for the marginalized.

Headlines 08.21.14 | 07:51PM EDT

2PM's Nichkhun Passes On Ice Bucket Challenge, Opts To Donate

Nichkhun has a problem with the apparent frivolous waste of water.

Headlines 08.21.14 | 07:18AM EDT

Louis Vuitton's Business Group Invests In YG Entertainment

The French company is the world's largest luxury goods maker.

Features 08.21.14 | 08:30AM EDT

5 Unforgettable Concepts in K-Pop History

Some of of the most eye catching concepts in the history of K-Pop!

Headlines 08.21.14 | 02:06AM EDT

WINNER Dishes Details Of Their Very Personal Debut Album, 'We Became Stronger'

The 5-member new boy group Winner filled their debut album with songs that the members wrote themselves. From ballad to hip hop, it's hard to believe that this album was made by a debut group.

Headlines 08.21.14 | 01:33AM EDT

Kim Dong Wan, "I Hope We Remember Even The Hurtful Memories Of Our History" Donates $30,000

Shinhwa's member Kim Dong Wan donated $30,000 for elders who were victimized as comfort women in the past.

Headlines 08.21.14 | 01:31AM EDT

Girls' Generation Seohyun, Attending Dongguk University's Graduation "Receiving Achievement Award"

Girls' Generation's member Seohyun will be attending the graduation for Dongguk University.

Main 08.20.14 | 10:01AM EDT

MOI'M To Hold 2nd Annual Gala Show With Gary And Jungin As Special Guests

MOI'M, a non-profit organization, will be holding another gala event this year at Gotham Hall.

Stars on TV / Movies 08.20.14 | 07:44AM EDT

Moon Sori And Ken Watanabe Decided As The Hosts Of The 19th Busan International Film Festival

Actress Moon Sori and actor Ken Watanabe have been decided as the hosts of the 19th annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

Headlines 08.20.14 | 07:00AM EDT

Korean Media Reports On WINNER Member Nam Tae Hyun's Past As Delinquent

Nam Tae Hyun's is being accused of having been a delinquent in his youth.

Headlines 08.19.14 | 07:41PM EDT

G-Dragon's Latest Birthday Donation Benefits ALS Nursing Home

After being nominated to participate in the 'Ice Bucket Challenge,' the Big Bang leader gave 81.8 million won to the Seungil Hope Foundation

Main 08.19.14 | 10:40AM EDT

EXO Luhan Enters The Guinness World Records For 'Most Comments On A Weibo Post'

EXO member Luhan has made it into the Guinness World Records.

Features 08.19.14 | 11:04PM EDT

K-Pop Mixtape: Boy Band Debut Songs

A playlist for those who want to know what their favorite idols sounded like at debut.

Main 08.19.14 | 07:17AM EDT

Dumbfoundead Delivered Rhymes While Dancers Defied Gravity For The 'McDonald's B-Boy Royale' In NYC

The inaugural B-Boy Royale provided a family-friendly introduction to break dancing and the b-boy movement.

Main 08.18.14 | 08:25AM EDT

Colors & K-Pop: Why Super Junior Fans Are Upset About WINNER's Lightstick [Analysis]

There is more at play than a simple YG and SM rivalry.

Stars on TV

jjcc bing bing bing on youth over flower

Headlines 08.26.14 | 01:11AM EDT

JJCC 'Bing Bing Bing' Rises In Popularity As It Gets Featured On 'Youth Over Flower'

Group JJCC's comeback title song "Bing Bing Bing" caught much attention as it was played on tvN program "Youth Over Flower".

Han Seon Hwa Gets A Title Of An Actress Without The Idol Tag

Features 08.25.14 | 06:05AM EDT

Han Seon Hwa Gets A Title Of An Actress Without The Idol Tag

Secret Han Seon Hwa may be able to leave off her idol title as an actress.

WIN B Team To Be On Another Survival Show With Three New Trainees

Stars on TV / Movies 08.25.14 | 06:02AM EDT

YG's B Team To Be On Another Survival Show With Three New Trainees

After losing out to the A Team (who eventually debuted as WINNER) YG Entertainment's B Team will be competing with three other trainees.

Jessica and Krystal

Features 08.23.14 | 12:49PM EDT

5 K-Pop Reality Shows We’d Watch

Korean TV is already full of fantastic reality shows, but we've got some more ideas for idol reality entertainment.

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