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Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:30AM EDT

SISTAR's “TOUCH MY BODY” Sweeps 9 Music Charts

Group SISTAR took music charts for a full week.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:29AM EDT

Sonnet Son Reveals Teaser With 1000 Citizens

Super vocal Sonnet Son revealed the music video teaser of her new track "Love Again" on July 28.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:28AM EDT

Zhang Li Yin To Return With Third Single “Agape”

SM Entertainment's R&B female singer Zhang Li Yin will return with her third single album, Agape.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:28AM EDT

BEAST Successfully Hosts Unplugged Concert

Group BEAST wrapped up promotions of "Good Luck" and hosted an unplugged concert for fans.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:27AM EDT

AOA Maintains Ranking On Music Chats With “Short Hair”

FNC Entertainment's girl group AOA put their song "Short Hair" on music charts.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:26AM EDT

Hyuna's “Red” Tops Six Music Charts

4Minute member Hyuna, who returned to the music scene with a solo album, topped six music charts with her title song "Red."

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:26AM EDT

Hyuna's Music Video Of “Red” OK For Public TV Broadcast

4Minute member Hyuna's new song "Red" was ruled appropriate for public TV broadcast.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:25AM EDT

JYJ's Second Album To Be Released On July 29

JYJ will finally unveil their second full album.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:24AM EDT

STARCAST: Bernard Park Reveals Status “Currently Preparing For Album”

JYP Entertainment's new artist and "K-Pop Star 3" winner Bernard Park revealed his whereabouts.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:24AM EDT

STARCAST Fei States “Korean Will Improve If You Have A Korean Boyfriend”

Miss A member Fei listed having a Korean boyfriend as the #1 tip to learn Korean quickly.

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:22AM EDT

STARCAST: Woo Young Announces 2PM Comeback In September

2PM member Woo Young announced 2PM's comeback in September.

Nothing says romance like Jaejoong, an industrial work site, and  the back seat of a car for the music video 'Back Seat.'

Reviews 07.29.14 | 06:57AM EDT

JYJ's 'Back Seat' Upsetting To Some Female Fans - Coercive Lyrics Raise Red Flags

‘Back Seat’ is a very sensual song, but some of the English lyrics imply sexual coercion.


Headlines 07.27.14 | 11:07PM EDT

K-Pop News Weekly Top 3: Sulli Becomes Inactive, Wonder Girl's Yeeun Goes Solo, Super Junior And EXO Members Get Hacked

This week involved some disappointing news from f(x), netizens behaving badly, and a surprising comeback.

Big Bang channeled a classic boy band look for their 'Always' album promotions.

Reviews 07.27.14 | 11:21PM EDT

Why Big Bang’s ‘Lies’ Deserves A Second Listen

Big Bang has come a long way from ‘Lies,’ but the song stands the test of time.

INFINITE Let's Discuss

Features 07.27.14 | 11:18PM EDT

Let's Discuss: INFINITE & The SM-Woollim Merger [Blog]

A look back at INFINITE since the announced merger.

Headlines 07.28.14 | 06:55AM EDT

Singer IU To Be The First Female Guest On Yoo Jae Suk's 'I'm a Man'

IU will appear on the talk show's 1st official episode next month

Headlines 07.28.14 | 05:33AM EDT

'SBS Inkigayo Round-up': Girl's Day Wins #1 On The July 27, 2014 Episode

Girl's Day wins their second trophy as they win on the July 27, 2014 episode of 'Inkigayo.'

Headlines 07.27.14 | 01:03PM EDT

Yoo Chae Young's Agency Says They Won't Stand For Rumors Regarding The Late Actress

Yoo Chae Young's family said they will not stand for the news that shared Yoo Chae Young's personal life before she passed away.

Headlines 07.27.14 | 10:45PM EDT

INFINITE Take A Traditional Route For Latest Music Promotions Amidst Popular Trends

As the K-Pop industry gets more provocative, boy group INFINITE is maintaining the original intention of their music and getting people's attention.

Headlines 07.27.14 | 10:48PM EDT

Super Junior's Leeteuk Prepares For His Return

The leader will return from the army at the end of this month.

Headlines 07.26.14 | 04:10PM EDT

Jay Park's 'NaNa' Dominates Various Music Charts

Jay Park gears up for an official comeback with a new digital single "NaNa"

Interviews 07.26.14 | 02:14PM EDT

f(x) Says Their Music Reflects The Changing Times

In their photo shoot and interview with The Celebrity, f(x) talked about their latest music.

Headlines 07.26.14 | 02:05PM EDT

Super Junior Member Update: World Tour Starts September 20th + DVD Release

Super Junior continue to shine as one of K-Pop's most successful international acts

Headlines 07.26.14 | 02:17AM EDT

Korea's “Some”-Man Junggigo Releases Soundtrack of “Hi! School - Love On”

Junggigo released "Too Good," soundtrack of KBS drama "Hi! School - Love On" on July 25.

Headlines 07.26.14 | 02:18AM EDT

Lush Covers Taeyang's “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

Female vocal group Lush covered Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips."

Headlines 07.26.14 | 02:15AM EDT

High4 To Return on July 29 With Lim Kim

Four-member boy band High4 will return to the music scene with Lim Kim as the group's muse.

Headlines 07.26.14 | 02:08AM EDT

SHINee's Taemin To Debut As Solo In August

Group SHINee's member Taemin will make his solo debut.

Main 07.25.14 | 03:19PM EDT

Girls' Generation Are 'The Best' In Japan With Chart-Topping Album And Sold Out Concert Tour

Girls' Generation's new Japanese album 'The Best' ranks #1 on the Oricon music chart

Main 07.25.14 | 11:34AM EDT

Big Bang Taeyang-Daesung Appear Together On Japan NHK 'Music Japan'

Big Bang members Taeyang and Daesung gained much attention after their ape prance on Japan's NHK "Music Japan" on July 21.

Main 07.25.14 | 11:30AM EDT

TEEN TOP Continues Their World Tour With South America As Their Next Stop

Boy group TEEN TOP will be heading to South America this August.

Main 07.25.14 | 11:25AM EDT

Group BTS Meets With U.S. Hip-Hop Legend Coolio While In LA

Group BTS met with U.S. hip-hop legend Coolio while filming their Mnet reality program in L.A.

Main 07.25.14 | 07:02AM EDT

Do Korean Fancafes Really Represent K-Pop Fans? [Analysis]

A recent report on fancafe membership losses by top idol groups isn't as depressing as it may seem.

Stars on TV


Headlines 07.29.14 | 07:22AM EDT

TaeTiSeo In Talks To Have Their Own Reality Show And Suggest A Comeback Is Not Far Off

Girls' Generation fans are excited to see what's in store for the trio

EXO's Tao suffers foot injury filming 'Law of the Jungle'

Hot Issues 07.28.14 | 12:00PM EDT

EXO's Tao Suffers Foot Injury Filming 'Law Of The Jungle'

EXO's Tao has suffered a foot injury during his recent filming for the SBS show "Law of the Jungle."

EXO 90:2014

Stars on TV / Movies 07.28.14 | 05:58AM EDT

EXO To Get Up Close And Personal With K-Pop Legends In New Variety Show

'K-Pop Time Slip: EXO 90:2014' premieres in August

Jung Jun Young

Stars on TV / Movies 07.28.14 | 06:17AM EDT

Jung Jun Young Says He Was Inspired To Become A Rock Star By Nirvana's Kurt Cobain

Jung Jun Young talks about his early inspiration on 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook'

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