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Headlines 07.31.15 | 09:54AM EDT

Brown Eyed Girls Member Miryo Becomes 'Queen' With Latest Solo Album Release

The girl group's rapper Miryo makes her return as a solo artist in her latest comeback, "Queen."

Headlines 07.31.15 | 09:11AM EDT

Big Bang Reveal New 'Made' Series 'E' Poster For 'Let's Not Love' Single

Big Bang has revealed a new poster for their "Made" series "E" single entitled "Let's Not Love."

Headlines 07.31.15 | 09:00AM EDT

SHINee Release Individual Member Teaser Images For ‘Married to the Music’

The members of SHINee follow up 'Odd' with new head-turning concept images for their upcoming repackage album.

Headlines 07.30.15 | 11:06AM EDT

Skull&Haha To Comeback With New Summer Song

Hip-hop duo Skull&Haha released a sunny teaser image for their upcoming new album.

Headlines 07.30.15 | 11:05AM EDT

SHINee To Work With U.K. Producing Team LDN Noise For Repackage Album

SHINee will release their repackage album, “Married to the Music,” next Monday and will feature four new songs that will showcase the group’s various music tastes.

Headlines 07.30.15 | 10:02AM EDT

Hospitalization Of Koyote's Shinji After Fainting Spell Clarified By Label Reps

Representatives from Shinji's agency updated fans on her condition after fainting Wednesday morning.

Main 07.30.15 | 09:44AM EDT

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Interviews Tom Cruise For ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’

Tiffany interviewed Tom Cruise when the actor visited South Korea to promote his latest 'Mission: Impossible' movie.

Headlines 07.30.15 | 09:38AM EDT

A Pink Win Their 1st Music Program Trophy For 'Remember'

A Pink won their first trophy for their summer comeback song during the July 29 episode of 'Show Champion.'

Headlines 07.30.15 | 09:21AM EDT

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun Heads To South America For ‘Fan Night Live’ World Tour

The Korean singer will make stops in four countries during is visit to South America.

Headlines 07.30.15 | 09:15AM EDT

A Pink Sell Out 2nd Solo Concert Within 20 Minutes Of Ticket Release

Fans quickly scooped up thousands of tickets to the group's upcoming second solo concert in Seoul.

Stars on TV / Movies 07.30.15 | 08:49AM EDT

ZE:A’s Kim Dongjun To Star In New Korea-Hollywood Crossover Horror Film ‘Dead Again’

The idol actor has taken on the lead role in the upcoming David Silverman-directed flick.


Hot Issues 07.31.15 | 10:10AM EDT

Hyukoh Respond To Beach Fossils Tweet Noting ‘Sketchy’ Similarities Between Bands' Songs

Hyukoh released a statement that claims their song “Panda Bear” was not plagiarized from Beach Fossils’ “Golden Age.”

2NE1 - Come Back Home

Hot Issues 07.31.15 | 09:09AM EDT

2NE1's 'Come Back Home' Director Speaks Up On Controversy With Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood'

The director of 2NE1's "Come Back Home" steps up to share her thoughts on the controversy with her music video and Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood."

Under Dogg former member Leon

Hot Issues 07.31.15 | 09:04AM EDT

Former Chinese Topp Dogg Sub-Unit Member Cavan Chen Claims Racism, Abuse As Reasons For Departure

Under Dogg member Cavan Chen opens up about reasons for leaving Stardom Entertainment.

Super Junior's Choi Siwon

Headlines 07.31.15 | 08:56AM EDT

Super Junior's Siwon To Enlist After Wrapping Up Filming For 'She Was Beautiful'

SM Entertainment revealed the singer-actor’s plans for his mandatory military enlistment.

Hot Issues 07.30.15 | 08:38AM EDT

SM Rookies Receive Backlash As Debut Looms

Korean internet users slam SM Entertainment's trainee group SM Rookies on their looks in forum post discussing debut rumors.

Main 07.30.15 | 08:30AM EDT

Big Bang Fans In Philippines Prepare Special Gifts As Group Members Arrive For MADE World Tour Concert

Gifts will correspond to each letter of MADE album, such as M for mangoes and A for artwork.

Main 07.29.15 | 10:38AM EDT

BTS Turn Out Explosive Los Angeles Finale For Red Bullet Tour In The U.S.

The Korean boy group wrapped up the U.S. leg of their Red Bullet Tour with a crowd-pleasing show in L.A.

Headlines 07.29.15 | 10:06AM EDT

K-Pop Triple Threat: YG Entertainment Announces September Releases From Big Bang, Psy And iKON

The label hopes to dominate K-pop music charts in September with releases from two top acts and the debut of a new group.

Headlines 07.29.15 | 09:51AM EDT

Girls' Generation To Begin 2nd Phase Of Summer Comeback With 'Lionheart' And 'You Think'

Girls’ Generation will be wrapping up promotions for “Party” and start preparing for their August promotions and full album release.

Headlines 07.29.15 | 09:49AM EDT

Big Bang’s ‘MADE' Single Tracks Take 3 Spots In Top 5 Most Watched Music Videos In Korea So Far This Year

Three of Big Bang's most recent singles were especially popular among YouTube users.

Main 07.29.15 | 09:29AM EDT

Lee Min Ho Brought In To Help Korean Tourism Industry Bounce Back From MERS

Lee Min Ho will star in a global campaign aimed at reviving South Korea's tourism in the wake of the MERS outbreak.

Headlines 07.29.15 | 09:10AM EDT

Wonder Girls Drop Track List For 'Reboot'

Fans get a glimpse at the upcoming new release from JYP Entertainment's beloved girl group.

Main 07.29.15 | 09:01AM EDT

Girl's Day Plan Japanese Debut In September

Girl’s Day are scheduled to debut in Japan this September by releasing Japanese editions of their two most popular songs.

Stars on TV / Movies 07.29.15 | 08:57AM EDT

Lee Joon To Star In Upcoming Remake Of Japanese Movie 'Key Of Life'

Actor and former MBLAQ singer Lee Joon has secured the lead role in the Korean remake of a popular Japanese movie.

Headlines 07.29.15 | 08:52AM EDT

GOT7 Member Jackson To Be Absent From Group's Upcoming KCON Appearance In Los Angeles

Fans express their disappointment of Jackson's absence from GOT7's appearance at this year's KCON 2015 LA.

Headlines 07.29.15 | 08:22AM EDT

Seungri Saves Big Bang Band Mates From Stage Fireworks During Recent MADE Tour Stop In Malaysia

Seungri becomes a hero at Big Bang's recent tour stop as he saves Daesung and T.O.P from a potential accident.

Stars on TV

Kyuhyun at MBC Music Show Champion

Stars on TV / Movies 07.30.15 | 09:35AM EDT

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Huh Gak Announced As Special 'Superstar K' Judges

Gain, Ailee, Zion.T and Hong Jin Young round out the six special judges that will appear in Superstar K7.

MAMAMOO [Um Oh Ah Yeh] at MBC Music Show Champion - Jul 8, 2015

Stars on TV / Movies 07.30.15 | 09:26AM EDT

Girl Groups Take Over 'Weekly Idol' With Girls' Generation And MAMAMOO Set To Appear

"Weekly Idol" fans have two popular groups to look forward to as Girls' Generation and MAMAMOO confirm their appearances on the popular variety show.

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