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Headlines 04.19.14 | 07:06PM EDT

Akdong Musician Tops 8 Different Charts!

The brother-sister duo is taking the music charts by storm

Main 04.18.14 | 04:07AM EDT

Korean Entertainment Comes To A Halt In the Wake Of A National Tragedy

With the rescue operations for the Se Wol ferry's shipwreck stymied by operational miscues, the Korean Entertainment Industry made a unilateral decision to shut down until the situation is improved.

Features 04.18.14 | 08:58AM EDT

EXO, INFINITE, BEAST - The Pretty Boys Are Coming Back

This spring season has been an exciting season of new music, but it's not over yet - EXO, INFINITE, and BEAST are coming back to satiate their fans' thirst.

Headlines 04.18.14 | 03:57AM EDT

From Idol To Icon - Lee Hyori Will Always Be Popular

They say popularity will one day pass, but Lee Hyori says otherwise.

Headlines 04.17.14 | 03:09PM EDT

IU To Delay Concert Ticket Sales Due To Ferry Tragedy

Singer IU, who was to begin ticket sales for her concert on April 17, has delayed it due to the ferry tragedy.

Main 04.18.14 | 12:07PM EDT

Akdong Musician's Debut Album Ranks Second On U.S. Billboard World Albums Chart

Duo Akdong Musician has made it to number 2 on the U.S. Billboard World Albums Chart.

04.17.14 | 11:48AM EDT

Jackie Chan's Idol Group JJCC Hope To Be Global Idols Like Shinhwa-2NE1

Jackie Chan's K-Pop idol group, JJCC,features 5 members both Korean and Chinese members.

04.18.14 | 11:04AM EDT

Kim Soo Hyun-Jun Ji Hyun To Attend China Samsung Galaxy S5 Promotion Event

Actors Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun along with singers Sung Si Kyung and Lyn, will be attending the China Samsung Galaxy S5 promotion event.

Headlines 04.18.14 | 08:58AM EDT

EXO 'Overdose' Album Release Postponed To Undetermined Date Due To Ferry Tragedy

SM Entertainment has decided to postpone the release of 'Overdose', as Korea continues to mourn the victims of the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

Headlines 04.18.14 | 04:15AM EDT

JungGiGo Postpones New Song ‘Want U’ Release

Singer Junggigo delayed the release of his new song "Want U." He's mourning with the victims of the sinking.

Headlines 04.18.14 | 03:45AM EDT

‘K-Pop Star’ Contestants Wage War On Music Charts

Bernard Park is the winner of "K-Pop Star 3," and in the last broadcast of the season, all eyes were on the victor to see which agency he would choose. He chose JYP Entertainment, the same agency as Park Ji Min, victor of the 1st season.

Girls' Generation

Features 04.19.14 | 06:43PM EDT

Korean Music Industry Insiders Suggest The Reign Of Girls' Generation May Soon Be Over

As new relationships are revealed, will the girl group's popularity start to fade?


Features 04.19.14 | 07:01PM EDT

5 Reasons B.A.P Stands Out Among K-Pop Idols

B.A.P's achieved a lot of love internationally, and there are some reasons why they do so well.

5 model-actors

Features 04.19.14 | 07:38PM EDT

Tall, Fair And Handsome: The Model-Actor Generation

A look at 5 promising model-actors taking K-wave by storm.

EXO’s Addictive New Song - How Do You Feel About ‘Overdose’?

Features 04.19.14 | 06:47PM EDT

International EXO Fans React To The 'Overdose' MV Being Delayed Due To National Tragedy

Some EXO fans are disgusted by other fans who show a blatant disregard for Korea's mourning.


Features 04.19.14 | 07:33PM EDT

15 Photos of Kim Soo Hyun That Will Make You Melt

15 Photos of Kim Soo Hyun That Will Make You Melt

Headlines 04.18.14 | 03:30AM EDT

Baek Chung Kang Leaving Agency, Going Solo

Singer Baek Chung Kang will embark on a new journey since his exclusive contract with Thor Entertainment expired.

Headlines 04.18.14 | 03:23AM EDT

Block B Postpones New Album Release - Mourning For Lives Lost From Ferry Tragedy

Boy group Block B has delayed the release of their new album because of the unfortunate sunken ferry tragedy.

Headlines 04.18.14 | 02:35AM EDT

K-Pop Concert 'WAPOP' April 19 Show Cancelled Due To Korean Ferry Incident

The Korean concert 'WAPOP' show on April 19 was cancelled.

Main 04.18.14 | 01:57AM EDT

Music Industry, All Activity Paused This Week... Possible Delay In Comebacks

It looks like the music industry will be 'on hold' at least until end of this week.

04.17.14 | 03:09PM EDT

Akdong Musician Tops Gaon Weekly Charts

Duo Akdong Musician's new album and title song, "200%" has toped the Gaon weekly chart.

Headlines 04.17.14 | 03:09PM EDT

IU To Delay Concert Ticket Sales Due To Ferry Tragedy

Singer IU, who was to begin ticket sales for her concert on April 17, has delayed it due to the ferry tragedy.

Headlines 04.17.14 | 08:52AM EDT

MBLAQ's G.O Will Play A Role In His Third Musical 'The Kingdom of the Winds'


Main 04.17.14 | 08:53AM EDT

These 3 Hallyu Stars Are Returning Their Fans’ Love

Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, and Park Hae Jin are rising as the 3 Hallyu stars in China. They're reaching out in various ways, including donations

Headlines 04.16.14 | 01:31AM EDT

Ailee Becomes New Brand Model for Oran-C

Ailee was recruited as the new model for beverage brand Oran-C.

Headlines 04.16.14 | 01:20AM EDT

Rapper New Champ Releases Debut Song “YAHAGE” Today

Rookie rapper New Champ released debut song "YAHAGE" on April 15.

Headlines 04.16.14 | 01:02AM EDT

Lena Park Reveals Teaser for “Double Kiss”

Lena Park revealed the music video teaser for her new track "Double Kiss" on April 15.

Headlines 04.16.14 | 12:48AM EDT

Minhee & Kanto Releases Single “Call Me Noona”

Three-member hip-hop group Miss $ member Minhee and Troy member Kanto releases "Call Me Noona", a song for all older girl-younger guy couples.

Main 04.14.14 | 05:02AM EDT

Taeyeon Holds A Fanmeeting For Thai Drink Brand 'B-ing'


Buzz 04.14.14 | 05:07AM EDT

Nichkhun's Weibo Account Reaches 3 Million Followers


Headlines 04.14.14 | 04:58AM EDT

BTS Video Of Akdong Musician For Their 'PLAY' Showcase


Headlines 04.14.14 | 04:54AM EDT

MC Mong Denies Rumors About His Comeback


Stars on TV

Stars on TV / Movies 04.19.14 | 06:56PM EDT

Super Junior M's Henry Reminds Kangin About His Time In The Army

During an interview, Henry couldn't resist picking on Kangin.

Stars on TV / Movies 04.18.14 | 04:13AM EDT

KBS Cancels April 17th Showing Of ‘Happy Together 3’

KBS 2TV's "Happy Together 3" was cancelled due to the aftermath of the sinking of the ferry.

Stars on TV / Movies 04.18.14 | 03:51AM EDT

Narsha - Jang Hyun Sung - Jun So Min Make Cameo Appearances

Let's take a look at some cameo appearances these stars have made.

Stars on TV / Movies 04.17.14 | 06:13AM EDT

‘Roommate’ EXO Chanyeol is ‘Chan-guyver’

EXO's Chanyeol is "fire-loving Chan-guyver" on the upcoming SBS Variety Show "Roommate."

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