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Headlines 08.29.14 | 07:40AM EDT

'M! Countdown' Highlights: WINNER Beats SHINee's Taemin And Wins #1 On The August 28, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

WINNER wins their fourth first place trophy and beats Taemin on the August 28th episode.

Headlines 08.29.14 | 07:57AM EDT

Baechigi Releases Their New Song 'Boy Jump' Featuring Mamamoo's Wha Sa

Hip hop duo Baechigi is back with "Boy Jump"

Headlines 08.29.14 | 10:02AM EDT

SISTAR Soyou Shows Top Notch Sexy Charms For 'I Swear' MV

Girl group SISTAR member Soyou showed off a perfect sexy and healthy body in the MV for "I Swear."

Main 08.29.14 | 10:16AM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong Heads To China Despite Assault Allegations

Singer Kim Hyun Joong flew to China today for his upcoming concert.

Headlines 08.29.14 | 07:37AM EDT

Hyungdon & Daejun's New Song 'Park Gyu' Deemed Inappropriate By KBS For Suggestive Lyrics

KBS ruled Hyungdon and Daejun's new song, "Park Gyu," and two additional songs inappropriate due to language and references.

Headlines 08.29.14 | 09:59AM EDT

NASTY NASTY Releases An R-Rated Bed Scene

Project group NASTY NASTY released a teaser.

Main 08.28.14 | 08:16AM EDT

KARA Successfully Grabs Attention Of Japan Fans As A 4 Member Group

Girl group KARA has thrown away their cute image and has revealed their new sexy concept in Japan.

Main 08.28.14 | 07:49AM EDT

1,000 Japan Fans To Show Up To Send Off Supernova Sungjae To The Military

On August 28, Supernova member Sungjae will be entering the military.

Headlines 08.28.14 | 08:22AM EDT

Park Jung Min Cast In Lead Role For Japanese Musical 'If I'

SS501 member Park Jung Min was casted as a main character for a musical in Japan.

Headlines 08.28.14 | 08:18AM EDT

Bestie To Release Repackaged Album 'I Need You' On August 29

Girl group Bestie will release a new song for their repackaged album

Headlines 08.28.14 | 08:10AM EDT

Joo Hyun Mi Celebrates Her 30th Year Anniversary With A New Album

Singer Joo Hyunmi said her favorite song is "Raining In Youngdonggyo."


Headlines 08.28.14 | 08:06AM EDT

Shinhwa Members Prove To Be Legendary Idols, Celebrate 6,000 Days Since Group's Debut

The members left anonymous messages to fans on Twitter in honor of their unprecedented anniversary as the longest-running K-Pop group

Heechul Mamacita

Headlines 08.28.14 | 07:47AM EDT

5 Ways That 'Mamacita' Teasers Highlight Super Junior’s Style

Even after being out of the Korean spotlight for several years, Super Junior's comeback has familiar aspects.

Flash Finger is setting the tone for K-EDM.

Interviews 08.28.14 | 08:08AM EDT

[Interview] Producer & DJ Flash Finger Is Bringing New Beats To K-EDM

Flash Finger is making strides as a solo artist and as a member of the production group, BeatBurger.


Features 08.27.14 | 07:59AM EDT

Comparing The 3rd Generation Boy Band Debuts Of 'The Big 3'

SM, JYP, and YG's third generation boy groups: EXO, GOT7, and WINNER and their respective debuts. How do they measure up?

Headlines 08.27.14 | 10:10AM EDT

Actor Jung Woo Sung Participates In Yoon Jong Shin's New Album

Actor Jung Woo Sung participated in Yoon Jong Shin's new album.

Headlines 08.27.14 | 10:05AM EDT

SHINee Taemin Places First With His New Album On Weekly Charts

Boy group SHINee member Taemin is taking the top of the charts with his new solo album, "ACE."

Headlines 08.27.14 | 09:45AM EDT

Wheesung And Bumkey Show Perfect Collaboration For Their New Song

Wheesung and Bumkey's new song "The Price Of Love" (Feat. Jessie of Lucky J).

Headlines 08.27.14 | 09:38AM EDT

Singer Baek Ji Young To Be A Guest At Sim Soo Bong's Anniversary Concert

Singer Baek Ji Young will be on stage with Sim Soo Bong.

Interviews 08.26.14 | 11:01PM EDT

[Interview] Jhameel Spreads A Positive Message Through His Music

Solo artist Jhameel is ready to reach new audiences with his unique sound.

Headlines 08.27.14 | 09:30AM EDT

SISTAR Ranks First On Nine Different Online Music Charts With 'I Swear'

SISTAR's new song, "I Swear" took first on nine online music charts.

Main 08.27.14 | 08:41AM EDT

Baek Ji Young ‘Won’t Disappoint’ Fans During U.S. Concerts

Singer Baek Ji Young is set to perform in L.A. and New York at the end of this month.

Headlines 08.26.14 | 10:56PM EDT

Fans Celebrate INFINITE's Sungyeol's Birthday On Twitter, Compete with One Direction Fans

INFINITE's fans competed with One Direction Fans to wish their favorite singer "happy birthday."

Main 08.26.14 | 12:31PM EDT

Nu’est To Be The New K-Pop Stars In Japan?

Nu'est will be releasing their Japanese single in November.

Main 08.26.14 | 11:44AM EDT

god To Make Ultimate Comeback Performances After 12 Year Hiatus

god is currently preparing for their fall tour, which will start in November.

Main 08.26.14 | 10:31AM EDT

T-ARA’s Hyomin Tops Chinese Music Charts Amidst ‘Nice Body’ Criticism

Hyomin ranked No.1 on a Chinese music video chart today.

Main 08.26.14 | 09:58AM EDT

INFINITE Added To ‘A-Nation’ Lineup Along With Big Bang And TVXQ

INFINITE will be performing at "a-nation" at the end of August.

Hot Issues 08.26.14 | 08:06AM EDT

G-Dragon's Personal Instagram Discovered And Deleted Shortly Afterwards

While many G-Dragon fans may know him by his wildly popular Instagram account, the Big Bang leader may be one of many K-pop idols with a hidden Instagram account.

Headlines 08.26.14 | 01:11AM EDT

JJCC 'Bing Bing Bing' Rises In Popularity As It Gets Featured On 'Youth Over Flower'

Group JJCC's comeback title song "Bing Bing Bing" caught much attention as it was played on tvN program "Youth Over Flower".

Main 08.25.14 | 08:26AM EDT

FTISLAND To Release Four Different Versions Of ‘To The Light’

FTISLAND will be releasing their album "To The Light" in October.

Hot Issues 08.25.14 | 06:21AM EDT

KARA Fans Notice Similarities Between New Member Youngji And Seungyeon

KARA recently made its comeback with a new member, and some fans say she looks too much like an older member of the girl group.

Stars on TV / Movies 08.25.14 | 06:02AM EDT

YG's B Team To Be On Another Survival Show With Three New Trainees

After losing out to the A Team (who eventually debuted as WINNER) YG Entertainment's B Team will be competing with three other trainees.

Stars on TV

Kwak Dong Yeon To Debut With 'One Who Displaces In Time'

Stars on TV / Movies 08.29.14 | 08:24AM EDT

Kwak Dong Yeon To Make Film Debut In 'One Who Displaces In Time'

Kwak Dong Yeon from MBC's "I Live Alone," has been cast in his first movie.

son dam bi busking concert

Stars on TV / Movies 08.29.14 | 12:47AM EDT

Son Dam Bi Tries 'Busking' For The First Time On "Picnic"

Singer Son Dam Bi will be trying busking for the first time on MBC Music "Picnic Live".

zico on 4 things show

Stars on TV / Movies 08.27.14 | 12:19AM EDT

Block B Zico Talks About The Future Of His Career On '4 Things Show' "It's Time For Solo Activity"

Group Block B's member Zico revealed his determination for solo activity.

Changmin appears on 'The Night Watchman's Journal' original soundtrack.

Stars on TV / Movies 08.26.14 | 10:57PM EDT

K-Drama OST Roundup: TVXQ Changmin Sings ‘Because I Couldn’t Say I Love You’ For ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’

Changmin lends his voice to 'The Night Watchman's Journal' soundtrack, which stars TVXQ member Yunho.

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