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10.22.16 | 07:03AM EDT

BTOB Postpone Fanmeeting In Manila

Manila fanmeeting of BTOB has been postponed ...

10.22.16 | 06:57AM EDT

New Girl Group ‘BULLDOK’ Makes Live Debut!

Live debut for Kpop girl group BULLDOK ...

10.22.16 | 06:54AM EDT

SHINee’s Jonghyun To Have Five Solo Concerts!

Jonghyun set to have 5 solo concerts ...

10.22.16 | 06:52AM EDT

EXO Lay’s Mini-Album Is Soon To Drop!

Mini album launch for EXO Lay ...

10.21.16 | 11:22PM EDT

First generation idol group Shinhwa is back with the new album

The first generation of idol Shinhwa has prepared to relase their 13th album which to be released next month. ...

10.21.16 | 11:11PM EDT

BTS' Blood, Sweat and Tears Wins at Music Bank + performances from Shinee, I.O.I., GOT7 and more!

After winning at Show Champion and M Countdown, Blood Sweat and Tears take third win at Music Bank. ...

10.21.16 | 11:01PM EDT

EXO Lay's Upcoming Album Finally Has a Release Date + More Details on the Solo Album

SM Entertainment has finally confirmed the release date of EXO Lay's solo album. ...

10.21.16 | 04:52AM EDT

Cube Updates Fans On BTOB’S Upcoming Comeback!

Cube updates fans regarding BTOB's upcoming comeback ...

10.21.16 | 04:50AM EDT


Kpop boy group BigBang is back! ...

10.21.16 | 04:48AM EDT

VIXX Begins Their Transformation Into Kratos

VIXX transformation for their upcoming comeback ...


Headlines 10.21.16 | 04:48AM EDT

VIXX Begins Their Transformation Into Kratos

VIXX transformation for their upcoming comeback

Still image from the final scene of "Drinking Solo" episode 14 when Gyong-Myung confronted his brother Jung-Sok.

K-Drama 10.21.16 | 12:01AM EDT

"Drinking Solo" final episodes spoiler: Ha-Na finds out Jung-Sok is Gyong-Myung's big brother

tvN drama "Drinking Solo" will end its episode next week and the climax is surmounting as Ha-Na finds out that Jung-Sok is Gyong-Myung's big brother

Blackpink teaser comeback

Headlines 10.20.16 | 11:20PM EDT

BlackPink To Comeback In November, YG Confirms

YG reveals who is next for YG Entertainment to comeback. Blackpink will be coming back next moth with another song.

Headlines 10.19.16 | 11:15PM EDT

Twice Reveals Official Lightstick, Candy Bong Plus Releases Video Teaser For “TT” Comeback

Twice hjas released another teaser for "TT" comeback and it a video of two cute littel kids. They have also released their official lightstick and it looks like a candy.

Headlines 10.19.16 | 11:14PM EDT

Winner's Nam Tae Hyun Is Not Dating Actress Jung Ryeo Won

Rumours about WINNER's Nam Taehyun and actress' Jung Ryeo Won dating have been making circulating for some time now and it has been denied by both agencies already.

Headlines 10.19.16 | 06:48AM EDT

BAP Maybe Planning For A November Comeback With A Teaser Picture; Daehyun Might Be X

BAP Might have a comeback next moth because they have released a teaser with a caption "B.A.P 티저 포스터(Teaser Poster) #BAP #NOIR #BAPTEASER #WhoIsX".

Headlines 10.19.16 | 06:47AM EDT

VIXX Are In Authority For 'Kratos' Teaser Photos

VIXX has released another concept photos for comeback 'Kratos'. This time they are dressed in a military uniform and are exerting authority.

Headlines 10.19.16 | 06:46AM EDT

S.E.S. Eugene Works Hard For The Upcoming Reunion

SES is having a comeback and Eugene is working hard for it. according to Bada

Headlines 10.19.16 | 05:03AM EDT

TWICE Drops First Teasers For Upcoming Mini Album ‘TT!’

Teaser for upcoming mini album of TWICE

Headlines 10.19.16 | 05:01AM EDT

Hyorin Looks Fierce In First Concept Photos For ‘Love Like This’

Hyron first concept photos

Headlines 10.19.16 | 04:58AM EDT

WINGS’ Sets New Records For Kpop On ‘Billboard 200!’

BTS 'Wings' sets new record on Billboard 200

Headlines 10.19.16 | 04:56AM EDT

B.A.P. Hints At Comeback With Mysterious ‘Noir’ Teaser

Comeback of Kpop boy group B.A.P

Stars on TV

 ‘Love In The Moonlight’

Hot Issues 10.20.16 | 12:17AM EDT

‘Love In The Moonlight’ Under Controversy Because of Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum’s Kiss Scene

‘Love In The Moonlight’ has ended with 18 episodes last Oct 18. Before that, Korean Broadcast Commission has called out the drama for unnecessary exposure of minor child actress Kim Yoo Jung's skin and her kissing scene with Park Bo Gum.

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