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Headlines 10.01.14 | 06:42AM EDT

SECRET Ji Eun Works With Duble Sidekick For Her Upcoming Solo Single

SECRET's Ji Eun will release her first mini album.

Headlines 10.01.14 | 01:13AM EDT

Troy Returns With A New Single

Hip hop group Troy returned with a new single "Why are We" on September 23.

Headlines 10.01.14 | 01:11AM EDT

T-ARA Wins The MWave Kpop Star Award From Fans Worldwide

Girl group T-ARA won the '2014 MWave Kpop Star World Championship' trophy.

Headlines 09.30.14 | 12:24PM EDT

Jessica And Tyler Kwon Reported To Be Planning Their Wedding

Korean media outlet Sports Dong-Ah reported that the two will marry in May.

Main 09.30.14 | 09:45AM EDT

SHINee ‘Looks So Different’ As ‘I’m Your Boy’ Reaches Maximum Success

SHINee topped Japan's Oricon Weekly Chart for the first time since debuting in Japan four years ago.

Interviews 09.30.14 | 12:11AM EDT

Filmmaker Salima Koroma Talks About 'Bad Rap' Documentary Featuring Jay Park, Dumbfoundead & Other Korean-American Hip-Hop Artists [Exclusive]

Celebrity Spotlight Interview with Salima Koroma, the filmmaker behind a new documentary showcasing Korean-American rappers

Main 09.30.14 | 07:29AM EDT

Girls' Generation And Jessica 'StayStrong' Tweets Trending Worldwide

Fan tweets exploded after Jessica was confirmed to be withdrawing from popular K-Pop girl group Girls' Generation

Headlines 09.30.14 | 02:53AM EDT

Kim Dong Ryul Introduces All The Artists Who Partipated In His New Album

Singer Kim Dong Ryul talked about each musician who participated in his new album, Companion.

Headlines 09.30.14 | 02:50AM EDT

BeatBurger Releases Their First Mini Album With Six Tracks

Electronic Creative group BeatBurger will released their first mini album, Electric Dream on September 29.

Headlines 09.30.14 | 02:48AM EDT

Vocal Duo Joy o'clock Releases A New Single

Singer songwriter vocal group Joy o'clock released a single, "Small Miracle" on September 29.

Headlines 09.30.14 | 02:44AM EDT

Hong Dae Kwang To Have Concerts On Christmas Eve And Christmas Day

Singer Hong Dae Kwang began his concert tour.

Headlines 09.30.14 | 02:05AM EDT

Seo Taiji Jumps On The IU Bandwagon, K-Pop Icon Will Join Singer In New Collaboration

IU's next collaboration project will be with K-Pop legend Seo Taiji

First Kris, then Jessica. Will f(x) Sulli be the next to leave?

Features 10.01.14 | 07:21AM EDT

Jessica-Kris-Sulli: 2014 Has Not Been A Good Year For SM Entertainment’s Promotional Activities [Opinion]

SM Entertainment has struggled with scandals involving Girls’ Generation Jessica, former EXO Kris, and f(x) Sulli. Is SM Entertainment on a downward spiral?


Features 10.01.14 | 07:07AM EDT

4 September K-Pop Music Videos You Need To Watch Right Now

The best music videos of September 2014 - which was your favorite?

jessica update self-camera

Headlines 09.30.14 | 06:47AM EDT

SM Entertainment Confirms Jessica's Withdrawal From Girls' Generation

One of K-Pop's longest-running acts with no changes to its line-up won't be able to boast that distinction for much longer after Jessica and SM Entertainment announced the singer will soon be leaving the group.

Even Girls' Generation Cannot Avoid The '2nd Generation' Girl Group Changes

Hot Issues 09.30.14 | 10:51AM EDT

Even Girls' Generation Cannot Avoid The '2nd Generation' Girl Group Curse

In 2007, Girls' Generation debuted along with Wonder Girls and KARA. These groups were the next generation of girl groups for K-Pop after the 1st generation groups such as S.E.S and Fink.L.

Headlines 09.30.14 | 12:55AM EDT

After School's Raina To 'Reset' As A Solo Artist With Digital Single On October 8

After School's Raina will drop her first solo single album online October 8

Headlines 09.29.14 | 11:02PM EDT

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Revamped In New Online Game 'Ocean Tales'

GAMEVIL's social network game Ocean Tales released new content from YG Entertainment allowing people to add "Gangnam Style" to their towns

Headlines 09.29.14 | 10:29PM EDT

Crayon Pop Sub-Unit Strawberry Milk Confirmed To Debut In October

K-Pop will soon have its first twin sub-unit. Sisters ChoA and Way of girl group Crayon Pop are set to debut as Strawberry Milk in October

Headlines 09.29.14 | 01:37PM EDT

2PM Releases A Grand Edition Of Their Album 'Go Crazy'

2PM released a special album of their most recent album, Go Crazy.

Features 09.29.14 | 01:37PM EDT

Big Bang Taeyang Gets Featured In U.S. Magazine Complex

A magazine from United States, Complex featured BIG BANG Taeyang as a unique artist with a strong personality.

Main 09.29.14 | 02:52PM EDT

Will Big Star Follow In The Footsteps of K-Pop Band g.o.d?

Big Star held their 100th concert over the weekend.

Headlines 09.29.14 | 01:38PM EDT

Juniel's New Song 'I Think I'm In Love' Is Sweeter Than Ever

The beginning of love is the sweetest.

Main 09.29.14 | 09:20AM EDT

U-KISS Ends 'Scandal In Europe' Tour With Magical Paris Concert

U-KISS swept Paris fans off their feet in the final leg of their European tour.

Main 09.29.14 | 06:38AM EDT

2014 Hallyu Dream Festival Excites International K-Pop Fans Both In Person And Through Social Media

Event attendees flock to social media to upload highlights from this year's Festival

Features 09.29.14 | 12:19AM EDT

5 B1A4 Songs US Fans Should Know Before The 'Road Trip In The USA' Tour

As B1A4 prepares to tour the US, fans should also prepare to see them live by listening to and familiarizing themselves with the group's best songs

Main 09.28.14 | 12:57PM EDT

'Glee' Star Darren Criss Praises Akdong Musician's Song '200%'

Darren Criss compliments Akdong Musician through Twitter

Interviews 09.28.14 | 12:41PM EDT

Kollaboration Star Finalist Sung Lee Brings Beatboxing To The Apollo Theater & Beyond [Exclusive]

Kollaboration NY winner Sung Lee will compete in the Kollaboration Star finals, this November.

Headlines 09.28.14 | 11:30PM EDT

Ailee Takes Over Online Music Charts With 'Don't Touch Me'

Ailee is taking over the online music charts with her new song, "Don't Touch Me."

Headlines 09.28.14 | 11:29PM EDT

FTISLAND To Release Their First Translated Album 'ALL ABOUT'

FTISLAND will release their first translated album.

Main 09.28.14 | 01:57PM EDT

g.o.d Will Perform Their 15th Anniversary Concert In New Jersey & Los Angeles

K-Pop legends g.o.d will perform in the United States during their anniversary tour.

Main 09.28.14 | 01:15PM EDT

Girls' Generation 'The Boys' Surpasses 100 Million Views On YouTube

Girls' Generation has reached 100 million views on YouTube for the third time.

Headlines 09.28.14 | 12:38PM EDT

VIXX To Make A Comeback With Attention-Grabbing Concept On October 14

K-Pop boy group VIXX has confirmed a comeback in October.

Stars on TV


Stars on TV / Movies 09.30.14 | 07:19AM EDT

TaeTiSeo's Reality Show Has Been Extended By One More Episode

Girls' Generation's sub-unit TaeTiSeo will add one more episode to their reality show 'The TaeTiSeo'

'Healing Camp' Yoo Yeon Seok Says He Kept A Picture Of Sung Yuri In His Wallet

Stars on TV / Movies 09.30.14 | 02:45AM EDT

'Healing Camp' Yoo Yeon Seok Says He Kept A Picture Of Sung Yuri In His Wallet

Actor Yoo Yeon Seok said that he was a huge fan of Sung Yuri on SBS "Healing Camp."

Sungyeol, L, Hoya, and Wooyoung are currently starring in Korean dramas.

Stars on TV / Movies 09.29.14 | 06:52AM EDT

Which INFINITE Member Is The Best Acting Idol? [Poll]

INFINITE’s L, Hoya, Wooyoung, and Sungyeol are currently starring in K-Dramas. Which member of INFINITE do you think is the best acting idol?

'Boarding House

Stars on TV / Movies 09.28.14 | 12:28PM EDT

Six Reasons To Watch 'Boarding House #24'

'Boarding House #24' is an K-Pop idol situation comedy reminiscent of the 'High Kick' series.

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