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Headlines 10.25.14 | 11:17AM EDT

2AM 'Let's Talk' Comeback Teasers And Track List Give The First Glimpse At The Group's JYP Release

2AM will be making a comeback on October 30, 2014 through JYP Entertainment.

Headlines 10.25.14 | 10:57AM EDT

2NE1 Minzy's Older Sister, Gong Min Young, Releases Contemporary Christian Album 'Rebirth'

2NE1 Minzy's sister released a gospel album, "Rebirth," through Sony Music.

Buzz 10.25.14 | 05:34AM EDT

'Comeback' AOA & Hello Venus, Both Produced By Brave Brothers But Different Sounds

Girl groups AOA and Hello Venus are making their comebacks and famous producer Brave Brothers wrote the songs for both of the groups.

Headlines 10.25.14 | 05:28AM EDT

Crush, Releasing New Song 'Sofa' On October 30

Crush will be releasing his new song "SOFA" on October 30.

Hot Issues 10.24.14 | 12:12PM EDT

Jessica Denies Marriage Rumors And Reveals She Doesn't Plan On Getting Hitched Anytime Soon

Former Girls' Generation member Jessica has officially come forward regarding the marriage rumors surfacing the internet.

Headlines 10.24.14 | 01:03AM EDT

Luhan Seen In China For The First Time Since SM Entertainment Lawsuit & EXO Departure

Luhan, who recently left the group EXO, was seen ordering coffee at a cafe in China

Headlines 10.23.14 | 08:27AM EDT

f(x)'s Sulli To Attend 'Fashion King' Press Conference, 1st Public Appearance Since Hiatus

f(x)'s Sulli is making her appearance after being on hiatus.

Headlines 10.23.14 | 08:05AM EDT

Bobby Kim Makes A Comeback With 4th EP And 'Apology' Music Video

Bobby Kim returns to the music world through the release of his new EP and music video after a 4-year hiatus.

Headlines 10.23.14 | 07:58AM EDT

Lee Seok Hoon Finishes Mandatory Military Service, Joins A New Label

SG Wannabe's Lee Seok Hoon discharges from his military service.

Hot Issues 10.23.14 | 07:17AM EDT

Henry & Lee Guk Joo A Couple? Questions Arise After Photo Of The Idol And Comedienne Is Revealed

The idol shared pictures of the two of them on Twitter.

Headlines 10.23.14 | 01:12AM EDT

Hong Jin Young To Make A Comeback With Her First Mini Album 'Life Note'

Singer Hong Jin Young will release her first mini album Life Note.

Headlines 10.22.14 | 03:26PM EDT

iKON's First Single Slated For January, YG Reveals New Group's Debut Strategy

Unlike WINNER, iKON will be debuting with one song and will pump out "as many singles as possible" in their first year.


Hot Issues 10.25.14 | 10:38AM EDT

K-Pop's Prerequisite Idol Trainee Period Criticized Following SM Entertainment Artist Exodus

Foreign trainees and the lengthy trainee period are seen as being problematic for big Korean record labels, causing many critics to give the training period a much closer look.


Headlines 10.24.14 | 10:05AM EDT

2NE1 Forgo Attendance At Year-End Awards Ceremonies As Disbandment Rumors Continue

With just about two months left in 2014, preparations have begun for K-Pop's various year-end events, but one group will be noticeably absent from public activities in the next couple months.

Girl Groups To Make A Comeback Through Producer Brave Brothers, 'AOA Vs. Hello Venus'

Features 10.24.14 | 11:17AM EDT

Girl Groups To Make A Comeback Through Producer Brave Brothers, 'AOA Vs. Hello Venus'

Girl groups AOA and Hello Venus will both be making comebacks this fall in November.

Ladies Code's Car Accident Investigation Gets Finalized

Headlines 10.23.14 | 07:41AM EDT

Ladies' Code Members Discharged From Hospital Following Tragic Car Accident That Took The Lives Of EunB & RiSe

Polaris Entertainment confirmed that Ashley, Zuny and Sojung were released over a month after the September 3 car accident that left two of the group members dead.

Headlines 10.22.14 | 02:07PM EDT

SM Entertainment Addresses f(x) Krystal's Fainting Spell

According to SM, Krystal is feeling better and has returned to her 'My Lovely Girl' filming schedule.

Headlines 10.22.14 | 10:32AM EDT

G-Dragon Helps Produce YG Entertainment's New Girl Group While Fans Anticipate A Big Bang Comeback

G-Dragon reportedly composed and produced two songs for the new girl group's debut album while Big Bang is said to be working on their comeback album.

Hot Issues 10.22.14 | 07:53AM EDT

Block B Members Ask Fans To Stop 'Frightening' Actions Through A Series Of Twitter Updates

Zico, Park Kyung, and Jaehyo all tweeted messages scolding fans who have invaded the Block B members' personal lives.

Headlines 10.22.14 | 07:18AM EDT

EXO Fans Allegedly Sneak Into Press Conference Pretending To Be Reporters

The press conference for "Cart" was delayed due to security issues.

Headlines 10.22.14 | 07:31AM EDT

Everything Is 'OK' For Strawberry Milk As Debut Music Video Surpasses 1 Million YouTube Views

Crayon Pop twins Choa and Way are quickly gaining popularity for their Crayon Pop sub-unit, Strawberry Milk.

Headlines 10.21.14 | 07:50AM EDT

ZE:A's Leader Lee Hoo Announces Hiatus Through Twitter

The idol and Star Empire Entertainment published messages explaining the decision after disagreements went public last month

Headlines 10.21.14 | 07:04AM EDT

Keeping It In The Family: YG Trainee Kim Jisoo Stars In Epik High's 'Spoiler' Music Video

YG Entertainment released Epik High's new music video with Kim Jisoo as the heroine.

Features 10.20.14 | 12:05PM EDT

Kim Eunbi Leaves YG For Health Reasons - How Will Her Departure Affect The Upcoming Girl Group?

With the departure of Kim Eunbi, what will the future look like for YG Entertainment's new girl group?

Headlines 10.20.14 | 08:17AM EDT

VIXX Drops Riveting Dance Practice Version As ‘Error’ Music Video Hits 1 Million Views

Can fans unlock three more rewards with each additional 1 million views?

Features 10.20.14 | 08:07AM EDT

Shift From Groups To Solo Artists As Ailee, IU, Kim Dong Ryul & Roy Kim Win On Weekly Music Shows

In October, K-Pop has largely been dominated by solo artists.

Headlines 10.19.14 | 11:45PM EDT

BEAST Show Support For Rival Group MBLAQ As Lee Joon & Thunder Continue Negotiations With J.Tune

BEAST released latest single and new EP, but they certainly have not forgotten their peers.

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