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02.27.17 | 01:57PM EST

Leeteuk Pointed Out The Differences Of Top Three MCs In Korea Based On His Experience

Recently, Leeteuk was the guest for the show "Happy Together." When he was asked about MC he has ben working with, he ...

02.27.17 | 01:56PM EST

Taeyeon Dropped The Seventh Clip, Singing 'Fire' For The Upcoming Album 'My Voice'

SNSD's Taeyeon dropped the seventh clip for the upcoming album "My Voice." The title of the song is "Fire," which is the ...

02.27.17 | 01:56PM EST

Sandara Park Shows Different Beauty Looks On Instagram, G-Dragon To Guest On Get It Beauty?

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park shares different looks on Instagram and shines in each and every one. Fans hope newest ...

02.27.17 | 12:05PM EST

GFRIEND Channels Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' In 'Fingertip' Teaser MV; Girls Bare Edgier Look For New Album

GFRIEND shares edgier style for "FIngertip" teaser MV. Comeback mini album "The Awakening" to come out March 6.

02.27.17 | 12:05PM EST

Taeyeon Gets Fans Even More Excited About Solo Album With 'Fine' Teaser MV; 'My Voice'Comes Out On February 28

Taeyeon released a 29 second clip of her song "Fine" from her upcoming solo album "My Voice" and wows fans with ...

02.27.17 | 12:04PM EST

Bromance At Its Best! Ji Soo Surprises Best Friend Nam Joo Hyuk With Surprise Appearance At Fan Meeting!

Ji Soo surprised his good friend Nam Joo Hyuk when he made a surprise appearance at his fan meeting where the bros ...

02.27.17 | 12:03PM EST

Jun. K. Of 2PM Suffers Fractures After Falling Off Stage During '6 Nights' Concert

Jun.K of 2PM fell off the stage during their concert at the Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul on Feb. 26.


Headlines 02.26.17 | 03:31AM EST

VICTON Have Released All The Image Teasers For ‘Ready’

VICTON image teasers


Hot Issues 02.23.17 | 11:12PM EST

ONCE Of TWICE Will Soon Be The Official Fan Club, Announced By JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment announced that TWICE would soon have their official fan club. The announcement was made in Twitter and added with cute logo.


Hot Issues 02.23.17 | 11:11PM EST

MAD TOWN Is At Rock Bottom After Agency’s CEO Is Arrested For Committing Multiple Criminal Offenses

MAD TOWN has it the worst for the scandal involving its agency's CEO. The idol group has just joined in the agency for a month before the agency hits rock bottom for fraud scandal.

02.27.17 | 01:01AM EST

Super Junior's Kyuhyun Will Have His Encore Concert In April To Complete His Tremendous Concert Series

Kyuhyun will have his encore concert in April in Korea. Previously he has succeeded to hold several concerts in Japan ...

02.26.17 | 08:51PM EST

SF9 Released Chinese Version Of Their Latest Song 'Still My Lady' Watch Here!

SF9 has just released the Chinese version MV of the song "Still My Lady on the agency official channel. The concept is ...

02.26.17 | 08:39PM EST

BIG BANG, BTS Fans At War Over 'No Signal' Concept In BTS Performance; Gaon Chart Apologizes

Big Bang and BTS fans are at war over allegations that the concept of BTS's recet performance was "copied" from Big ...

02.26.17 | 03:31AM EST

VICTON Have Released All The Image Teasers For ‘Ready’

VICTON image teasers

02.24.17 | 06:55AM EST

BTS Bounces Back With M! Countdown Win After Gaon Chart 'Plagiarism' Controversy

BTS won over Red Velvet in their first performance of new singles "Spring Day" and "Not Today" on music show M! ...

02.24.17 | 06:52AM EST

'King of Fanservice' Gong Yoo Plans Charity Bazaar For Upcoming Fan Meeting

Goblin Star Gong Yoo wants to get closer to his fans by sharing the experience of giving through a charity event that ...

02.24.17 | 06:47AM EST

Nam Joo Hyuk Cast For Lead Role In 'Bride Of The Water God 2017'; Shin Se Kyung, Gong Myung, Krystal Confirmed For Fantasy Drama!

"Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo" star Nam Joo Hyuk has been tapped to play the wind god Ha Baek in tvN fantasy drama ...

02.23.17 | 11:11PM EST

100% MV 'Sketch U' Depicts Stages Of Heartbreak: Fans Say Group Is Talented But Underrated

100% released the Sketch U MV, the first song in its comeback mini album "Sketchbook." Members say the album will ...

Stars on TV

Moon Chae Won

Stars on TV / Movies 02.23.17 | 11:16PM EST

Moon Chae Won to star in Korean remake of ‘Criminal Minds’ alongside Lee Joon Ki, Kim Ah Joong?

Did Moon Chae Won accept the offer to appear in "Criminal Minds"? Find out here!

U KISS' Eli goes for a swim with his family on 'Mr House Husband'

Main 02.23.17 | 11:15PM EST

U-Kiss' Eli Took His Little Family For A Swim Together And Showed His Affection On 'Mr. House Husband'

Eli of U-Kiss made an appearance on "Mr. House Husband". On the recent episode, he took his family for a swim and he showed how he cared for his wife.


Stars on TV / Movies 02.23.17 | 05:56AM EST

Super Junior’s Yesung Teases Fans With Behind The Scenes Images For ‘Voice’

Yesung behind the scenes image for 'Voice'

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