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01.23.17 | 07:13AM EST

Gain And Jeff Bernat Collaborate For Newest Single ‘Pray!’

Gain And Jeff Bernat collaboration ...

01.23.17 | 07:11AM EST

Zion.T To Comeback In February

Zion.T comeback ...

01.23.17 | 06:53AM EST

EXO Achieves A Daesang All Kill!

EXO wins Daesang ...

01.21.17 | 05:22AM EST

Red Velvet Is Preparing For A Comeback!

Red Velvet comeback ...

01.21.17 | 05:15AM EST

Kris Can’t Lose Because He’s Got Juice In New Music Video

Kris new MV ...

01.21.17 | 05:14AM EST

Monsta X Announces Comeback!

Monsta X comeback ...

01.19.17 | 05:40AM EST

CLC Comes Smashing Back With 'Hobgoblin' MV

CLC has released their much-awaited 'Hobgoblin' music video. ...

01.18.17 | 09:19PM EST

Sandara Park Opens Up About Her Insecurities, Calls Herself The Least Talented Member Of 2NE1

In an interview with "Talking Street," 2NE1's Sandara Park opens up about her insecurities while she was a part of 2NE1. ...

01.18.17 | 09:10PM EST

Loona Releases ‘My Melody’ And ‘My Sunday’ With 4 Members

The upcoming girl group Loona has released two songs. They have released "My Melody" and "My Sunday" with the 4 ...

01.18.17 | 08:45PM EST

Bae Suzy Got An All-Kill For 'Pretend' And Park Jinyoung Was So Proud About That

Bae Suzy's song "Pretend" is well received and got all kill after the release. JYP praised her through instagram saying ...

01.18.17 | 08:36PM EST

MBC’s Idol Star Athletic Championship 2017 Will Put Safety At The Highest Priority

The sporting event for idol groups will put safety as the number one priority this year. The event will not compete ...

01.18.17 | 08:29PM EST

Cosmic Girls Member Cheng Xiao Surprised Hosts Of “Hello Counselor” With Her Amazing Flexibility

Cheng Xiao from the Cosmic Girls girl group showed her amazing flexibility in the KBS talk show “Hello Counselor.” ...

01.18.17 | 08:27PM EST

Nam Joo-Hyuk Becomes More Confident After ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo;’ He Admits Bok-Joo Is His Ideal Type

Young actor Nam Joo-Hyuk said that he becomes more confident after playing the lead character in the MBC drama ...

01.18.17 | 08:26PM EST

TWICE Member Jeongyeon, Kim Min-Seok & Gong Seung-Yeun Will End Their Tenure As SBS ‘Inkigayo’ Hosts

Member of popular girl group TWICE Jeongyeon with her sister actress Gong Seung-Yeun and actor Kim Min-Seok will end ...

Stars on TV


Stars on TV / Movies 01.23.17 | 07:16AM EST

Drama Review Corner: Final Thoughts On ‘Goblin’

Kdrama review for 'Goblin'

Song Ji Hyo with Gary

Stars on TV / Movies 01.21.17 | 03:36AM EST

Song Ji Hyo Did Not Think She will Host a Beauty Program; Actress Gushed About Co-Host Gong Myung

Song Ji Hyo will have her own beauty show following cancellation of "Running Man." Actor Gong Myung will join her as co-host.

Gugudan Sejeong Cast In ‘Law Of The Jungle’ Sumatra

Stars on TV / Movies 01.20.17 | 12:34PM EST

Gugudan Sejeong Cast In ‘Law Of The Jungle’ Sumatra

Gugudan Sejeong has been confirmed to be in the cast of ‘Law Of The Jungle’ in Sumatra, Indonesia.

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