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Headlines 04.23.14 | 08:40AM EDT

Comebacks Pushed From April To May, Possibly Until July

It'll be hard to see comebacks as early as May.

Headlines 04.23.14 | 04:12AM EDT

MBC TV Programs Return to Normal Schedule for Broadcast

MBC's programs will finally normalize after days of drama and show program cancellation.

Headlines 04.23.14 | 04:47AM EDT

J-Cera Releases “Love Rides the Song” OST “Star” Today

J-Cera's "Star" is part of the soundtrack for KBS drama "Love Rides the Song", collaborated by Jiman and Rasong.

Headlines 04.23.14 | 04:42AM EDT

IU and High4 Takes Three Music Charts, Becoming This Year's Spring Song

Rookie group High4 took three music charts with their new track "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms", featuring IU.

Headlines 04.23.14 | 04:31AM EDT

Jung Il Woo Cancels Fan Meeting in Grievance Over Sewol

Actor Jung Il Woo canceled his May fan meeting.

Headlines 04.23.14 | 04:36AM EDT

Son Ho Young's “Share House” Cancels Broadcast

Olive TV's "Share House", known to be Son Ho Young's returning program, announced the cancellation of its second episode to join in grief for the Sewol victims.

Headlines 04.23.14 | 04:28AM EDT

“K-Pop Star” Seniors 15& Beat Juniors Akdong Musician and Rise to the Top

"K-Pop Star: Season 1"'s winner Park Ji Min's group 15& rose above "K-Pop Star: Season 2" winner Akdong Musician and took the top.

Headlines 04.23.14 | 04:08AM EDT

Mnet Cancels Major Show Programs Including “M Countdown” and “Beatles Code”

Cable channel Mnet's major show programs have also announced cancellation this week.

Headlines 04.23.14 | 04:02AM EDT

Music Charts on Hold for a Week as Ferry Sinking Devastates Nation

After the sinking of the ferry on April 16, music charts have come to a stop, with the TOP 10 songs keeping their respective places on charts for a week.

Headlines 04.23.14 | 03:57AM EDT

TEEN TOP Cancels Surprise Concert to Join Grieving for Sewol

TEEN TOP joined in expressing their sorrow over the Sewol sinking by canceling their concert scheduled for next month.

Interviews 04.23.14 | 03:50AM EDT

'K-Pop Star 3' Victor Bernard Park Chooses JYP... What Was Park Jin Young's Reaction?

Bernard Park was the final winner of 'K-Pop Star 3' and decided to choose JYP Entertainment as his agency. At this, Park Jin Young could not hide in his happiness.

Rookies & Idols Collaborate - The Way To Being Number 1

Features 04.23.14 | 08:40AM EDT

Rookies & Idols Collaborate - The Way To Being Number 1?

Singers' joint projects and collaborations are establishing a new type of strategy.

All Of The Music Industry Is At A Halt - What Are They Up To Right Now?

Headlines 04.23.14 | 08:40AM EDT

All Of The Music Industry Is At A Halt - What Are They Up To Right Now?

While broadcasting companies are airing dramas normally as planned and movies are being released according to schedule, the entire music industry has seemingly come to a halt.

Audition Contestant + Big Agency = Instant Success

Hot Issues 04.23.14 | 08:39AM EDT

Audition Contestant + Big Agency = Instant Success?

In order to succeed, only two conditions need to be met.

Entertainment Stars Respond Differently To The Sewol Ferry Tragedy - In Anger, Advice, Prayer

Hot Issues 04.23.14 | 08:39AM EDT

Entertainment Stars Respond Differently To The Sewol Ferry Tragedy - In Anger, Advice, Prayer

Stars in the entertainment industry are sharing their sorrow through their SNS.

Headlines 04.23.14 | 03:28AM EDT

TV Programs on Full Hold... Radio Programs Remain Low

The sinking of the Sewol ferry has led many TV programs to put their programs on hold, while radio programs have selected to join in the grieving of the nation by playing respectful and serious songs.

Hot Issues 04.23.14 | 08:41AM EDT

Music Industry Goes Into Major Check-Up Of New Songs In Light Of Ferry Incident

The music industry went into major check-up and editing of new songs coming out in May in light of the sunken ferry incident that happened on April 16.

Headlines 04.22.14 | 09:43AM EDT

Group 2NE1's 'Come Back Home' MV Reaches Over 10 Million Views On YouTube

Girl group 2NE1's new song, "Come Back Home" has reached over 10 million views on YouTube.

Headlines 04.22.14 | 09:06AM EDT

Trio Group Phantom To delay Their Comeback


Headlines 04.22.14 | 09:04AM EDT

‘Mourning Precedes Performances’ - Singers Cancel All Concerts For Now

As the days pass, singers are canceling their concerts one after another to mourn the Sewol tragedy.

Headlines 04.22.14 | 09:05AM EDT

Kim Woo Bin-Lee Na Young, Outdoor Coffee Commercial

Actors Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young are continuing to be modeling partners.

Headlines 04.22.14 | 04:43AM EDT

Music Industry Expecting Delays Of At Least 2 Weeks

Singers that had been planning for comebacks in April and May are adjusting their schedules for 2 weeks' delay.

Headlines 04.22.14 | 04:46AM EDT

Ha Ji Won Donates $100,000 To Sunken Ferry Rescue

Actress Ha Ji Won donated $100,000 to the rescue project of the sunken S Korean ferry.

04.22.14 | 03:27AM EDT

Yoon So Hee Selected as Beauty Brand Model

Actress Yoon So Hee was selected as Kiss Me cosmetic's brand model.

Stars on TV / Movies 04.19.14 | 06:56PM EDT

Super Junior M's Henry Reminds Kangin About His Time In The Army

During an interview, Henry couldn't resist picking on Kangin.

Stars on TV / Movies 04.22.14 | 03:11AM EDT

JYJ Jaejoong Transitions From Flower Boy To Tough Guy In First Video Teaser For 'Triangle'

The first video teaser scenes of Jaejoong, Lee Bum Soo, and ZE:A Siwan from 'Triangle' have been released.

Stars on TV / Movies 04.22.14 | 02:18AM EDT

Nam Sang Mi and Lee Jun Ki Reunite After 8 Years in "The Joseon Shooter"

Nam Sang Mi was cast for the female lead Jung Soo In for KBS drama "The Joseon Shooter" to be aired after "Golden Cross".

Headlines 04.22.14 | 02:07AM EDT

2BiC Cancels Solo Concert Scheduled on April 26-27

Duo 2BiC canceled their solo concert "BiC Show Unplugged".

04.21.14 | 01:13PM EDT

May's Comeback Artists May Push Back Comeback Date to July

Musicians that had previously scheduled their comeback for May are rescheduling their comeback dates to July.

Main 04.18.14 | 12:07PM EDT

Akdong Musician's Debut Album Ranks Second On U.S. Billboard World Albums Chart

Duo Akdong Musician has made it to number 2 on the U.S. Billboard World Albums Chart.

04.18.14 | 11:04AM EDT

Kim Soo Hyun-Jun Ji Hyun To Attend China Samsung Galaxy S5 Promotion Event

Actors Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun along with singers Sung Si Kyung and Lyn, will be attending the China Samsung Galaxy S5 promotion event.

Stars on TV

Stars on TV / Movies 04.23.14 | 08:39AM EDT

Uee Leaves On Indian Ocean Island Tours For ‘Law Of The Jungle’

After School's Uee will set out to explore the jungle.

Stars on TV / Movies 04.23.14 | 08:39AM EDT

‘Infinite Challenge’ Will Not Have A 9 Year Anniversary Special

MBC entertainment program "Infinite Challenge" is currently not planning for a 9 year anniversary special.

Stars on TV / Movies 04.23.14 | 08:39AM EDT

‘Witch’s Romance’ Cancelled, ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ And ‘Gap Dong’ Currently Being Debated

Cable channel tvN is currently mourning the Sewol ferry disaster, and has cancelled a majority of their dramas and entertainment programs, including "Witch's Romance" and "SNL Korea."

Stars on TV / Movies 04.23.14 | 08:39AM EDT

‘Cool Kiz On The Block’ & ‘1 Vs 100’ Cancelled While Dramas Air As Scheduled

Due to the Sewol ferry tragedy that occurred on the 16th, "1 Vs 100" and "Cool Kiz on the Block" broadcasts have been cancelled. Dramas will be broadcast on the air as scheduled.

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