K-Pop Crossover: Leviathan Lab Founder Ariel Estrada Weighs In On The Hallyu Movement [EXCLUSIVE]

Hot Issues 10.22.14 | 07:51PM EDT

For some Asian-Americans in the highly competitive world of the performing arts, their nationality may be seen as a challenge. For Leviathan Lab founder Ariel Estrada, it has become his fuel.

K-Pop Double-Take: Pianist Shin Ji Ho Tells A Story Without Words On The Theme From 'Secret Love Affair' [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 10.22.14 | 05:28PM EDT

If there's one thing Shin Ji Ho does perfectly; it's creating an auditory journey that takes you from the start to finish of a turbulent story-line. And all of this, is done without words.

Korean Classical Spotlight: Cellist-Composer Okkyung Lee's 'The Crow Flew After Yi Sang' Melds Melody With Beautiful Noise [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 10.22.14 | 04:59PM EDT

On 2013's "The Crow Flew After Yi Sang," cellist and composer Okkyung Lee deftly navigates the intersection between noise and melody in a way that is inviting rather than alienating.

iKON's First Single Slated For January, YG Reveals New Group's Debut Strategy

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.22.14 | 03:26PM EDT

Unlike WINNER, iKON will be debuting with one song and will pump out "as many singles as possible" in their first year.

SM Entertainment Addresses f(x) Krystal's Fainting Spell

Hot Issues 10.22.14 | 02:07PM EDT

According to SM, Krystal is feeling better and has returned to her 'My Lovely Girl' filming schedule.

K-Pop Crossover: Justin Bieber's Manager Scooter Braun 'Says Hello' To CL Before Solo Debut

Trends 10.22.14 | 01:29PM EDT

What do Justin Bieber and 2NE1's CL have in common? The answer: Scooter Braun.

Upcoming Dramas With Plenty Of Personalities

News 10.22.14 | 12:36PM EDT

Not one but three upcoming dramas are going to focus on characters with multiple personalities.

Yoon Kye Sang And Honey Lee Have Discussed Marriage

News 10.22.14 | 10:50AM EDT

The couple has dated for two years now but does not think the time is right.

The First Episodes Of 'The Liar Game' Are Winners

News 10.22.14 | 10:47AM EDT

The drama about a reality show game, in which people have to lie and cheat to survive, deals with issues of trust and greed.

G-Dragon Helps Produce YG Entertainment's New Girl Group While Fans Anticipate A Big Bang Comeback

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.22.14 | 10:32AM EDT

G-Dragon reportedly composed and produced two songs for the new girl group's debut album while Big Bang is said to be working on their comeback album.

A Look Into How Japan Agency 'Johnny's Entertainment' Sets Rules For Their Fandoms

Editorial 10.22.14 | 09:22AM EDT

With many idol groups these days, mainstream music cannot be without them anymore.

Will Psy Be Releasing A New Album By The End Of This Year?

News 10.22.14 | 09:15AM EDT

Many are curious as to whether or not Psy will be releasing a new album this year.

Apink Showcase Their Signature Cute And Flirty Look At First Japanese Performance

News 10.22.14 | 09:15AM EDT

Girl group A-PINK recently completed their first Japan stage and revealed a photo online.

Block B Members Ask Fans To Stop 'Frightening' Actions Through A Series Of Twitter Updates

Hot Issues 10.22.14 | 07:53AM EDT

Zico, Park Kyung, and Jaehyo all tweeted messages scolding fans who have invaded the Block B members' personal lives.

Everything Is 'OK' For Strawberry Milk As Debut Music Video Surpasses 1 Million YouTube Views

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.22.14 | 07:31AM EDT

Crayon Pop twins Choa and Way are quickly gaining popularity for their Crayon Pop sub-unit, Strawberry Milk.

EXO Fans Allegedly Sneak Into Press Conference Pretending To Be Reporters

Press Conference 10.22.14 | 07:18AM EDT

The press conference for "Cart" was delayed due to security issues.

EXO's Sehun Opens A Weibo Account To Interact With Fans While In China

Buzz 10.22.14 | 07:13AM EDT

EXO's Sehun now has a Weibo account.

Super Junior Look All Broken-Hearted In "This Is Love x Evanesce" Music Video Teaser

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.22.14 | 07:09AM EDT

After the fun of "Mamacita," the boys of Super Junior take a turn for the melancholic.

Here Comes The Bride? Wedding Dresses As Worn By K-Pop Stars

Buzz 10.22.14 | 06:55AM EDT

Since we're all hyped up for Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun's wedding, we've rounded up some of the most gorgeous wedding dresses we've seen.

U-KISS Kevin & Eric Nam Wear Cute Celestial Costumes To Promote 'After School Club'

Music Show 10.22.14 | 06:46AM EDT

Both idols had some in a quirky promo video for After School Club posted to Kevin's Instagram account

[KpopStarz One Global K! Chart] Epik High, Roy Kim, Ailee, And More; Who Ranks #1 For The Fourth Week Of October

Music Show / Music Chart 10.22.14 | 06:40AM EDT

Your weekly top ten countdown for the week. Who ranks number one and is on our top ten chart this week?

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