Long List Of Celebrities Pay Their Respects To Musical Legend Shin Hae Chul Upon Death

Headlines 10.31.14 | 03:25AM EDT

Many celebrities visited Shin Hae Chul's funeral to say goodbye to the iconic pop-rock star.

Lee Sun Hee Missing From MC Mong's New Album Tracklist

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.31.14 | 03:19AM EDT

MC Mong released the tracklist of his new album 'Miss Me or Diss Me' and Lee Sun Hee was missing from the list of featured artists.

Super Junior Takes First Place On Various Music Charts With 'Evanesce'

Music Show / Music Chart 10.31.14 | 03:18AM EDT

Group Super Junior is taking over the online music charts with three popular tracks including number one song "Evanesce"

2AM Releases Their Music Video 'Over The Destiny'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.31.14 | 02:45AM EDT

Group 2AM revealed the music video of their new song, "Over the Destiny."

BTS Practices 'War Of Hormone' On Grass Field

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.31.14 | 02:27AM EDT

Group BTS released a practice video of their song, "War of Hormone."

SBS Radio Airs Tributes To The Late Shin Hae Chul

Headlines 10.31.14 | 02:26AM EDT

SBS Radio paid their respects to the late Shin Hae Chul with a series of special tributes.

Kim Jo Han And Kim Gwang Jin To Perform As Guests For Na Yoon Kwon's Concerts

Concert / Event 10.31.14 | 02:25AM EDT

Singer Kim Jo Han and Kim Gwang Jin will be special guests for Na Yoon Kwon's concert.

Girls' Generation Members Visit Sooyoung At Drama Filming Site "My Sisters"

SNS 10.31.14 | 02:22AM EDT

Girl group Girls' Generation's member Sooyoung revealed a picture taken with her members who visited her at the filming site.

Son Dam Bi, Shivering In The Cold

SNS 10.31.14 | 02:21AM EDT

Singer and actress Son Dam Bi revealed herself shivering in the cold.

Hello Venus Alice & Lime, Complete Change In Body 'Drops 8kg'

SNS 10.31.14 | 02:17AM EDT

Girl group Hello Venus' members Alice and Lime revealed their perfect bodies.

Hong Jin Young, Sitting In The Terrace For A Cup Of Coffee

SNS 10.31.14 | 02:15AM EDT

Singer Hong Jin Young revealed her coffee time.

BEAST Yang Yoseob With Yong Junhyung, On Their Way To Eat Nachos

SNS 10.31.14 | 02:04AM EDT

Boy group BEAST's members Yang Yoseob and Yong Junhyung revealed their daily life photo.

San E, Happy 'Oppa' Smile Standing Among AOA Members

SNS 10.31.14 | 02:03AM EDT

Singer San E revealed a picture taken with girl group AOA.

UNIQ, Picture With Roy Kim In The Hallway

SNS 10.31.14 | 01:51AM EDT

The new idol group UNIQ revealed a picture taken with singer Roy Kim.

2AM, 'Perfect Harmony' Even When They're Practicing

SNS 10.31.14 | 01:37AM EDT

The male group 2AM revealed their practice.

Henry, Restaurant Tour In Japan With Heechul And Kyuhyun "Delicious"

SNS 10.31.14 | 01:30AM EDT

Super Junior M's member Henry went on a restaurant tour in Japan with members Heechul and Kyuhyun.

EXO Sehun & Tao, Twin Fashion With Destroyed Jeans 'V In The Sky'

SNS 10.31.14 | 01:27AM EDT

EXO's members Sehun and Tao revealed their twin-like fashion.

2AM Comes Back With A Deeper, More Emotional Sound On 'Let's Talk'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.31.14 | 01:25AM EDT

Group 2AM came back as a deeper group.

Um Ki Joon, 'Happy Smile' Upon Yoo In Young & Kim So Hyun's Visit To His Musical

SNS 10.31.14 | 01:23AM EDT

Actor Um Ki Joon revealed a picture with actresses Yoo In Young and Kim So Hyun who visited him at his musical.

S Members Kangta, Lee Ji Hoon & Shin Hye Sung Reveal The Stories They Wanted To Tell

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.30.14 | 10:47PM EDT

S has been gaining a lot of attention for their recent comeback after an 11-year hiatus and the members reveal a little bit about what story their are trying to tell with their latest album.

Super Junior Heechul Reveals Story Behind 'His Woman' Son Dam Bi

Stars on TV / Movies 10.30.14 | 10:34PM EDT

Close friends Heechul and Son Dam Bi have a long and playful history together.

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