Aug 15, 2017 | 07:40 AM EDT

Girls' Generation Reveal This Was Their Original Debut Song

Girls' Generation recently held a fan meeting with fans on August 14th. The girls, as always, got personal with fans but member Sooyoung surprised SONEs when she revealed they almost had another debut song.

Sooyoung had stated during their 10th-anniversary fan meet, "Do you all remember? When our debut song could have been something else and not Into the New World'? What was it?" The girls all suddenly expressed distasteful reactions and as they tried to remember the almost tragic debut, member Seohyun and others started singing some of the unforgettable lyrics.

"I was made a princess, but I cry every night.
Deja vu! Everyday! The days keep repeating themselves."

Cringeworthy, huh? Some fans felt the song's melody and lyrics could have been delightful. Imagine having the chance to hear this song now? If you're interested, check out the mini snippet in the clip below - however, nothing beats their latest tracks from their 'Holiday Night' album!

Sooyoung ended the conversation by saying, "That almost became our debut song. If we debuted with that... Would we even have a 10 year anniversary? I think it's an absolute relief that 'Into the New World' was our debut song, and I'm so, so grateful. Thank you, SM Entertainment." How do you feel about their original debut song?

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