Sep 19, 2017 | 15:25 PM EDT

What Gift Did B.A.P Have For Weki Meki?

The boys of B.A.P prove they are quite the generous group of idols as they provided the newly debuted rookie group Weki Meki a special gift on an episode of SBS' 'The Show.'

During the show, member Himchan who was hosting the program stated he had a special gift the lovely rookie bunch saying, "I hope it will provide influence for you." The gift was none other than their 7th single studio album 'Blue' which they recently promoted with the track "Honeymoon" that can be enjoyed down below.

The album was very popular among B.A.P's fans and was noticed for being well-executed and composed with foreign artists and producers. When giving members Suyeon and Do Yeon, Himchan said,"It will lead Suyeon and Do Yeon well in their future progress."

The girl group is still busy currently promoting their debut single "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend" and performing on music programs. You can also watch their debut performance of their live stage on down below! What do you think of this uprising rookie group Weki Meki?

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