Sep 26, 2017 | 17:18 PM EDT

EXO's Chanyeol Shows His Anger Towards Malicious Commenters & Demands Their Punishment

Fans may be a little surprised to hear that the kind-hearted Chanyeol of EXO is recently for the extreme measures and actions taken against 4 malicious commentators who slandered him on the internet.
On September 26th, it was reported that Chanyeol's personal fan cafe 'Yeolmae Farm' had filed a lawsuit against the 4 commenters on September 20th. Exactly one year ago, members of a malicious website called 'DC Inside' attempted to exploit Chanyeol by using an old username that was previously hacked and revealed to have been used by Chanyeol himself. Anti-fans tried to use the username, 'hoonamyeole', to create false accounts on popular sites like Melon and Naver, then afterward used such accounts to register Chanyeol on 'Ilbe'.
The commenters responsible for the hacked accounts and posts stated the following messages on the hacked account;"If you post in a private room, it will help with fake accounts", "This is all your bad karma Chanyeol", "We have to make sure to send him to hell this time. So no one will suspect its fake. We have to put up every post and every date. Chanyeol, time for you to fall", and more. When Chanyeol's "activity" began gaining attention on 'Ilbe', 'DC Inside' users shared it among themselves, rejoicing.

Now, after collecting two years of data and raising enough money to open a case against the anti-fans, 'Yeolmae Farm' has officially started a Cyber Investigation with the Seocho Police Department. Chanyeol then openly admitted that he is for any punishment that the 4 malicious commenters will receive, with or without his agreement. It seems the EXO member wants to put this whole ordeal behind him. Stay tuned for more updates.

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