Oct 23, 2017 | 19:32 PM EDT

BTS Take Pills To Alleviate Their Pains After Dancing?

Fans are concerned after discovering that the members of BTS might be taking pills in order to maintain their body health for their completely exhausting dance routines.

During a recent airing of 'Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator,' the cast consisted of BTS members Jin and Jimin as well as veteran idol H.O.T's Tony Ahn. While going through Tony Ahn's fridge in order to prepare the mission meal for this weeks challenge, the viewers, as well as the cast, noticed he had a lot of body pills for pain, stamina and more in his fridge.

When questioned about the mass amount of pills, Tony Ahn revealed that "This is the future of any idol" and he peered over towards BTS. MC Kim Jung Soo an Kim Jae Duk were both surprised as they saw he was already taking arthritis pills. However, BTS's Jin confirmed that his body is always in pain after dance practicing.

When questions if he and the other members take pills to bypass the pain, he replied, "We don't take pills yet but since we do have tough choreography, my body tends to ache when it rains outside. I didn't know why my back was hurting more than usual but it turned out it was actually raining outside."  Hopefully, the boys of BTS will be able to take better care of their bodies in the future.

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