Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori's Newest Show 'Hyori's Bed and Breakfast' Finally Gets a Teaser Trailer [WATCH]

Stars on TV / Movies 06.16.17 | 05:32PM EDT

Lee Hyori's newest show "Hyori's Bed and Breakfast" under JTBC has finally gotten a trailer. The show will be aired on Sunday, June 25 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

Psy And IU Might Hint Possible Relationship In 'Fantastic Duo 2 'Lovely Chemistry

Psy And IU Might Reveal Possible Relationship In 'Fantastic Duo 2 'Lovely Chemistry

Hot Issues 06.02.17 | 11:51AM EDT

PSY and IU have just engaged in a stunning duet in "Fantastic Duo 2."

Kim Soo Hyun On

Kim Soo Hyun & Sulli Get Into Casino Fight In ‘Real’ Trailer

Trending News 05.17.17 | 10:54AM EDT

Apparently, Kim Soo Hyun and Sulli will get hot in "Real". The two are going to play as lovers in the upcoming action movie.


IU Nabs Her 4th 'Inkigayo Win! Singer-Songwriter Visits Mural Painted By 50 'Uaenas' For Her Birthday

Trending News 05.15.17 | 05:43PM EDT

IU is unbeatable as she nabbed another win on "Inkigayo" for her performance with "Palette".


IU Shares Her Thoughts On 'Palette' Success In A Recent 'Picnic Live' Episode

Interviews 05.12.17 | 01:09PM EDT

IU shared her personal thoughts and feelings regarding the success of her 4th album "Palette" on MBC Music's "Picnic Live" episode.


IU Receives 4th Win With 'Palette' Performance on 'Inkigayo'

Headlines 05.09.17 | 01:24PM EDT

IU just achieved her fourth win on the recent episode of 'Inkigayo'. Will she be achieving her fifth win soon?

IU Talks About Memorable Relationship With Yoo Hee Yeol

IU Talks About Memorable Relationship With Yoo Hee Yeol

Hot Issues 05.08.17 | 07:45AM EDT

IU recounted her relationship with Yoo Hee Yeol. Continue to read on to know what really happened between the two.


IU: 'What If I Don't Rank First Again?'

Buzz 05.06.17 | 10:15AM EDT

IU states in an interview how she is more concerned with promoting for herself rather than being on the number 1 spot on any domestic/international chart.


IU Visits Aspiring Musician Who Dreams To Become Like Her: IU Lands First Ever No. 1 Spot in Billboard's World Album Charts

Buzz 05.05.17 | 03:18PM EDT

IU did a surprise visit to Yu Rim, an aspiring musician who dreamed of becoming like IU one day.

K-Pop Dominates Billboard World Chart With IU, Minzy, Jonghyun And Hyukoh

K-Pop Dominates Billboard World Chart With IU, Minzy, Jonghyun And Hyukoh

Hot Issues 05.04.17 | 02:16PM EDT

K-pop is proving to the world of its immense popularity as a handful of K-pop idols dominated the Billboard World Album chart.


IU Undergoing 'Jaw Reduction Surgery' Rumors Debunked By Journalist on Recent 'Section TV' Episode

Buzz 05.03.17 | 02:50PM EDT

Rumors of IU undergoing jaw reduction surgery was recently debunked by a journalist on a recent episode of MBC's "Section TV".


IU, Actor Jo In Sung To Appear In 500th Episode of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together'?

Buzz 05.05.17 | 03:04PM EDT

KBS 2TV's 500th episode of "Happy Together" may (or may not) feature the singer-songwriter IU and actor Jo In Sung.

LABOUM & Sajaegi Scandal

‘Music Bank’ Responds To Controversy Regarding LABOUM’s Unexpected Win

Stars on TV / Movies 05.01.17 | 07:17PM EDT

LABOUM finally won its music trophy for the first time since debuted in 2014. However, many people think the winning is unlikely and accused "Music Bank" production team to have rigged the scoring system.


How Successful Was The G-Dragon And IU Collaboration

Hot Issues 04.25.17 | 11:38AM EDT

G-Dragon and IU has just been in a recent music collaboration with each other. Continue to read on to know how it went out.


IU, BLACKPINK's Rosé Collaboration in The Works? Singer-Songwritter Express Confidence Over 'Palette' Success

Buzz 04.25.17 | 11:37AM EDT

IU express her interests on collaborating with BLACKPINK's Rose on recent interview.


G-Dragon Working on New Songs? Rapper Too Busy To Shave Face!

Buzz 04.20.17 | 05:17AM EDT

Rapper G-Dragon is currently busy working on new songs as confirmed by YG Entertainment. He's so busy he doesn't even have the time to shave his face!


IU Collabs With G-Dragon For 'Palette' Title Track

Headlines 04.14.17 | 08:06PM EDT

IU's track listing for "Palette" revealed that she collaborated with G-Dragon for the album's title track.


IU Sexual Harassment: Agency To Take Legal Actions, YouTuber Said It Was Only A Joke

Trending News 04.13.17 | 08:31PM EDT

Fave Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against famous YouTuber that allegedly has sexually harassed IU in his videos.


IU Drops Another Teaser For 'Palette': Sues a YouTuber For Sexual Remarks

Hot Issues 04.13.17 | 08:29PM EDT

IU just released another teaser for "Palette" on April 13: Singer and managing agency, Fave Entertainment, files lawsuit against a YouTuber for making sexual remarks.

IU's 4th studio album

IU's 'Through The Night' Gets Perfect All-Kill For 2 Consecutive Weeks

Trending News 04.11.17 | 10:56AM EDT

IU's comeback single achieved all-kill for two consecutive weeks.

K-Pop Solo Comebacks In April

5 K-Pop Idols That Will Make Their Solo Comebacks This Month

Editorial 04.06.17 | 09:27AM EDT

K-Pop idols are going to release their new solo album this month and fans are getting excited.

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