IU, Taeyeon Battle For Hong So Jin on His Instagram Post [...In A Cute Way]

Hot Issues 02.15.17 | 01:06PM EST

IU fights with Taeyeon of Girls Generation over pianist-producer Hong So Jin's Instagram picture on Valentine's Day.

 IU arrive for the MelOn Music Awards at Olympic Gymnasium on November 14, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea.

Different Reactions From Idols Regarding Hate Comments

Buzz 01.31.17 | 07:20AM EST

Idols react different way to hate comments. Some are fighting back, some are upset, some do not really care, and some othere fight back with legal action.

[★BREAKING NEWS] IU And Jang Kiha Officially Breakup

IU, Jang Kiha's Three Year Relationship Ended

Trending News 01.24.17 | 08:50PM EST

IU and Jang Kiha have separated. The two stars began dating since in 2013. Ilgan Sports stressed that the two had ended their relationship over a week back.

Iu and Jang Kiha

IU, Jang Kiha Broke Up After Dating For Almost 4 Years

Trending News 01.23.17 | 03:00PM EST

Couple IU and Jang Kiha, who have been dating since they met at a radio show in 2013, have confirmed their breakup through their respective agencies.

IU showed her pass for Lee Joon-Gi fan meeting in Taiwan on Jan. 8, one day after her concert.

Lee Joon-Gi Re-enacts ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ Scene In IU’s Concert

Hot Issues 01.10.17 | 04:43AM EST

Lee Joon-Gi surprised the audience in the IU concert in Taiwan. He re-enacted one of the scene in the drama “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” and singing the song from the drama OST.

Tiffany, BoA, Jaejoong, iKON

K-POP Stars Who Had a Difficult Life Before Finding Fame

Headlines 12.31.16 | 05:28AM EST

Check out these stars who struggled in life before their rise to fame.

JYP Entertainment

7 Famous Idols Who Could've Been Part of JYP

Headlines 12.29.16 | 03:24AM EST

Check out these idols who slipped past JYP.

Seulong first solo concert

IU, Jo Kwon, Jinwoon guests on Seulong's first solo concert

Headlines 12.12.16 | 04:24AM EST

IU, Jo Kwon, and Jinwoon were guest on Seulong's first solo concert. Also, there were many JYP artists who went to watch his first ever solo concert.

Ji Soo

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Star Ji Soo Talks About Filming Shirtless and His Recent Health Battle

Headlines 11.05.16 | 01:13AM EDT

Actor Ji Soo recently talked about the bath house scene where all the princes, including him, had to be filmed shirtless. He also opens about his recent battle with Osteomyelitis.

"Descendants Of The Sun" Star Song Joong Ki Topped List Of Most Wanted Advertising Models For May

Headlines 06.08.16 | 04:37PM EDT

Song Joong Ki's co-star Song Hye-Kyo was also ranked on the list.

Big Bang

Korean Music Awards Announce Musician Of The Year Recipients Ahead Of Monday's Ceremony

Headlines 02.26.16 | 08:44AM EST

Big Bang, IU and JYP will claim the popularity vote awards at the Korean Music Awards.

korean actress aoa seolhyun High Cut Magazine Vol 161 2015 Photos

Korean University Students Select Seolhyun, Park Bo Gum As Ideal Stars To Take Home For The Lunar New Year

Headlines 02.09.16 | 12:49AM EST

The top five male and female celebrities were also ranked.

Seohyun, IU, Baekhyun, Lee Joon G

YG Entertainment And NBC Universal To Co-Produce 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo' TV Drama

Headlines 01.25.16 | 03:29PM EST

This will be the first Korean drama sponsored by either NBCUniversal or YG Entertainment.

IU and Lee Hyun Woo Union Bay Fall Winter 2015 photos

IU sings the rendition of the Chinese song "Love" at her concert

Trendz 01.13.16 | 11:06AM EST

IU sings the rendition of the Chinese song "Love" at her concert

South Korean Military Uses Loudspeakers To Attack The North With News, K-pop

Weapons Of Mass K-Pop: South Korea Resumes Loudspeaker Attacks Against The North

Headlines 01.08.16 | 11:15AM EST

The loudspeakers play a mix of serious discussions and catchy K-pop music as a form of psychological warfare.

Seohyun, IU, Baekhyun, Lee Joon G

IU, Baekhyun, Seohyun And Lee Joon Gi Lead All-Star Cast For Upcoming Fantasty Drama 'Startling by Each Step: Ryo'

Stars on TV / Movies 01.07.16 | 12:17PM EST

The upcoming SBS drama might be a fantasy, but the all star cast is very real.


IU Tops K-Pop Charts In Taiwan With 'Smash Hits' Compilation Album

Headlines 12.16.15 | 10:36AM EST

IU's album 'Smash Hits' is living up to its name by being ranked number one on Taiwan's chart.


American Designer Claims IU Used Artwork For 'Chat-Shire' Album Without Permission

Hot Issues 12.15.15 | 12:07PM EST

IU's latest album is under scrutiny yet again, this time for the cover art.

IU Marie Claire Magazine December 2015 photos

IU Looks Splendid In Burberry Dresses For Marie Claire

Fashion & Style 12.11.15 | 12:11PM EST

"Twenty-Three" singer IU (Lee Ji Eun) looked ethereal in lace for the December issue of Marie Claire. The star had a photoshoot in Tokyo for a special collaboration project with British luxury brand Burberry.

IU GQ Magazind December 2015 photos

IU Sums Up What Life Is Like As GQ's Woman Of The Year

Interviews 11.28.15 | 08:41PM EST

"Twenty-Three" singer IU was chosen by the magazine GQ as the 2015 Woman of the Year. During the interview, IU was asked to describe the sense of self and how her acting has changed.


G-Dragon And IU Chosen As GQ Korea's 2015 People Of The Year

Headlines 11.26.15 | 09:57AM EST

The Big Bang leader was one of the magazine's Men of the Year, while the songstress was the sole Woman of the Year.

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